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10 Reasons Why Should You Choose Hubspot CMS For Your Website

Oct 12, 20207 min read

Dawid Karczewski

Senior full stack developer and CTO at Ideamotive.

Research shows that from 70 to 80% of consumers research online businesses before visiting or making a purchase. 


Perhaps you are starting a new company or developing your personal brand. Or maybe you want to update your company's outdated website. Howbeit, creating a new website can be overwhelming, especially without the technical expertise or knowledge of what web developers it is better to hire.


To ease any frustration you may have, we've put together all the exciting features regarding HubSpot CMS development. This involves basic information about the CMS and the reasons why you should definitely use this system (proved by our own experience!). 

What is Hubspot CMS?

First, let’s recall what CMS is. CMS is a content management system, a set of scripts for creating, editing, and managing site content. In professional jargon, CMS is also called "engine." Examples of popular CMS are Hubspot, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart.


Previously, most sites were static and required manual changes to their content, but now the dynamics of project development requires a willingness to quickly respond to changes and implement them with maximum efficiency. At the same time, not all users want or can afford to contact the front end developers, especially if the site requires constant work on it.


In turn, content management systems allow users who do not have the skills of website development and knowledge of programming languages ​​to work on the creation and modification of the site independently.


Hope that is clear. But what is Hubspot, and what are the HubSpot CMS features? 


HubSpot is a Boston-based startup that provides a suite of tools for proactive (Inbound) internet marketing. Unlike active (Outbound) marketing, which boils down to making cold calls to potential customers, Inbound marketing is aimed at developing the company's Internet presence, due to which ready customers come by themselves. 


The HubSpot service includes a CMS for creating a corporate website and blog, SEO tools for selecting keywords, optimizing pages, controlling external links, a monitoring system for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for mentioning company products, email newsletters, and analytical tools - something like SEO CRM, which stores the entire Internet history for each client (when they visited the site, what they looked, what forms they filled out).


Although many call the platform HubSpot “CMS,” it is not only a CMS but COS - Content Optimization System - a name coined by HubSpot. This is an important distinction to be made. While a CMS helps you manage your website and blog, COS includes a few more features like marketing tools to help you manage analytics, social media, landing pages, and CTAs. While these tools can be added to a CMS like WordPress, they don't come as standard, as is the case with COS HubSpot.


HubSpot COS was launched four years ago and was announced as part of the CMS and as part of the personalization system. 


Brian Halligan, the co-founder of HubSpot, coined the term inbound marketing (an alternative wording for Seth Godin's Permission Marketing concept). The company has worked tirelessly, with great success, to bring the concept to the mainstream. In fact, if you are online marketing today and are familiar with marketing best practices, you are most likely taking the inbound approach. COS, developed by HubSpot, was built entirely around an inbound marketing strategy, meaning all its tools are built to support inbound.

10 Reasons why Hubspot CMS is great for your website

Easy and fast to build

One of the reasons why Hubspot CMS development is so popular is its simplicity and usability. With thousands of themes available, you can create and design a professional-looking website without having to learn the code. Or, you can have your own developer code for your own theme and / or plugins. 


Hubspot CMS offers the best of both worlds: simplicity and ease of use for those just starting out and advanced customization options for those looking to take their site to the next level. 


And since this CMS is very popular and is an open-source platform, there are thousands of useful videos on YouTube and custom forums that can help you learn certain features or add new ones to your site.



HubSpot CMS drag-and-drop approach makes building websites easy and pleasant (source: HubSpot)

In-depth marketing analysis

  • Which channels attract a particular customer profile best? 
  • What are the conversion rates for your marketing funnel? 
  • What content is the most / least successful attracting visitors? 
  • ROI of each of our marketing campaigns? 
  • What is the contribution of this or that page of our website to the income generated by marketing activities? 

These and many other questions are answered by the powerful HubSpot analytics module.


On top of that, you get:

  • Understanding which segments of your future customers respond better to the way A, B, or C communicate and why. 
  • Automatic distribution of reports to team members. 
  • The merchant, if given appropriate access, can select any web page to automatically track the activity on it. 
  • The HubSpot reporting module allows you to collect all important sales and marketing metrics on one virtual dashboard. 
  • Reports are created either according to the templates suggested by HubSpot or from scratch and right on the fly. 
  • Famous reports like Marketing Funnel and Sales Funnel in HubSpot are literally a few clicks away.

100% customizable (with the help of designer and front-end developer)

In Hubspot, you can add new fields of different types without restrictions. And if the design is your top priority, then HubSpot CMS development is your best bet. 


On this platform, the customization possibilities are endless. For example, if you want to create your own conversion tool like a calculator, it will be the easiest one in HubSpot. Moreover, if you're not a designer or developer looking for a professionally designed website that uses templates and is easy to manage, HubSpot fits the bill.


And we speak from the personal experience here: recently our own blog was moved from WordPress CMS to HubSpot COS. Why? One of the flaws we found with WordPress was its rigidity in terms of design possibilities. 

With the skilled HubSpot developer on board, your options in terms of website features are almost limitless.

The environment where non-technical people (e.g., marketing) can easily update and change the content

You can optimize your content right during its creation. Example: While you are writing a post, the HubSpot system suggests you certain keywords based on the statistics of their mention or non-mention. Instant analysis of your SEO right before the content is published. The system creates a personal “to-do list” for content SEO optimization.


Of all modern systems, Hubspot CMS can offer you one of the most end-user friendly interfaces. Sales managers are not very fond of entering information into the system. If this is not convenient, then all information about contacts, calls, and meetings is not recorded, which reduces the value of it. 


Our customers reported that the usability of Hubspot is way better than that of competitors.


Ideamotive’s site is 100% based on Hubspot CMS, which allows every member of our marketing team to manage the content easily

Hubspot solutions = cross-functional ecosystem + all-in-one platform

The HubSpot system consists of the following modules:

  • Blogging
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Managing contacts
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action
  • Marketing automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Synchronization with CRM.


This “all-in-one” approach provides users of the system with many compelling trump cards.


There is no need to implement and administer at least seven different marketing systems. The only initial analysis allows us to assert that using one HubSpot, you can refuse to purchase and support systems such as:

  • MailChimp or analogs for segmented mass emails
  • WordPress or blogging alternatives
  • Joomla, Wix, 1C-Bitrix for website development
  • LPgenerator or similar landing page builders
  • Trello, OmniFocus, and other "task managers"
  • Buffer or analogs for posting on social networks
  • CoSchedule or inbound - content publishing scheduling systems
  • KissMetrics, Google Analytics - “advanced” web analytics
  • SEO Profiler and WebCEO.

Think about it: because “everything is integrated with everything,” each of the HubSpot modules becomes more powerful than its stand-alone counterpart. 


For example, the HubSpot Email module is much more than just an “Email Mailer.” The SEO module gives you more than just keywords, and so on.


Let's add here a cool and free CRM system from HubSpot, which we use in the company for our sales. 


HubSpot CMS helps you in content management and was designed with the best SEO practices in mind

Great performance & fast

You receive a powerful HubSpot CMS development with a responsive design that will look equally good on any device, including mobile. 


Proofs of great performance:

  • “Smart content” that adapts to a specific visitor. 
  • Lightning-fast WYSWYG web page creation. 
  • Lead forms can adapt to the screen of the device from which the user is viewing them. For example, if this is a mobile user, then a shortened version of the lead form is shown to them. 

Industry-proven solution

It might seem that a platform that offers multiple tools is only betting on its own integration. At the same time, each of the tools should theoretically lose to any best of bread competitor. 


According to a survey held in 2015 by G2 Crowd, almost all HubSpot subsystems that are included in its rank first in the opinion of many surveyed users. The company compiles it based on the opinions of 60,000+ users and 600,000 software “buyers.” 


In the quadrant “Best software for marketing automation,” the first “prize” place is held by HubSpot. 

A great amount of easy-to-implement integrations

Integration with more than 200 systems will allow you to expand the functionality (for example, by connecting telephony) and collect all information about the client in CRM.


More and more often, we meet companies that use several CRM systems at once. For example, one is for the customer base, and the other is for partners. Or one for leads and one for customers. 


Thanks to its integration capabilities, Hubspot integrates with other systems. Some of them (for example, Salesforce) have direct integration, while others can be integrated through the Zapier service or API.

The amount of integration available is impressive. And if you won’t find what are you looking for, there is always Zapier.

Amazing analytics and user tracking

Add the Hubspot script to your site, and it will start tracking visitor activity. But unlike Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics, Hubspot is a CRM system in which all user actions on the site are tied to its card in the system. 


By opening the contact record, you can see all the pages that this client visited, the forms that they filled out, as well as information about where they came to your site from for the first time (search engines, social networks, advertising, etc.). This enables you to track exactly how, by what search terms, visitors find your website.


HubSpot in-built analytics dashboard. Maybe it is not Google Analytics level, but it still provides plenty of useful data

Dedicated support team

This platform offers great support and has large enough communities to provide competent advice to users in need.


HubSpot offers a support forum and US customer service representatives to assist users with an active account. They also provide great marketing tips and advice through their website and HubSpot Academy. 


HubSpot has an extensive community of developers and contributors who offer technical and design advice and guidance to users through the documentation, community support forum, and HubSpot guide, not to mention YouTube and other online resources.


Due to the size of the HubSpot community, any question you ask is literally just like searching via Google or asking a HubSpot web developer directly. The community is large and free consulting, which is one of the greatest benefits of working with a HubSpot CMS.


When it comes to investing in web developing tools for modern business growth, there are several things in the digital marketplace that are more valuable than CMS features. If you want to combine add-ons like Google Analytics and reporting for things like Hubspot sales strategies and marketing automation, then the Hubspot CMS might be for you.


Hubspot is one of the most popular SaaS offerings for real-time search and sale, combining ease of use with a number of user-friendly features. Even if you decide you only want to use the free version, you will still have a great experience.


Another great thing about Hubspot Services is that as your business grows, Hubspot can grow with you. You can add more capabilities to your CMS over time as more team members join your team, and you need to share your tools with sales representatives. 


Truthfully, Ideamotive's website is 100% based on Hubspot CMS. Migrating our whole website (including the blog) to HS was one of the best strategic decisions we have made in recent years.


And if this is not enough for you, check out another great example of implementing Hubspot CMS in practice. We have a case study where we introduced this technology to the travel marketplace with boutique trips - Travelduck.


If you have any questions about this HubSpot CMS review, feel free to leave a line in the comments section, or please reach out to us. Our Hubspot Developers will help you create a fully customized website.


Believe our experience - HubSpot's worth a try.

Dawid Karczewski

Dawid is a full stack developer experienced in creating Ruby on Rails and React Native apps from naught to implementation. Technological superhero, delivering amazing solutions for our clients and helping them grow.

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