The State of CEE IT Outsourcing and Offshoring 2021 Report

Belarus • Poland • Romania • Ukraine

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We are proud to share with you this in-depth analysis of the state of software development outsourcing and offshoring in the CEE region in 2021.

We hope it will serve all startups, scale-ups, and enterprises that are considering moving their software development abroad. 

We focus on individual specifics of described countries when it comes to IT talent outsourcing and paint the picture of the overall business and investing landscape.


Robert Krajewski

CEO of Ideamotive

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The State of CEE IT Outsourcing and Offshoring 2021 Report

Bearus - Poland - Romania - Ukraine

What will you find inside the report?

How COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global IT outsourcing market?

What are the specifics of IT outsourcing in CEE countries?

How companies can benefit from working with CEE tech talent?

How do the tech and investing landscape in CEE look like in 2021?

What are the market and industry predictions for the future to come?

One report. Four countries.

We have selected four CEE countries with the highest IT outsourcing potential and the biggest pool of tech talent: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Romania.

  • IT Outsourcing In Belarus

    Considering that 90% of its IT market is external or outsourced, Belarus has a strong reputation as a reliable IT outsourcing destination. Belarus's robust IT sector is believed to be growing four to five times faster than in other countries. Government-led initiatives such as public subsidies, tax incentives, and free economic zones for IT & tech companies encourage establishing private sector enterprises

  • IT Outsourcing In Poland

    Poland's central location on the European map makes it a strategic gateway between East and West, always within easy reach. It has the largest and most versatile pool of developers and the highest rank when it comes to the easiness of doing business. Its broad ecosystem of innovative startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, combined with robust digital infrastructure, encouraged numerous global corporations and scaleups to move their operations there.

  • IT Outsourcing In Romania

    The least familiar of the featured countries, Romania is emerging as a hidden gem for technology outsourcing and offshoring. Several key factors contribute to this: high quality of education, strong communication skills, and blossoming innovation ecosystems. These aspects stem from a long-term, concerted Romanian authorities' effort to increase the country's competitiveness, improve school instruction quality, and adopt higher study programs that support tech-oriented education.

  • IT Outsourcing In Ukraine

    Ukraine is systematically gaining weight as a go-to CEE IT outsourcing destination, mainly due to two dominant factors – a vast tech talent pool combined with low labor costs. The largest by size and population of the four discussed countries, the country has a vibrant tech community actively engaged in regular meetups, seminars, and conferences The huge pool of IT professionals is regularly expanding as, each year, about 20,000 tech students graduate from Ukrainian universities.

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Key Findings From The Report →

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The IT Service and Software R&D market in the CEE region grows x4-5 faster than the global average.

Strong technical expertise, good command of English, cultural proximity, and an innovation mindset are the most significant pull factors for foreign investors.

CEE countries offer high-quality digital infrastructure with ultra-fast broadband and competitive coverage rates.

The region’s sizable STEM and ICT talent base is growing in skillset and number. There are over 1 million tech experts on the CEE market!

Quotes from the report:

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The State of CEE IT Outsourcing and Offshoring 2021
Belarus • Poland • Romania • Ukraine

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