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TRAVELDUCK: Building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

How we created a fully functional digital marketplace from scratch and helped the Client validate the business model for scaling up

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Read the success story

We have been working together for years and we developed a great communication scheme. It is hard to say where they can improve because I see huge progress in their approach over all these years. I know many software houses, and this is still my best experience.

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Founder of Travelduck

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Leverage The Full Power Of JavaScript

Build web products with ease

Make your web development more efficient by using the same technology to power the whole of your web product. Although for years considered a strictly front-end solution, JavaScript can be now used also in the back-end thanks to Node.js.

Scale business fast

Grow your web product accordingly to your company’s growth. Thanks to how lightweight JavaScript is, the technology is perfect for young startups that aim to scale rapidly and constantly reach new customers.

Secure your company’s future

Easily translate your web product to the requirements of mobile devices. JavaScript is not only great to build mobile responsive websites, but also mobile apps using tools like the Facebook-developed React Native framework.

Secure your company’s future

Start growing with a technology that you can keep using for years to come. JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and it won’t change anytime soon. The JS community still supports it, creating new amazing products every day.

How To Hire JavaScript Developers Perfect For Your Project?

There is no doubt that JavaScript is currently the most important and most popular technology used for IT projects. It’s not only powering around 95% of the world’s websites but is also becoming more common in mobile apps, thanks to tools like the React Native framework which allows cross-platform app development for Android and iOS with the help of JavaScript.

According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, being used regularly by 67,8% of respondents. It’s more than HTML and CSS combined (63,5%) and marks the 7th year in the row of JavaScript’s dominance.

Other JS-related tools and technologies are also dominating their rivals. In the same Stack Overflow’s survey, jQuery, a JavaScript library, was named the most popular web framework (used by 48,7% of devs), with two other technologies using JS, React and Angular, sharing the rest of the podium. The “Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” ranking has been won by Node.js (used by 49,9% of devs), a technology allowing to use JavaScript on the back-end of a website.

Due to such a huge popularity of JavaScript, the market is filled with developers on different levels: from experts who really understand the technology to newcomers who have just passed a short web development bootcamp. How to make sure you hire a JavaScript developer belonging to the first group and not to the latter? How to make sure you end up with a team of professionals who will really take your product to the top?

Here is our guide on how to hire JavaScript developers who will really meet your needs.

Hard skills every good JavaScript developer should have

Is knowing JavaScript enough to be a good JavaScript developer? Not really. There are more technical requirements for a dev to be really able to take your project to another level. Below we list some of the most important hard skills you should consider when you plan to hire JavaScript developers.

  1. Knowledge of HTML and CSS

    Alongside JavaScript, these two languages are constituting the trio of most important web development technologies. They all complement each other and knowing all of them gives a developer the ability to actually create a modern, interactive website.

  2. Experience with relevant JavaScript frameworks and libraries

    There are tons of different JavaScript frameworks and libraries on the market and no developer knows all of them. Depending on your project’s requirements, you might want to hire JavaScript developers with experience in very specific frameworks. Devs focused on front-end most often use frameworks and libraries like jQuery, React, Angular, or Vue, while the go-to choice for JavaScript-based back-end is the Node.js runtime environment, powered with frameworks like Express or Nest. Mobile development can be done with the help of React Native.

  3. Experience with JavaScript supersets

    A superset in programming means a language that has all the features of another language but also adds some additional ones. Taking JavaScript as an example, one of its supersets is TypeScript, most often used in frameworks like Angular and React. One of the additional features introduced by TypeScript is a real-time code check that helps in avoiding common coding mistakes. While there are some other supersets of JavaScript, TypeScript is surely the most popular, worthy knowing as more and more frameworks and libraries are supporting it.

  4. Experience with JavaScript testing tools

    Every new feature of your web or mobile project needs to be tested before releasing it to the broader public. Developers run a test to assess the performance of their code as well as to check for any bugs that might have been introduced. Testing is usually done using separate testing frameworks, and you should make sure you hire JavaScript web developers who have experience with at least one such tool. Some popular JavaScript testing frameworks are JEST, Mocha, Jasmine, and Karma.

The most important soft skills of great JavaScript developers

Having all the technical skills is crucial for a JavaScript developer, but soft skills should not be underestimated as well. They directly influence the communication proficiency of your candidate — and great communication has an effect on the whole team, not only an individual.

So if you want to make the development of your JavaScript project more efficient and boost the innovation in your company, look for people with the following soft skills when you hire JavaScript developers.

  1. Understanding of the customer

    As JavaScript developers often work on the front-end of a website or web app, they are directly responsible for creating a user-friendly interface that is easy-to-use even for non-techies. Even if you have a UX or UI designers on board, JavaScript developers still have a great influence on the final implementation of these designers’ recommendations. Because of this, being able to put oneself in shoes of the customer and look at the product from their perspective is a great virtue in the job of a JavaScript web developer.

  2. Pro-community attitude

    With so many resources on JavaScript available online, most of the issues and bugs can be fixed easily — if only one knows where to look and who to ask. That’s why it’s important for a JavaScript developer to support their community and participate in its online (and offline) life.
  3. Great self-management

    With so many different tasks that a JavaScript developer has to handle on a daily basis, the ability to manage one’s time well is crucial. This is especially important in small dev team and young startups where dev team leadership is scarce and a lot of planning and scheduling is left to single devs themselves.

Top JavaScript developer job interview questions

How to assess all the hard and soft skills that we have mentioned above? By running a proper job interview. While the soft skills are often reviewed with the assistance of HR, the hard skills need a tech expert to be evaluated. If you don’t feel like a JavaScript expert yourself, we recommend asking other professionals to help you out. The best choice would be a developer with JavaScript experience, software consultant, or an IT project manager.

To give you an idea of how this kind of technical interview can look like, we have listed below our favorite JavaScript developer job interview questions. Keep in mind, however, that most JavaScript developers are specialized in one library and/or framework and interview questions will vary depending on that.

  1. What is the difference between === and ==?
  2. How does event bubbling work?
  3. What is the difference between .call and .apply?
  4. How does prototypal inheritance work?
  5. What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous functions?
  6. When would you use a closure?
  7. What is hoisting?
  8. Classical inheritance vs prototypal inheritance — what is the difference between the two?
  9. What are the differences between monolithic and microservice architecture?
  10. What is the same-origin policy in JavaScript?

The importance of company fit when hiring JavaScript developers

Your project can be developed even more efficiently if you look for a JavaScript developer who really fits your company. This fit can be assessed by looking at the three main areas that need to be considered: industry fit, product fit, and company culture fit.

  1. Industry fit

    Whatever your industry is, there are surely JavaScript developers who already worked in it. Prioritize those candidates as they can bring you the needed expertise and understanding of solutions that have already proved to be working on your market.

  2. Product fit

    Try also to hire JavaScript developers who have previously worked on products similar to yours. Consider similarities in product features, target groups, a technology used. Having such experience means your candidate already knows how to achieve specific things you want in your project — and implement them faster.

  3. Company culture fit

    Things to consider in this area are: business values, style of management, approach to remote work, diversity. The more your business and your candidate match in these categories, the better the cooperation between you will go.

Start building your dream team

Supporting your technical team with a great JavaScript developer is surely a step forward, but don’t forget about backing other parts of your business as well. Maybe you need a new web designer or UX designer? Or maybe a product owner to help you plan the vision for your amazing new product’s future?

Whoever you might need, Ideamotive is ready to deliver. We run an industry-leading network of top IT talents looking for new job opportunities. We are able to discuss with you your current requirements and exact needs and then connect you with the professionals that fit your company’s profile the most.

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