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JRPass: building a ticket distribution system for the Japanese railway network

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Our project manager had things taken care of and their backend developers had great technical abilities. They’ve been the best we’ve had so far!

Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager, JRPass.com


TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

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They took a very progressive approach to our needs!

Peter Grabo, Founder of TravelDuck


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We’ve been extremely satisfied. We work with multiple partners, but they’re our main supplier because of the quality of their work.

Håkon Årøen, Co-founder & CTO, Memcare


Nielsen: supporting corporate communication with a mobile app

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Why Should You Consider Angular For Your Next Web Project?

Release the final product faster

Have the next tech milestones of your project reached faster. Thanks to some unique functionalities of Angular, including the component-based structure and Command Line Interface (CLI), developers can work more efficiently.

Secure the stability of your product

Eliminate bugs before the product is released. Angular uses TypeScript, a special superset of JavaScript, often praised due to its real-time code checker allowing to easily spot and fix mistakes in the code during the development process.

Pick a future-proof solution

Have your product supported by a technology that will last for years to come. Angular has been developed by the experts at Google and is used by companies across all industries, including by Microsoft, Delta Airlines, and Santander Bank.

Scale your business rapidly

Grow your company according to the market needs. Thanks to the clear structure of TypeScript, new Angular developers that join your team can understand the code easily and help you scale the project smoothly.

How To Hire Angular Developers Perfect For Your Project?

Angular is one of the most popular front-end web frameworks on the market. Being developed by Google and supported by companies like Microsoft surely gave it a significant boost in popularity, but the community of devs itself is also doing a lot of amazing work to keep Angular on top.

The Github repo of Angular has nearly 18k commits done by over a thousand contributors. It also collected over 60k stars since being released in 2016 which is surely a great score.

There are also still a lot of developers actively working with Angular.JS, the predecessor of the Angular we are talking about. Since its release in 2010, it has managed to get nearly 60k stars on Github, nearly 9k commits and over 1.5k contributors. Considering these numbers, it's pretty impressive to see how fast the new, 2016 Angular managed to get similar popularity results.

According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, based on the questionnaires filled by over 90k devs, Angular (counted alongside Angular.JS) is being currently used by over 30% of developers worldwide. This gives a huge number of Angular developers available on the market. Not all of them, however, might be a good fit for your company.

How to make sure, then, that you hire Angular developers who will really deliver a product of top quality? Read our guide below to learn all the things you need to consider.

Most important Angular developer hard skills

As a person responsible for the technical part of the project, a developer must possess a set of hard skills needed to truly excel in the role. To make it easy for you to understand what skills you need to remember about when planning specifically to hire Angular developers, we list our recommendations below.

  1. Experience in Angular

    You don’t want to hire any front-end web developer — you need one already experienced in Angular in order to make the whole development process as efficient as possible. Make also sure that the candidate you found has been actually working on the 2016 Angular, and not its 2010 predecessor Angular.JS which was quite different from what’s most commonly used nowadays. Finding a developer with approximately 2 to 3 years of experience in the 2016 Angular is your best bet.

  2. Good grasp of TypeScript

    TypeScript is a very useful superset of JavaScript used by Angular. It forces writing cleaner code and has a real-time code checker implemented to make sure the product you develop is of the highest quality. However, TypeScript is also considered to be more difficult than JavaScript which means you need someone with good experience in it to deliver the results fast.

    Proficiency in standard JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS is also necessary.

  3. Proficiency in additional relevant technologies

    There are multiple tools that can help the developer work even more efficiently than just with the vanilla Angular. Some of the ones especially important are Command Line Interface (CLI), the RxJS library, Webpack, Node Package Manager (npm), and different test runners (e.g. Karma, Jasmine, Protractor). Knowledge of other front-end frameworks, such as Vue or React is also useful for a better perspective on web development best practices.

Angular developer soft skills to remember about

But a technical skillset might not be enough to guarantee that the Angular developer you hire is up to the challenges awaiting them at your company. Soft skills are equally important as they directly influence how well your new developer will cooperate with other people in the team.

So what soft skills you should be looking for when you want to hire an Angular developer?

  1. Great time management

    Working on the new features, fixing current bugs, thinking about innovative ideas, attending meetings — there is a lot of tasks an Angular developer has to tackle during a single day. That’s why being able to manage one’s own time well is an important virtue in tech development.

  2. Approachability

    There is a myth that developers just want to be left alone and work by their desks, away from other people. But it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, there is a lot of developers on the market who are happily working not only with other techies but also with other teams. Look for those kinds of people to fuel up your company with creativity and innovation.

  3. Understanding of the customer’s perspective

    As front-end experts, Angular developers have to take care of all the things that a customer interacts with on a website or a web app. To make sure they deliver a product that is intuitive and user-friendly, they need to be able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, understanding these people’s needs and expectations.

Best Angular developer job interview questions

After you finally find a candidate that seems to have all the skills needed for the Angular developer role, it’s time to run a technical interview. If you don’t feel confident in doing it by yourself, we recommend asking for help from another developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager. Whoever you choose, they should, of course, also have experience in the framework.

What questions specifically can be asked when hiring an Angular developer? Here are some of our favorites.

  1. What is Wildcard routing in Angular?
  2. What is codelyzer?
  3. What are some common mistakes new Angular developers make?
  4. How would you provide a singleton service?
  5. What are dynamic components?
  6. What are the pros and cons of using a global store (e.g. ngrx)?
  7. How would you approach investigating a bad performance of an Angular-powered web app and what would be your first steps in terms of improving this performance?
  8. How do Observable differ from Promises?
  9. What is the difference between template-driven and reactive forms?
  10. What are auxiliary routes?

The importance of the company fit

How to make your tech team even more efficient? Look for Angular developers for hire who fit the business you are running. What can constitute this valuable link between a developer and your company?

  1. Industry fit

    Hire Angular developers who worked with companies within your industry to get the knowledge of solutions that have already proved to work well.

  2. Product fit

    Choose candidates with experience with products similar to yours. Whether it’s the type of web app you are planning or technology used (besides Angular), experience with any of these can be a valuable asset for your team.

  3. Company culture fit

    Think of the style of management at your company, especially in the tech team (e.g. Scrum, DevOps), focus on the local or global market, and the values you all share within the business. The more tailored fit you’ll find, the bigger the chance your new hire will feel good in the team from day one and start sharing some great ideas with you fast.

Hire remote Angular developer for your peace of mind

The post-COVID world powers digital transformation and all businesses that aim to be successful have to be aware of it. Many developers made use of the circumstances by going full remote and you should be ready to leverage this. 

By hiring remote Angular developers, you might be able to better optimize expenses for the uncertain future. It’s not only about cutting the costs of office maintenance but also being able to connect with developers from regions like Central and Eastern Europe where the costs of hiring such experts are lower. 

Going remote means you also don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to candidate availability. You can connect with the best talents from all around the world and work with them easily. And you don’t have to worry about quality, either — experienced remote Angular developers are able to deliver the same (and sometimes even better) results as their in-house peers.

Expand your great team

Are you looking also for other IT talents except for Angular developers? We can help.

As Ideamotive, we run an extensive network of top tech professionals looking for new career opportunities. Whether you want to hire Angular developers, back-end developers, IT project managers, product owners, or website designers, we can connect you with the best people for these roles, tailored perfectly to the type of business and project you are running. We always discuss with you your exact needs and requirements, so you can have an efficiently working team sharing your values and spirit.

Reach out to us today to start growing your company with our recommended IT talents.

Angular Development: FAQ

Angular helps you build interactive and dynamic Single Page Applications (SPA) with its compelling features, including templating, two-way binding, modularization, RESTful API handling, dependency injection, and AJAX handling.

Angular is a framework and platform for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements basic and advanced functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your applications.

There are a large number of Angular tutorials available on the Internet that provide learning throughout the entire process. However, before you start programming in Angular, all prerequisites for learning Angular must be considered. It is very important to have a solid foundation in JavaScript and its foundations since Angular requires advanced JavaScript skills.

Angular is a complete software development framework that usually does not require additional libraries.

An Angular developer works on the client-side of the software, which is the main activity of a developer. They can create a complete user interface service for websites and web applications. In addition, an Angular developer works with creating components and modules and linking them together to develop fundamental software.

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