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Robert Krajewski
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React has an awesome community

The one reason why React has gained so much popularity so fast is its origin. Initially React was created by Facebook to maintain and develop its front-end app. When Facebook decided to open source React, it was already battle proven in a large application and ready to use. So the decision makers thought like this: „If they run the whole Facebook on React, then I’m using it to my next startup” … and it started. Additionally React proved to be very developer friendly and extensible. Everyone can create and publish his/her own component or contribute to the main projects like React or Redux. Today React code repository is about 3 times as popular as Angular. So React development is a clear winner when it comes to community support.

React is scalable

The first and main evidence of React scalability is Facebook. It’s made entirely on React, has over 50000 different components and still grows without performance problems. In general, the growth can be sustainable due to the modular nature of React. Different part of application could be written independently and reuse within the project or outside. The community has provided thousands of component ready to include in any application. It shortens development time. Instead of writing on your own, you can use a complete, well tested and community opinionated solutions.

React is preferred by developers

React development established a whole new pattern of creating front-end web apps and changed the way developers think of user interfaces. A simple idea of components and states fruited in great growth of programmer interest. The unclear situation in Angular environment (Angular stuck between version 1 and 2 for a long time) only increased the popularity expansion.

React is just cool

Migration to React become an industry standard. Top brands are rewriting their front-end to React. To name a few: BBC, Imgur, Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, Yahoo. Statistics confirm that trends. The survey (https://stateofjs.com/2017/front-end/results/) carried out in 2017 and based on 23 704 votes clearly confirms React’s highest satisfaction. Both developers and entrepreneurs agree that React is a future-oriented framework, worth investing money and time.


Robert Krajewski

Co-founder and CEO of Ideamotive - custom software development company. Entrepreneur, who with passion spreads digital revolution all around the internet. Mentor and advisor at startup accelerators. Loves to learn and discover new business models.

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