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for Tech Companies

A "one-stop-shop" marketplace for hiring developers, designers and project managers

Our mission is to help startups, scale-ups, and enterprises all over the world build super-performing tech teams and grow their businesses.

We believe that only with the right set of tech talent understanding your goals and values you can build products that disrupt industries and improve people's lives.

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for Tech Talent

A thousands-strong community of tech buffs and software dev experts

Ideamotive is the world's most comprehensive technology talent community. We offer a one-stop-shop for tech buffs and software dev experts to connect with each other, collaborate on projects, find jobs, and more.

We believe that we are the perfect place for anyone with an interest in technology to learn, innovate and get ahead in their career.

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Our Values

Striving for excellence

We care about the project from start to finish and we are always aiming to exceed expectations. We are naturally curious and aim for personal growth within and outside our fields.

Trust and responsibility

We put context over control, providing working freedom within set responsibilities. We trust each other to deliver high-quality work, so there is no need for constant oversight.

Bullshit-free communication and feedback culture

We keep all our communication direct, clear, and straight, always cutting off the intermediaries and avoiding the corporate newspeak. We use the power of feedback to create an opportunity for growth and recognition.

Problem-solving approach

We are not afraid of problems. On the contrary - we love problems! We never look to pin blame. Instead, we always work to find the best solution available.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We keep it smart. We are able to identify out-of-the-box solutions and hidden paths and we are not afraid to follow them. We challenge the status quo, never agreeing with the default state.

We are all unique human beings

We may work in software, but we are people, not robots :) We build a comfortable and friendly workplace. We cherish diversity and inclusion and always keep in mind that we are all one-of-a-kind individuals, with different personalities, needs, and inner drives.


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+48 660 111 631