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Miłosz Kaczorowski

Funding consultant

Great code is just a half of success. We will take care of every aspect of building your product, from early-stage research to go-to-market strategy.

Our experts and consultants will provide you with all the business expertise needed to enter the hypergrowth phase.

What makes us different?

Wide Range Of Experts

Our network of thousands of talents combines on-site talents, off-site collaborators and top software houses. We will pick tech superstars perfectly fitted for your company culture, industry and technology.

Holistic Business Support

Our goal is not to simply deliver the project. We will help you build a hypergrowth environment around your technology and your product.

Truly Agile Process

We take the agile approach used in software develolpment and implement it every business process to ensure the efficiency and transparency of our expert's work.

How does it work in practice?

You tell us about your challenges and business goals.

Based on that information we provide you with top business talents perfectly matching your needs.

Together we brief the newly created team and kick-off the project

Poof! Your tailor-made squad of experts is ready to work!

We are proud of our work

JRPass: Marrying web app development and business processes support

how to optimize a booking system for a Japanese railway network, improve conversion rates, and increase sales?

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Read the full story

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Ideamotive has a huge pool of talent. Don’t just settle for someone: find a person who understands your project and has the competencies you need.

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