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JRPass: Marrying web development and business processes support

How we optimized a booking system for a Japanese railway network with the full power of Ruby on Rails, improved conversion rates and increased sales.

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Read the success story

Our project manager had things taken care of and their backend developers had great technical abilities. They’ve been the best we’ve had so far!

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Daniel de Nieuwe

Senior Product Manager, JRPass.com

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Why should you pick Ruby on Rails for your next web project?

Lower costs

As Ruby on Rails is distributed under the MIT license, you don’t have to pay a single dollar for it. The technology is completely free, allowing you to significantly cut costs on this important part of the development process.

Fast development

Ruby on Rails developers have access to tens of thousands of the so-called gems (small scripts covering specific functionalities) and other ready-to-use solutions that speed up the website/web app building process.


The Ruby on Rails framework is a great choice for fast-paced startups. The technology can be implemented in the early days of the project and later easily scaled when things go well for your company.


Being constantly updated and supported by its huge community, Ruby on Rails is a great choice when you need to keep both your project as well as its users secured from any potential intrusions and hacks.

How To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers Perfect For Your Needs?

Being one of the most popular web development technologies, Ruby on Rails comes to the attention of many people who wish to change their career paths and become coders themselves. As the market is getting more and more crowded, it’s important to always try to find professional Ruby on Rails developers with proper experience and skills.

With this mind, we decided to prepare a short guide on how to hire Ruby on Rails developers who will perfectly fit your company and/or project.

How to find Ruby on Rails developer with proper skills?

The list of most important hard/tech skills a good Ruby on Rails developer should have includes:

  1. Focus on a clean code

    Although Ruby on Rails partly forces a web developer to write clean code, messy scripts might still happen when an inexperienced person writes it. To keep your website or web app bug-free and easy to update, remember to hire Ruby on Rails developer who understands the importance of keeping code well-organized.

  2. Testing

    Knowledge of how to properly test your code is a very important feature of every successful web developer. When it comes to Ruby on Rails, the most commonly used tool for testing is RSpec, so make sure your new hire knows how to use it.

  3. Good knowledge of JavaScript

    To make web software perform well, knowing just Ruby isn’t enough. Make sure the developer you hire has also a good understanding of JavaScript (as well as, of course, HTML and CSS), including the popular JS frameworks and libraries (jQuery, Angular, Vue, React).

  4. Ability to work on the server-side of software

    Writing website software is one thing, but launching it to the broad public is another. With so many companies using Ruby on Rails hugely in the back-end of their sites or web apps, it’s important for your new web developer hire to know how to work with servers.

Beyond Ruby on Rails development - the soft skills

With web projects not anymore being only simple websites but rather highly complicated software, web development requires now proper teamwork and isn’t necessarily a good job for loners. Even if you are just launching your startup and don’t plan to hire dozens of people at the moment, it’s important to get ready for what future brings and fill your team with Ruby on Rails web developers who can work with others well.

The list of soft skills your new dev should have included:

  1. “Resource hunter” approach

    To speed up the process of web development, the ability to quickly research what the internet says about the current problem is crucial — especially when it comes to Ruby on Rails, as looking for gems is a typical part of RoR web developer’s job. Therefore, your new hire should know where the Rails community discusses and shares their knowledge with others.

  2. Responsibility and accountability

    This covers a few things, most importantly being able to admit one’s mistake and learn from it, as well as striving to always improve one’s work and write bug-free sites and apps. When teamwork comes into play, the former is especially important, as blaming others and trying to escape the responsibility might lead to dangerous atmosphere within the team.

  3. Expert time management

    When it comes to web development, priorities may change in a matter of hours. While constant work on upgrades and updates for the product are important, sometimes a bug or other issue may pop up forcing developers to leave their other tasks aside and focus on solving this specific problem.

The importance of a company fit 

When you look at the CV sent to you by a Ruby on Rails developer, you should not only look at how long they have been on the market and on how many projects they have worked. It’s also important to consider how these past projects fit your company and what you want to achieve. 

Most importantly, look for Ruby on Rails developers who have already worked on websites or web apps similar to yours. There are a number of devs who focus on specific industries or types of web software, be it e-commerce, fintech, travel apps, or others.

But the company fit doesn’t end there. You might also want to consider the size of your company. If you are running a rather fresh startup, you may prefer an expert who can lead the technological side of your project by themselves. Enterprises, on the other hand, can often allow themselves to hire someone less experienced to be later trained by their in-house team.

What questions to ask while interviewing Ruby on Rails developers?

Interviewing Ruby on Rails developers might be a complicated task as some part of the process should include technical questions that will give you an idea of one’s understanding of the technology. Because of this, we highly encourage you to have an experienced dev who will help you out during the interview process. Alternatively, you can choose an IT Project Manager with experience in Ruby on Rails projects.

To get you ready for what’s coming, here are some sample questions that might be asked during the interview:

  1. Give examples of a few gems that might be useful for our project.

    Gems, small scripts that cover very specific functionalities an app (e.g. payment process, logging-in system, e-commerce), allow quickly implement additional features to your app. An experienced Ruby on Rails developer surely has a few favorite ones or at least knows what to look for and where to find it.

  2. What are the new features in Rails 6? What new features would you like to see in the next version of Rails?

    The most recent version of the framework, Ruby on Rails 6.0, was released in June 2019 and introduced a few new features, including support for multiple databases, parallel testing, Action Mailbox, Action Text, and more. Knowledge and understanding of these confirm whether the RoR developer you want to hire follows what’s happening in regards to the framework.

  3. What is a code smell and how do you tend to look for one when working in Rails?

    A code smell is a characteristic of code that suggests there is something wrong with the code. Code smell varies depending on the programming language, but also on other aspects, including own criteria set by developers. When it comes to RoR, code smell may include dead code (one that is not being actually used by the software), repetitions, long classes, and others. 

Ruby on Rails developers often use a code smell detector when working on projects. One of the most popular ones is Reek.

Even more technical, Ruby on Rails-specific interview questions can be:

  1. What’s the difference between false and nil in Ruby?
  2. What’s Rails Migration? What can you do with it?
  3. What is a mixin? How can you make use of it?
  4. What’s Rake? What is it used for in Rails?
  5. What’s scaffolding used for in Rails?

Salaries of Ruby on Rails developers

If you wish to cut your spendings, you can also consider hiring a freelance Ruby on Rails developer from a country where costs of living are lower. We especially recommend having a look at Central Europe, including countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. The region is full of vastly experienced and world-renowned coders who, thanks to being based in an area with relatively low costs of living, can be hired for much less than developers from Western Europe or the United States. 

Filling your team with innovators

Even the most experienced Ruby on Rails developer won’t be able to run the project by themselves. To build a product that will bring true value to customers, you need to assemble a team of professionals from multiple fields: designers who will take care of the look and feel of your software, product owners and project managers who will watch over the whole process, and even data analytics experts who can review your users’ behavior.

To get these people on board fast, contact our team at Ideamotive. We built a pool of great talents from the IT world and we always get you in touch only with those who perfectly match your company and product.


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