10 Hottest Startups From Austin. Do You Know Them?

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The startup fever seems to be the hottest in California and New York, but the Austin startup scene appears to be equally hot. The upcoming South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival is a great occasion to meet and get familiar with both established and hottest Austin startups.

SXSW conference is an annual gathering on the crossroads between film, music, interactive media and newest technology and social trends. The initiative started in 1987 and continued to grow in scope and size every year.

In a parallel to the culture-centric festival, SXSW composes of an educational innovation conference held in Austin and in Frankfurt (Germany), in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz. The newest addition to the festival is the SXSW V2V conference held in Las Vegas since 2013. The event is a matured form of a startup competition held every year during the Austin edition.

This year’s edition sees five startups from Austin to take part in the annual Pitch event, that makes 10% of all startups in the event. The list consists of:

  • LinkDyn – the company behind the robotic arm used for physical rehabilitation, that engages in the same way as a natural arm of a human. LinkDyn uses AR/VR technology to support the rehabilitation process
  • Eggschain – as the family planning and fertility issues are getting notoriety in western societies, startups aiming to support the process are on the wave. Eggschain is harnessing the power and reliability of blockchain technology to store the documents affiliated with genetic materials and embryos.
  • Molecula –  the company provides an innovative data analytics platform aimed to support scientists and engineers in their daily operations.
  • Tankee – with the hate speech and online harassment, protecting the children builds up as a major challenge. Tankee provides a safe online gaming space, where every piece of content is being reviewed by the team, to ensure the safety of the little ones.
  • Osano – it is the next big data-powered company among the Austin-based startups qualified for this year’s Pitch event. The company aims to harvest information about data-sharing behaviors of users from shared data.

SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event

Stacking to 10% of all the startups in the competition is undoubtedly impressive. But starting is one thing and keeping the business alive for a long time is another one. So what are the hottest Austin startups right now?

10 Hottest Austin Startups To Follow In 2019


Cerebri AI

AI is undoubtedly one of the hottest business trends with 15% of companies currently using it, but an additional 31% having it on agenda during the upcoming 12 months. Considering that, it’s not a surprise, that AI-powered startups are on the wave. Cerebri AI is aiming to support automotive and financial sector in mining meaningful insights from data.

Website: https://www.cerebriai.com/
Founder: Jean Belanger
Foundation round: Series A



Convey found its market in one of the toughest battlefields of modern e-commerce – logistics. The company offers business software to track and analyze logistics and deliveries. A special emphasis is put on the visibility of the last mile delivery and ability to track the packages in real time.

The logistics is considered the spine of the e-commerce, so the company is tackling a serious issue,  According to Statista, up to 41% of customers expect the online retailers to offer super-local deliveries (no more than 3 hours of waiting) while only 24% of companies fo offer such a service.

Website: https://www.getconvey.com/
Founder: Dan Bebout
Foundation round: Series B round



Delivery seems to be a serious thing in Austin, considering the successful startups emerging from the state of Texas’ capital city. Dropoff is the one to tackle this nasty need to transport the pack of flyers and roll-ups to the conference the same morning or to drop the batch of documents to the accountant’s office in the last minute before closing.

The company focuses on B2B deliveries with real-time tracking and a strong emphasis on professional-centric services. The deliveries range from fresh fruits delivered straight to offices to legal documents.

Website: https://www.dropoff.com/
Founder: Sean Spector
Foundation round: Series B



Despite all the hype around artificial intelligence, there is a fundamental challenge in building the AI-driven companies. The technology appears to be a bunch of overhyped buzzwords with less than a handful of practical implementations.

Hypergiant’s innovative comes with offering the companies a “pragmatic” AI, that is basically a business tool, not the fancy marketing gadget.

Website: https://www.hypergiant.com
Founder: Ben Lamm
Foundation round: Seed


Juicebox Hero

Juicebox Hero stands out of the business-centric Austin startups described above. The company delivers the comparison machine of childcare services, providing parents with reliable and trustworthy information about available nannies, preschools or other options, depending on a child’s age or localization.

Founder: Laurie Felker Jones
Website: https://www.juiceboxhero.com/
Foundation round: Private company



Diabetes, when controlled and treated accordingly makes life only a little more complicated than being healthy. On the other hand, when not treated accordingly it may end with drastic consequences, including an amputation of the limb. According to Diabetes UK there were 169 each week amputations in UK, counting up for 26,378 from 2014 to 2017.  

Revealix aims to tackle the problem by designing a monitoring software harnessing the power of wearables to spot the early signs of diabetes-related problems with limbs.

Website: https://revealix.com
Founder: Adrianna Cantu
Foundation round: Private


Rocket dollar

Fintech sector is fascinating to watch – it is a pinnacle of startup society, with new, dynamic and agile players dethroning old, fat and slow ones. By offering financial products in new forms and models fintech startups reach for audiences that are too risky for traditional banks. Or they don’t feel there is a point in reaching for financial products.

Rocket dollar is combining both trends by providing the users the ability to forge their own Individual Retirement Account and tailor the investing strategy to their needs. Bitcoin? Real estate? Startups? Peer-to-peer lending? That’s all up to you.  

Website: rocketdollar.com
Founder: Henry Yoshida
Foundation round: Seed



With all the data-flooding and strict sets of rules to follow, accounting and cash management is a perfect fit for the machine learning techniques. That’s basically what Scalefactor is offering. Contrary to most of business intelligence and accounting support software, the company aims to reach the small and middle business sector.

Website: scalefactor.com
Founder: Kurt Rathman
Foundation round: Series B



Despite the rising popularity of chatbots and the shift of the customer service toward the online channel, customers still like to just take a phone call and talk to the assistant. According to the Capterra data, 74% of American customers contacted a company via the contact center or a phone. Moreover, 43% of customers start their interaction with the company by the contact center, not the online channel.

The contact centers are here to stay. Tenfold aims to turn the contact center, CRM and BI tools into a unified ecosystem to harness the power of data flowing through it. The ultimate goal is to provide a unified view of the customer for all departments.

Website: https://www.tenfold.com/
Founder: Sean Pinegar
Foundation round: Series B



Last but not least, BigCommerce is another SaaS-based e-commerce platform that aims to redefine the way the online business is being done. The company focuses on cutting the marginal costs, that stack up to the point it suffocates the e-tailer. BigCommerce declares that it is going for 80% reduction of all the costs involved in online selling. It is also one of the most experienced tech startup in Austin, established in 2009. If you need some experienced entrepreneurs that didn’t lose the startup spirit, that’s the destination.

Website: https://www.bigcommerce.com/
Founder: Eddie Machaalani
Foundation round: Series F



Introducing themselves as a new industrial revolution, ClearBlade is focused on delivering IoT and Machine Learning solutions. The startup provides systems which aim in saving the lives of workers and citizens. Their platform gives simple monitoring of rail crossings system and enables to communicate with any device you want.

To optimise operations their technology concentrate on real time visibility and analysis the data.


Website: https://www.clearblade.com
Founder: Eric Simone
Foundation round: Private Company 



Austin is undoubtedly one of the hottest spring destinations, especially considering the upcoming SXSW conference. We can’t wait to attend, as Ideamotive is going to be right there to participate. If you are going to, don’t hesitate to drop in and contact us, for example during Austin Startup Crawl!


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