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They understand and navigate the industry to deliver a design that will truly stand out. Despite a heavily saturated market, they’ve delivered creative solutions that I haven’t seen before.

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Even the best code is just a part of success. We will provide you with interdisciplinary team of tech business talents, from project managers and strategy consultants to sales and marketing experts.

Truly Agile Process

We take the best principles of agile approach to software development and expand it to other project's areas, to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency of our expert's work.


Bonacea: designing UI/UX for a medical IoT startup

How we created a complete UX flow and working prototype for the diagnostic medical app available on various devices - from smartwatches to full HD smart TVs

Read the success story
Read the success story

They understand and navigate the industry to deliver a design that will truly stand out. Despite a heavily saturated market, they’ve delivered creative solutions that I haven’t seen before.

Adam Casole-Buchanan

President, Rierra INC

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Why is great UX/UI design crucial for your product’s success?

Build a visual story that sells

Take the user on a customer journey developed exactly how you want it. UX and UI experts will design your website and app experience in a way it doesn’t just showcase the product but actually sells it.

Keep customers engaged

Websites and apps that feel intuitive make users stick to them for a longer time. If you want to turn random visitors into returning customers, having a customer journey designed by UX professionals is one of the best ways to make it happen.

Rank higher on Google

The time the user spends on a website is something that Google prioritizes highly when it comes to its search results. The longer a customer looks at and interacts with your UX-optimized website, the higher your company will end up on Google.

Build a brand

Impress your customers and investors from the first glance. Your website/app is a crucial part of your brand even if you prioritize other products over it, so make sure it tells a story in a way that is engaging and shareworthy.

Guide To Hiring UI/UX Designers Perfect For Your Digital Product

Well designed UX and UI can drastically change how users perceive a website or an app. But great UI/UX designers take into consideration something else than just the user’s need. It’s also about creating the new look and interface of a site or app in a way that focuses on the needs of the business itself, leading customers to look at specific products or making them more keen to buy these products.

But how to hire UX/UI designers who will really fit your company and will deliver what was asked for fast and with high quality always in mind?

See our guide below or contact our Ideamotive experts who can deliver a tailored selection of best professionals on the market.

Define your exact UI/UX designers needs

Yes, the term user experience is incredibly important in today’s design world. But too often it is said as only a buzzword that’s supposed to solve everything.

UI/UX designers are not always experienced in the same areas of graphic design. In fact, the best of them focus on specific specialties that they can perfect and become experts in them. This means, that before you actually start looking to hire UX designers, you should define your exact needs by answering the basic question: What do I actually want to achieve by having the user experience of my site/app taken care of by a professional?

Types of UI/UX designers

To help you answer the question we’ve just mentioned, we’ve created a short cheat sheet that briefly describes different types of designers that usually are linked with work on user experience, and the cases when you might need them.

  1. UX Designers

    This broad term is usually used by generalists who work on small projects, making them more interesting and easily understandable for users. They usually work by themselves on the UX part of a site/app, doing everything from research and design to providing updates when the final product is already launched.

  2. UI Designers

    UI (User Interface) designers are responsible for the small details in the overall design, such as the look of buttons, their placement, and what they exactly do. To put it simply, they work on making sure that the user’s journey in your app/on your site is smooth and clear even for a non-tech-savvy person.

  3. Visual Designers

    Visual Designers expand the user experience into new territories. Their work is to build the visual identity of a brand, making sure it’s kept aligned in all types of marketing solutions company uses to promote itself, from the main app/site to posters, social media, or physical products.

  4. Information Architects

    IAs work before UX designers, creating wireframes and simple mockups of the final product. Their main point of interest is the navigation in a site or app — what comes first when the user is invited to interact, how to keep the site simple and clean while still having there all the information needed. Nowadays, this kind of job is often done by UX designers, but bigger companies still sometimes hire specifically Information Architects experts for more complicated projects.

  5. UX Strategists

    Being more researchers than creators, UX Strategists often guide teams of designers, or even whole companies, in taking a more user-centric approach to how they sell and showcase their products. They usually work on bigger projects for brands that want to be considered customer-friendly and innovative.

Which of the above is the best choice for your company? It really depends on the project you are running. While most businesses will be just fine hiring an all-in-one UX Designer, others might prefer to look for a specialist. If an app or software relies highly on interactions with the user, a UI Designer might be needed, as they will know how to make a visual interface that is easily understandable by a target customer. On the other hand, a company which product offering consists of a variety of different solutions and uses multiple promotional channels, might go with a Visual Designer who can keep the whole brand visually unified.

UI/UX Designers for mobile and web

One of the most important things to consider when you want to hire a UX designer is whether your focus is more on the web or mobile. If you have both in mind, you should assess which one is more important. For example, most companies have their own websites, but sometimes these are just simple landing pages promoting a mobile app.

At the same time, however, you should also consider the fact that over 50% of online traffic comes from mobiles. This means, that even if you have a web app planned, your UX specialist must still be able to design it in a way it looks great on tablets and smartphones.

How to review portfolios of UI/UX designers?

When reviewing the portfolios of your candidates, you should focus on looking for the product similarities. If the UI/UX designer considered has experience with industry or type of app/site similar to yours, it might be easier for them to create a really good quality user experience for you and deliver it faster.

For example:

  1. UI/UX designers who worked for banks, cryptocurrency companies and other kinds of financial institutions, will be the perfect fit for a fintech startup.

  2. People with experience in designing sites based on popular e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify), are a great choice for online marketplaces.

  3. Previous work on apps for kids makes a UX/UI designer a great fit for educational projects.

Look also for apps/sites with functionalities you might want to include in your product. Finally, while interviewing the UI/UX designer, ask about their projects you liked, focusing on assessing how much content (buttons, illustrations, other graphic elements) they have created by themselves and how much are third-party stock designs.

How to consider company culture fit when you want to hire UX designers?

We’ve already talked about the industry/product fit, but how about the company culture at your workplace? When you want to hire UI designers or UX designers, the main things to consider in regards to this area are:

  1. Freelance vs full-time

    The basic rule is: when you want to hire a freelance UX designer, hire one who already has experience working remotely for multiple clients. Not everyone performs as great at home as in the office, so it’s important not to force anyone to do something they are not comfortable with. It also goes the other way around: if someone worked for years as a stationary UX designer for specific companies, they might not be that good in delivering projects fast when staying at home.

    Be also aware of people who work both full-time and freelance as a side job. Some of these UI/UX designers, due to lack of time, might simply not be able to deliver what they are asked for within the recommended deadlines.

  2. Startup vs corporation environment

    The culture of work is usually different in startups and corporations — the differences are easily seen by those who worked for both. Startups usually pay less, but many people feel more motivated while working for them as the team is smaller so each member has a bigger impact on the final product. If you run a startup, make sure your candidates understand exactly what you can offer and what vision of the future you have for your company, so there are no misunderstandings in the later stages.

  3. Agile vs. other approaches to software development

    Most software development teams nowadays work with the agile methodology implemented — but these teams don’t always include UX designers. If your aim is to have a UX specialist who works very closely with the devs, you should hire one that is already experienced with agile and supporting processes (Scrum, Kanban, etc.).

Top UI/UX designer questions to ask during a job interview

Do you already have an interesting candidate to hire and want to make sure how to run an interview that will assess their skills well? Here are our favorite UI/UX designer questions to ask during the talk:

  1. How often do you create your own content for design? How often do you use stocks? When do you choose to create something by yourself?
  2. What, in your opinion, are the most important UI/UX designer skills one should have to create a great user experience?
  3. Which of your projects are you most proud of? Why?
  4. What, in your opinion, are the trends that will truly revolutionize UX in the near future? Why them?
  5. When your client/employer/manager say “I don’t like this project” — what do you do?
  6. How would you convince someone who doesn’t understand digital media well that having a good UX designer is necessary for their project’s success?
  7. What made you become specifically a UX designer?
  8. What kind of research do you do to understand the customers’ needs? Can you give some real-life examples based on one of the projects you’ve worked on?
  9. How would you change the UX of our current website/app?
  10. How would you approach designing UX of an elevator in a 1000-floor building?
  11. What are personas? What are their pros and weaknesses?
  12. Tell us about a time when you had to convince a manager to have your design idea implemented.
  13. Think about one of your favorite apps, one that you use (nearly) every day. What would you improve in it?

Turning great designs into real products

A UX or UI designer, even though a great addition to your project, is only a part of a bigger team. To make sure you can overcome all the difficulties on the path to your product’s success, you will also need a set of experienced developers, data specialists, an IT project manager, and even some more “regular” designers.

To get all these necessary people assembled at your company fast, reach out to us at Ideamotive. Thanks to the years of experience in the startup industry, we have established an extensive network of unicorn-class IT experts from all over the world and with experience in any type of industry and with any type of product.

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