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Travelduck Adventure Magazine: introducing Hubspot's Content Management System to a travel marketplace

How we developed a fully functional blog platform with the power of Hubspot CMS and created synergy between sales and marketing teams

Read the success story
Read the success story

We have been working together for years and we developed a great communication scheme. It is hard to say where they can improve because I see huge progress in their approach over all these years. I know many software houses, and this is still my best experience.

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Peter Grabo

Founder of Travelduck

They trusted us:

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Be present on mobiles

Make sure your website promotes your business in the best way possible on every device, be it a smartphone or tablet. With 50% of internet traffic coming from mobiles, the mobile optimization solutions offered by HubSpot CMS are your best bet.

Speed up testing

Spend less time on finding the most converting vision of your site. With HubSpot’s machine learning-powered adaptive testing feature you can find the best performing solution and release it to the public fast.

Get more sales

Have your leads organized so your sales team can focus on getting new customers. According to a 2018 study, 70% of HubSpot Growth Platform’s users saw an increase in lead-to-customer conversion rate and average year lead growth of even 6.2x.

Improve customer support

Be there for your customers 24/7. HubSpot offers an easy-to-implement integration of most popular online customer support gateways, including Facebook Messenger, live chat, and more. An official chatbot builder for HubSpot developers is also available.

How And Why Should You Hire Professional HubSpot Developers?

Due to its versatility, HubSpot is often considered the best and ultimate solution for businesses that sell either digital or physical products and services. HubSpot’s tools include solutions like the CRM (customer relationship manager) that allows sales teams to manage leads easily, as well as CMS (content management system), a website-building platform. The latter has become in recent years a direct competitor of platforms like WordPress, making building a website and managing its content easy and more efficient.

While the CMS is user-friendly thanks to its drag and drop system, you can make the most out of it only with the help of professional HubSpot developers. Wondering in what way such an expert can help you in achieving better performing, more sales-fuelling website? HubSpot developers can assist you with...

  1. Migrating your previous website to the HubSpot CMS.
  2. Improving the responsiveness of the mobile version of your HubSpot website.
  3. Establishing a well-performing online store.
  4. Developing custom templates (website, landing pages, email) that will make your business stand out online.
  5. Implementing additional functionalities, such as chatbots.
  6. Integrating your website and CRM with other tools you are using (e.g. Slack, Gmail).
  7. Server maintenance and improving the performance of your website.

But how to find and hire a HubSpot developer that will do the job well and efficiently? Here are some things you need to consider.

HubSpot Developer Hard Skills

The successful website building process requires experienced HubSpot developers with a specific set of strictly technical skills. These include:

  1. Previous experience with HubSpot

    Sounds obvious? It probably is, but you might still end up with candidates who claim to be great web developers but who’s never worked with HubSpot before. Skip them — the CMS might not be the most difficult to learn, but mastering it takes some time, and having on board an experienced HubSpot developer means the results can be delivered faster.

  2. Deep knowledge of required programming languages

    HubSpot CMS makes use of a bespoke markup language, HubL (pronounce it as „Hubble”). If your HubSpot developer candidate knows it, you are on the right track, as they must have already had some experience with the platform. However, successful HubSpot development requires also the knowledge of other, more common web development languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  3. Knowledge of popular libraries and frameworks

    HubSpot takes a lot off developer’s shoulders, providing a solution that can be pretty much used on its own. However, a clever and experienced HubSpot developer can improve the functionality and performance of the site with the knowledge of popular web development libraries and frameworks. HubSpot itself is based on front-end library/framework Bootstrap, so experience with it gives additional ways of adjusting the design of your new website.

  4. Understanding of best design practices

    Most freelance HubSpot developers are hired for the purpose of creating a unique template for a website. This means their role is a mixture of front-end web development and design work. To make sure your website will not only perform well but also look great, entertaining new visitors, carefully review the portfolio of your candidate from the design side. Remember about the importance of good UX and UI!

  5. Experience with other popular CMS

    While your new developer must be a HubSpot expert, it’s also great for them to have experience with other content management systems, such as WordPress. It will be especially helpful if you are planning a migration from another platform to HubSpot. But even if you are already established on HubSpot, this kind of CMS experience is still useful for a developer. It gives the broader perspective of what can be achieved with different solutions, teach them how to approach a similar issue in different ways, and — in the end — make them more of an outside-of-a-box problem solver.

HubSpot Developer Soft Skills

While website development is surely a technical job, there is still a lot of space to show off one’s soft skills. Some of the most important for a HubSpot developer are:

  1. Creativity

    As usually, HubSpot development covers the creation of original templates, creative developers and designers have a special advantage. Once again, we recommend carefully reviewing your candidate’s portfolio to get a grasp on their design abilities.

  2. Expert time management and self-organization

    Whether you hire a freelance HubSpot developer or someone to work in-house for you, they will most typically work alone on the development of your website. This means they must be experts in self-organization in order to deliver the final result fast. Deadline-awareness is also crucial.

  3. Researcher’s attitude

    HubSpot CMS community is constantly growing, fuelled by the official HubSpot forum for developers. Tips and tricks, such as new ways of improving website performance, are shared there on a daily basis, which gives a great opportunity for developers who like to do their research and connect with the community.

HubSpot Developer Job Interview Questions

When you have already selected the candidates who seem the most promising, you should conduct with them an interview that will tackle some technical aspects of their work. If you don’t feel HubSpot-proficient enough to do it by yourself, we recommend running the interview with the assistance of another web developer, software consultant, or IT project manager.

What questions can be asked during such an interview?

  1. How to make tables mobile responsive?
  2. What is the best way to migrate blog posts from WordPress to HubSpot? How about from HubSpot to WordPress?
  3. How to create a pop-up in HubSpot CMS?
  4. What are the technical limits of HubDB?
  5. What is the hamburger menu concept?
  6. What are the limitations of HubSpot blog template?
  7. What are the pros and cons of using flex vs grid in CSS?
  8. What are your go-to HubSpot modules and why?

Remember About The Company Fit

The more tailored to your company a HubSpot developer is, the bigger chance they will understand the project well from the beginning and deliver results fast. Some things to consider in this area are:

  1. Industry fit

    Look for HubSpot developers who have previous experience in working with companies similar to yours. Thanks to this, they will understand better what you are expecting and provide solutions that have already proved to be successful.

  2. Company culture fit

    Each company has its unique culture, but it usually shares some values with other businesses. It’s best to look for developers who also consider these values important so they will easily blend in and cooperate well with the rest of your team. Consider the style of management at your company, inclusivity, the size of your business, whether it’s focused on the global or on the local. All these things matter and may help you in finding the best HubSpot developer for your needs.

Beyond HubSpot Development

Having a person who can deliver outstanding HubSpot development services is crucial to making your company thrive online and improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts. But there are more people you need to win over the market and scale successfully.

Whether you need an IT project manager, software consultant, business strategists, or even mobile app developers, we can connect you with the best people to consider for these roles. At Ideamotive, we run a network of best-in-class IT talents that can help you become an industry leader. Contact us today and chat with our consultants — after we learn the details of who exactly you need, we will connect you with the experts perfectly tailored to your requirements and the type of company you are running.


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