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Project, culture, and technology fit

We will only deliver tech talent with the relevant experience in the industry, skilled with your desired software dev technology, and matching your team's dynamics.

Streamline Hiring Process

Tell us about your needs and we will shortlist the right experts for you in under 24 hours. No matter the scale of your operation, we will unite it under one invoice per month.

Diverse Source Of Talent

Hundreds of vetted freelancers, top software agencies from the CEE region and core teams of experts - our broad network is waiting for you.

Ultimate Business Support

Get your dedicated Talent Specialist, who will take care of all payments, insurance, legal, and admin aspects of the collaboration.

Rated 5.0 / 5.0 by 25 clients for web development, mobile development and design services.

Work with top marketplace development experts on your terms.

Individual experts and consultants

Scaling up an existing tech/data team

Assembling full development teams

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Bring exceptional tech talent to your marketplace

Tell us about your challenges and needs

Talk to our advisor about your exact needs, product specifics, and team dynamics. The more we know at this step, the better the future match will be.

Get the shortlist of talent under 24 hours

Based on the interview, we will shortlist the top talents best suited for your needs. For most popular technologies you will get it within 24 hours.

Hire and onboard with a money-back guarantee

We will onboard the talent and take care of all payments, insurance, reporting, and other dull processes. There is also a 7 days money-back guarantee after the project's kick-off.

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