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Most Exciting New York Startups To Follow In 2020

image Michał Rejman
Aug 13, 2017 7 min read
With Silicon Valley being the heart and soul of modern tech, it is easy to overlook interesting startup scenes in the rest of states. New York, being one of the largest cities and one of two financial centers of th...
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Attracting the Right Talent For Your Startup – How To Hire Like a Pro?

image Robert Krajewski Business & Startups
Jun 12, 2017 3 min read
There has been a rapid growth of startups over the last decade as the ecosystems to support these early-stage companies have evolved making it easier to start than ever before. One of the greatest challenges for st...
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Custom Attributes in Ruby on Rails 5 ActiveRecord

image Robert Krajewski Software
Sep 20, 2016 2 min read
  Lets assume the predefined ActiveRecord like integer or string attributes are no enough for you. For example you would like to have a money format, roman numeral, custom time format etc. The Rails 5 provide excel...
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