Ruby on Rails and React. The Winners of 2016

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Robert Krajewski
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The topic of which technology is the best for web development runs through industry every year. The choice is even harder when you consider both backend and front-end frameworks. What are the criteria you should take into consideration when you would like to build modern, solid web app? What is the best choice for now? Actually, the title spoils the conclusion but if you want to know why than follow the text below.

Ruby on Rails

Speed of Development
One of the biggest advantages of Ruby on Rails lies in the development speed and efficiency much higher than in other frameworks. You can build a fully featured product in 6 to 8 weeks. Really big apps can be delivered within 3 months. Maintenance and development of new features are also fast and easy. It’s useful when you want to deliver MVP (minimum viable product) as soon as and then develop with real users feedback.

Battle Proven
Ruby on Rails is a well-established framework with amazing success stories. Airbnb, Ask.fm, Bloomberg, Goodreads, Kickstarter to name a few. It has proven its stability and scalability in both small apps and huge enterprise software.

Rails have one of the strongest open source community in the business. It has a multitude of add-ons dealing with nearly all common problems like user registration, login, site administration, input forms, payment gateway integration and much more. Due to its open-source nature, Ruby on Rails deals efficiently with security vulnerabilities, performance drops, and other issues.


React changes the philosophy of building front-end of web applications. You just define how your app should look like in different stages and the framework makes the rest for you. The prototyping and mock-ups become much simpler. A lot of React code should be understood by web designers who know only HTML.

Scalable and reusable
The React is built with components. Each component can be reused many times in your application. To prove it, you should know that Facebook uses React in their web app.

Community once more
React is a still young framework comparing to Ruby on Rails but it has the fastest growing community to date. One of the most advantages of React is its main developer – Facebook. It guarantees a stable growth and the highest quality.

Ruby on Rails + React
React and Rails together provides a killer set of tools for building modern web applications. It combines the best from backend and front-end frameworks and creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs and corporations. Fast development, extensibility, and scalability are the main common advantages of both technologies. This tandem can significantly raise a success possibility of your next web development project.


Robert Krajewski

Co-founder and CEO of Ideamotive - custom software development company. Entrepreneur, who with passion spreads digital revolution all around the internet. Mentor and advisor at startup accelerators. Loves to learn and discover new business models.

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