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40 Ruby on Rails Experts, Bloggers and Influencers to Follow in 2022

Jan 21, 20229 min read

Michał Rejman

Chief Marketing Officer of Ideamotive. Travel addict and remote work advocate.

Who are the best Ruby on Rails experts on the Web in 2022? Who to follow? Where to find them? We did that research, so you don’t have to!

Ruby on Rails
is usually our first web app technology of choice. This amazing framework lets us deliver state-of-the-art web applications and help startups and businesses of different sectors scale up quickly and efficiently.


Ruby on Rails also means great, collaborative community of developers from all around the world. That’s why we scanned through their blogs and social media profiles and created a list of the best Ruby on Rails experts to follow in 2022. Please, enjoy!


1. Riding Rails

Let’s kick off with the official Ruby on Rails blog. It is probably the best way to keep up with all the Ruby-related news and releases. New updates are posted every week or so – make sure to follow RoR official Twitter account so you won’t miss anything! This one is a must-read for all the Ruby on Rails experts.


2. RubyFlow

RubyFlow is another amazing way to stay in touch with the active Ruby community. This linklog aggregates the best Ruby content from all over the Web in one place. With daily updates and multiple contributors (both independent developers and Ruby on Rails companies), RubyFlow is your number one source of ROR news.

3. RubyLand.news

RubyLand is yet another great aggregator of Ruby content, created by Jonathan Rochkind. A new post appears there nearly every hour so sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, it's worth checking it from time to time (alternatively, you can just follow their Twitter profile).


4. Avdi Grimm

Avdi Grimm is a true veteran among Ruby on Rails experts and a great contributor to the Ruby community. He is the creator of Ruby Tapas, one of the biggest collections of Ruby-related screencasts on the internet. He also co-hosts the Ruby Rogues podcast and is the author of two books on Ruby: Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby. You can follow him on Twitter and Github.

5. Nate Berkopec

Nate Berkopec is a Ruby on Rails performance consultant. He is a contributor to several open source projects and the author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance. Above all, Nate is a speed freak – if you are looking for an expert on RoR app performance, he is your guy.

6. Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson is a Ruby on Rails developer at GitHub who runs a beautifully-named blog about Ruby Tender Love Making. He is also a well-recognized public speaker. Check out his great keynote from the RailsConf 2017 – one of the most influential conferences for Ruby on Rails experts. If he wasn’t coding in Ruby, he would make a pretty good stand-up comedian… 🙂


7. Sandi Metz

Sandi Metz is a RoR programmer, consultant and a world-recognized Ruby on Rails speaker. She’s a great storyteller – visit YouTube and Vimeo for her amazing talks. Being a great teacher, Sandy took her coding expertise and coined it into a practical object-oriented design course and the Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby book.

8. David Heinemeier Hansson

This list would not be complete without David Heinemeier Hanssen – the creator of Ruby on Rails framework and Founder & CTO at Basecamp. He is also an author of two bestselling books: REWORK (on running a business) and REMOTE (on remote working). He is probably the most important figure among all the Ruby on Rails experts.

Although he is now more focused on his racing career in the FIA World Endurance Championship, David occasionally gives talks on the topic of business and technology. That’s just one of the reasons to keep an eye on him on Twitter.

9. Karol Galanciak

Karol Galanciak is a Polish Ruby on Rails and Ember.js expert. He is still pretty active on his blog, where you can find many useful Ruby tricks. Karol is one of those great guys who believe in the power of open source and sharing the knowledge. You can download his book on writing tests in Amber for free from his site.

10. A Fresh Cup

This nice weblog curated by Mike Gunderloy covers Ruby on Rails and other software development-related issues. The daily dose of fresh links awaits for every Mike’s visitor. Come by for a double shot of high-quality newspresso!

11. Running with Ruby

A blog on Ruby on Rails curated by Maciej Mensfeld, a software developer from Poland. Maciej is also the creator of Karafka, a framework used to simplify Apache Kafka-based Ruby applications development.

12. Everyday Rails

Everyday Rails is a cool project by Aaron Sumner, focused on sharing general, pragmatic tips that show how to use Rails “to get stuff done on the job.” If that sounds right to you, subscribe to Aaron's newsletter with Ruby on Rails news and tips or just follow the Everyday Rails account on Twitter. Aaron is also the author of Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec: A practical approach to test-driven development. (available on Amazon).

13. Mike Perham

Mike Perham is an independent open source software developer based in Portland. For Ruby-related content, you can visit his Ruby on Rails blog or follow his Twitter profile. If you work for a Ruby on Rails development agency, you’ll surely find some interesting content there.

14. Bibliographic Wilderness by Jonathan Rochkind

We’ve already mentioned Jonathan Rochkind on our list – he is the creator of RubyLand aggregator and a true RoR freak. On the Bibliographic Wilderness blog, he writes about digital library services, Ruby, and web development.

15. Sam Saffron

Sam Saffron is a Ruby expert from Sydney and a co-founder of Discourse, Ruby on Rails-based communication tool for companies. On his blog, he writes about performance, Ruby, and other technology-related topics.


16. Koichi Sasada

Koichi Sasada is a Ruby programmer based in Tokyo. He is a director of The Ruby Association, a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the Ruby programming language. Sasada is currently working on developing Ruby interpreter (MRI/CRuby) at Cookpad, Inc.

17. Awesome Ruby

Not a blog, but still worth mentioning. Awesome Ruby is a top-notch collection of awesome Ruby gems, tools, frameworks and software. Their weekly newsletter is definitely worth subscribing to – apart from useful gems, it consists of news, tutorials and other valuable content. This one should be on the must-read list of every self-respecting Ruby on Rails development company.


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18. Chris Oliver

One-man-army in the Ruby on Rails community. Chris is the author of GoRails, Ruby on Rails screencast for intermediate developers and the creator of multiple Rails-related tools, such as HatchBox.io or LaunchCode. You can follow him on Twitter and GitHub.

19. ChicagoRuby

Another not-really-a-blog-but-still-worth-visiting source of knowledge. ChicagoRuby is a group of Ruby and Ruby on Rails enthusiasts meeting on a regular basis in Chicago. The group also organizes WindyCityRails, an annual gathering of RoR fans in the city. If you wonder why they made it to this list – check their videos on YouTube. Also, check out our App Developers in Chicago.

20. Brandon Hilkert

Brandon Hilkert is a developer and bootstrapper with a goal of inspiring people to improve their products and applications. He is also an author of a book about building Ruby gems and a free email course on this topic.

21. Richard Schneeman

Richard Schneeman, a Ruby Team member in Heroku, provides great content on his blog. Besides that, he is also the creator and maintainer of CodeTriage, an amazing online tool for getting people involved with Open Source. Apart from contributing to the open source community, Richard also organizes the Keep Ruby Weird conferences in Austin, Texas. If you ever in the area, make sure to take part!

22. Akita on Rails

Fabio Akita is a New Tech, Ruby and Agile specialist from Brazil, where he organizes RubyConf Brazil. Apart from running his blog, Akita is one of the most active Quora users within the Ruby on Rails category, with over 250 questions answered. You can check out his profile here.


23. Pat Shaughnessy

Pat is a Ruby developer at Apple. He runs his blog and a Twitter account – both really worth following. Besides that, he also self-published a seriously insightful book about RoR, called Ruby Under a Microscope. It provides some great insights into how Ruby works internally.

24. Bernhard Støcker

You can benefit from Bernhard’s Ruby expertise only if you are on Quora. This Germany-based coder and mathematician holds the honorable first place in the number of questions answered in the Ruby on Rails category. Amazing work, Bernhard! We really appreciate it!

25. Nick Sutterer

Nick is the creator of Trailblazer, a library for Ruby on Rails that provides better high-level architecture for every project. Trailblazer is loved by devs from many different companies and enterprises, and Nick himself likes to talk about his invention and Ruby on Rails itself during various conferences and local meetups. You can follow him on Twitter, where he often shares his own insights on tech and software development.

26. Dave Kimura

There aren’t many people who contribute to the Ruby on Rails community as much as Dave Kimura. He does not only run a weekly screencast Drifting Ruby, but is also one of the panelists at the Ruby Rogues podcast. The first one has been already going for over 200 episodes, while the latter celebrated its 400th (!) episode in February 2019.


27. Xavier Noria 

Member of the Rails core team and Ruby on Rails consultant with around 20 years of experience. During his career so far, Noria partnered with companies such as Channel 5, Segway, and Rakuten. He also regularly speaks at conferences, both local (Spain) and the more international ones. 

You can follow Xavier Noria on Twitter.

28. Sarah Allen 

Allen is one of the most important advocates for diversity in tech among the Ruby on Rails experts. She co-founded RailsBridge, an organization aiming to provide free courses on Ruby, Rails, HTML, and CSS, mainly dedicated to women. The first series of trainings took place in San Francisco back in the 2019, but now RailsBridge offers its help also in other cities and countries around the world, including Germany and Canada. 

29. Terence Lee

For nearly a decade, Terence Lee has been working at Heroku as a Senior Ruby Engineer. Although he hasn’t updated his blog for a while, it’s still worth looking into when in search for Ruby on Rails tips & guides. Terence is still active on Twitter and supports the Rails Girls initiative.


30. Coraline Ada Ehmke

One of the 2016 Ruby Hero Award winners. Very active on Twitter, but also in other places onlines. She is a big advocate for open source software and the author of Contributor Covenant, A Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects. On her own site, she runs a blog and provides links to the conference talks she gave.


31. Reddit for Rubyists

Reddit for Rubyists is a subreddit place to get updates about the Ruby programming language. Reddit is one of the most popular communities where millions of people post, vote and comment every day. You can share the content that interests you in the form of texts, videos, images, links, and stories. You will also find comments and questions on a topic that interests you. It is one of the most visited sites in the United States.

32. Ruby Inside

This blog is one of the most widespread and popular Ruby on Rails blogs. This blog was created by UK developer Peter Cooper. It has Ruby and related technologies including Rails, Sinatra, Rubinius, and JRuby. This website was first introduced in May 2006. It contains several interesting topics such as:

  • Raptor: a future Ruby web server for faster application deployment
  • Ruby unary operators and how to override their functionality
  • Does the GIL make your Ruby code thread safe?

If you are already working with Rails, you can opt for this blog as it will notify you in case of new security updates.

33. Drifting Ruby Screencasts

Drifting Ruby Screencasts (DRS) magazine has a good collection of tutorial videos and helpful Ruby on Rails content that really helps a lot in understanding basic functional Ruby concepts. The videos will be useful for both beginners and professional developers who work with large applications. Ruby and Ruby on Rails are the 2 main topics covered in tutorials.


34. Railsware Blog

Railsware is based in Europe and has clients from all over the world. They have extensive experience with Ruby on Rails and JS Frameworks, and create their own digital products. They have thousands of followers on Twitter and little fanbase on Facebook. On this blog, they publish about 3 posts per month. Here you can also find information related to other languages such as Python and Node.js.

35. GoRails

GoRails offers easy-to-learn, high-quality video content with which you can easily understand the tricky parts of Ruby on Rails. You can easily learn how to code and become an experienced developer. Videos will help you quickly understand complex topics. The author uploads 1 video per week.


36. thenewboston

thenewboston provides tutorials related to computers and various programming technologies. It contains thousands of general tutorials and videos. These guides are specially designed for both beginners and professionals and are very easy to learn and understand. It was first introduced in February 2008. It contains a very useful collection of 32 Ruby on Rails tutorial videos. You can learn from installing Ruby to creating your first Ruby program.

37. Codemy

Codemy is the best place to learn anything on the internet. It ranks among the most popular YouTube channels and has only one motto: there is always something to learn. You can easily learn about languages like Ruby on Rails, Docker, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and even CoffeeScript here. This YouTube account was first launched in March 2013.


38. RubyThursday

RubyThursday can be thought of as a library. It contains some amazing and widely available video tutorials specially designed for Ruby on Rails. It was introduced on April 9, 2015. You can find not only tutorials, but interesting Ruby roundtables discussing games as well as machine learning and software consulting.

39. StartHereFM

This is the perfect place to start your journey as a Ruby on Rails developer. Host, Dane Miller, will help you watch the tutorial videos. You can learn all basic and advanced Ruby on Rails concepts with a step-by-step guide. It was first presented in September 2014.


40. ChicagoRuby (YT)

The ChicagoRuby YouTube channel is developed by a group of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts and producers WindyCityRails. This group is actually very famous for hosting several events in Chicago. It was first launched in February 2008.



Did you enjoy the read? Or maybe you know some other amazing Ruby on Rails experts who we didn’t mention? Tell us about them, we’d be happy to expand the list! And if you are looking for more information on Ruby on Rails Development, check out our Ruby on Rails Development Guide.





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