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Most Influential UX Design Experts To Follow

Jan 11, 20225 min read

Adam Kozłowski

Head of Design at Ideamotive. More of a craftsman than an artist - with a pragmatic approach to clients' goals.

Every UX design expert should learn and develop uninterruptedly. UX design is a rapidly changing sphere. New and new trends are appearing every year and even every month. So, the ones who don’t monitor the developments are losing their professionalism. In order to move with the times and know much about the modern UX design follow the top specialists in all the social networks. This way, you will be surrounded by valuable information to learn and awesome cases to inspire with. We have prepared the list of the best UX designers with the facts about their achievements, and the link to their social media accounts. Check it, and subscribe to the ones you like the most.

Val Head

Are you familiar with the name of the Adobe company? Of course, you are! This is the developer of the popular in the whole world solutions for art, design, and working with documents. Their software is used by everyone. So, meet the Senior Design Advocate of this company! She is sharing her experience on her website. There you will find one of the best UX design blogs to follow with plenty of useful articles. Also, there is the section with the information about the upcoming and past events with this UX design expert (workshops, webinars, etc). Also, you have an opportunity to subscribe to her mailing.



We simply L O V E Val’s landing page… 

Yael Levey

Meet a UX design expert with more than 10 years of experience. And she has a passion for sharing information about this sphere with other people. Yael Levey is a popular vlogger. So, check her YouTube channel to know more about UX best practices, to learn how the processes of UX design creating work, and many other useful things.



Yael Levey’s YouTube channel with plenty of useful videos


Also, she has got a website with even more valuable tips for UX designers. There you will find blog posts that are regularly released, the section with UX design basics, the pieces of advice on job seeking in this sphere, the list of UX resources that may help you, and many other great things.



Yael Levey’s awesome website about UX design

Mike Locke

Meet the YouTube channel by a senior specialist who has a passion for teaching others. He has created the online UX academy with dozens of videos on this topic.



Mike Locke’s YouTube channel

Caler Edwards

Are you tired of theory? Subscribe to Caler Edwards’s YouTube channel. He gives real practical lessons. Check this channel to get detailed tutorials like these ones:


Donald Norman

Donald Norman is a US-based professor who teaches cognitive science and design. He has founded the YouTube UX school called UX Mastery. Check it if you want to dive deep into the UX design topic and find out how this all works!


Jan Jursa

This is a UX design expert working in T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, the German IT and consulting company. His way of life is to learn all the time. So, he uses every opportunity to get worthy knowledge. And helps his colleagues all around the world not to lag behind him by sharing the information about cool UX design online events on his Twitter.


Andrew Kucheriavy

Do you want to receive professional tips from one of the most famous UX designers in the world? Then subscribe to Andrew Kucheriavy Twitter.


A short piece of advice from the founder and CEO of the web agency based in Chicago working with web development, marketing, web design, and UX. 

Scott Jenson

This is one of the coolest UX designers to follow on Twitter. Scott Jenson is an ex UX design director in such giant companies known in the whole world as:

  • Google;
  • Symbian;
  • Apple.

Now he shares his experience in different blog articles. To be notified about blog posts by this author, follow his Twitter.



Scott Jenson notifies his followers about the new blog post written by him

Leif Andersen

This is a Lead Product Designer at Apple. He is not only a great specialist but also just a person with an awesome taste. If you want to get inspired by the designs by top professionals from all over the world follow Leif Andersen’s Twitter. He finds the best designs from different authors and shares them on his account.



Leif Andersen shares a great design by another author he has found on the Web.


And there are plenty of such posts on his Twitter. A great thing for those who want to look at various designs in different styles.

Kim Goodwin

This is one of the UX designers to follow on LinkedIn. Kim Goodwin is a high-class design consultant. In her profile, you will find the links to her publications. She is the author of the famous book named Designing for the Digital Age which reveals the secrets of the successful building of user-oriented services and products. Also, there are some useful online publications with valuable information by this top UX designer. So, follow her on LinkedIn to be aware in case some new materials are written by her.


The link to the popular book by Kim Goodwin on her Linkedin profile

Sander Crombach

This is one of the best UX designers to follow on Instagram. He is a senior specialist working on freelance. He creates designs for various projects. And his works are really professional and awesome. If you want to get inspired by the successful cases of a top UX designer subscribe to his Instagram account. There he shares the results of his work and tells about these solutions and the process of their development.



Sander Crombach tells about his latest work in his Instagram account

Chris Do

Are you a freelance UX designer and want to improve your business? Then subscribe to the Instagram profile of Chris Do, the top expert in this sphere. On his social networks, he shares some tips for UX designers who work on freelance. Read them and try to stick to them. You will learn how to promote yourself as a professional and definitely see the result in the form of new serious clients.



The tips on how to earn faithful clients from the Chris Do’s Instagram account

Anfisa Bogomolova

This is a famous UX design trainer. So, if you want to get more deeply into the UX design topic, check her social media accounts. You will find a lot of interesting things about definitions, processes, tools, and methods used in this sphere on her Pinterest.




Anfisa’s useful pins with UX design definitions, the methods, and tools that are used for work in this sphere, etc.



For even more information go to Anfisa Bogomolova’s Instagram. It is full of posts with different pieces of advice.



Valuable information for UX designers by Anfisa Bogomolova

Christian Vizcarra

This is one of the best UX designers to follow by the people who are trying themselves in this sphere. Christian Vizcarra is a senior professional with rich experience. On his Instagram, he gives some tips to the freelance UX designers.



Useful advice for junior UX designers by Christian Vizcarra



The compilation of UX design events.


One of the events from the slides of this compilation:




Also, this expert shares his opinions about courses and webinars.



Recommendation of the great webinar

Lubos Volkov

This is one more of the top UX designers to follow on Instagram. He publishes various types of content on his profile: from the examples of his works to pieces of advice and useful materials for the colleagues.



Some tips from Lubos Volkov’s Instagram

Dorjan Vulaj

Don’t have much time to read huge blog articles? Then check the small, but informative posts on this senior UX designer’s Instagram account.



This is how Dorjan Vulaj’s Instagram looks like

Alexander Sucheta

Check this young talent’s Dribbble for inspiration. You will find a lot of amazing completed projects in his portfolio.



Some works from Alexander Sucheta’s cool portfolio

Rico Sapto Dimo

Check this UX designer’s portfolio on Dribbble to see some well-thought-out mobile apps.



Rico’s mobile mockups are amazing pieces of digital art

Sarwin Kumar

This UX design specialist has a great portfolio on Behance. Despite the young age, he is very talented. There are really carefully crafted UX designs in his portfolio. Here is one of them:


Aiman Fakia

This is a talented UI/UX designer from Morocco whose works can inspire you. Here is one of the case studies you can find on his Behance profile:




It is very detailed and includes the research stage:


Hope you enjoyed this article and found some people worth following! And if you think we might expand the list - let us know. We are always open to adding more talented people here.


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Adam Kozłowski

Designed the first website around the year 2004 and since then worked in various fields of design like branding, advertisement, and product design. Currently focused on UX/UI and consulting for a robust approach to results-focused applications.

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