Senior DevOps Engineer


role: Senior DevOps

assignment: fully remote 

must-have language: PL, ENG

est. time-to-hire (after submission): 3 weeks

status: ongoing

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Your mission

  • Optimize systems for performance, flexibility and maintainability
  • Automate, automate, to facilitate your job and the job of all team members around you
  • Develop and improve continuous deployment pipeline(s) for all our IT components
  • Give back to the community by sharing internally and contributing to open-source projects
  • Lead by example and coach other team members, from ops or dev, to grow the team capability

Who you are and what you know

  • You are passionate about DevOps culture, well-designed software and uncompromised quality
  • You are able to see and understand the big picture of complex real-time environments
  • Self-motivated with curiosity for new solutions and relentless problem solving skills
  • Very good understanding of Linux administration and internals
  • Experience with version control, containers, kubernetes or similar
  • Strong skills and hands-on experience with at least one of Linux scripting languages
  • Strong skills with cloud technologies and hands-on experience with at least one of public cloud providers

What could be useful

  • Experience with continuous delivery pipeline, in high volume real-time platform
  • Contribution to open-source projects, and personal GitHub projects
  • Experience operating large-scale, distributed, business-critical systems.
  • Experience with configuration automation solutions (Ansible and/or Puppet, Saltstack)
  • Experience with MySQL, MongoDB or PostgreSQL in a production environment

Technologies we work with

  • Java, Scala, Go, React, JS, HTML5
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • REST APIs, APIgee, Webmethod
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • GitLab CI, Jenkins, GoCD, Ansible, Terraform
  • and... the new ones you will introduce with us!

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