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What makes Python stand out in the development world?

Technology of the future

If you are planning to make the use of machine learning/artificial intelligence, data analytics, or the Internet of Things, Python is the best technology to choose. All these areas are truly dominated by Python.

Fast development process

Thanks to the very clean and simple syntax, Python development takes significantly less than if using some other technologies. If you want to have your first prototype built quickly, choose to hire Python developers.

Huge popularity

Python is one of the two most popular programming languages in the world, alongside JavaScript. This means that the technology is compliant with a huge number of solutions for different industries and supported by a community of great Python developers.

Great for complex back-end

If you plan to run a more complicated web app, such as e-commerce, booking marketplace or social media platform, you’ll surely need an advanced back-end to keep everything working behind the scenes. Python will be the perfect choice for this.

Hiring Python Developers - What You Need To Take Into Account?

Python’s popularity is fueled by two things: its clean and simple syntax and the great number of areas you can work in with this programming language. Learning Python can lead you to numerous careers, from being a back-end web developer to becoming a data analyst to working behind a revolutionary AI project.

This means that when you want to hire Python developers, the search isn’t easy. Instead of just looking for any Python expert, you need to find one specializing in the area you need them to work in. To make it easier for you, we decided to create this short guide on how to hire Python developers that perfectly fit your company and specific project.

Tech skills that you need to look for hiring a Python developer

The hard skills palette of your new potential Python developer depends highly on the type of project you are running. Here are some examples:

  1. When looking for a Python web developer, you should search for experts in at least one of the two main Python web frameworks, Django and Flask. Ideally, your new hire should also have experience in front-end web development, preferably with JavaScript and its popular frameworks and libraries (e.g. React, Vue, Angular).

  2. If data analytics/data science is your main point of interest, you should hire Python developers with extensive experience in visualization and analysis of data, Statistics, and Probability. Knowledge of at least a few Python data science packages is also a must. Some of the most popular packages are NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, and Matplotib.

  3. For machine learning/AI development, most of the data analytics skills also come in handy. Besides these, your Python developer should also be able to code in other programming languages widely used for ML, such as Java, R, or C++. Knowledge of concepts such as neural networks and deep learning is crucial.

The must-have soft skills of a Python developer

Great products are created by people who, besides expert knowledge of the technology used, are also good in interpersonal communication. Because of this, when looking to hire Python developers, you should look for programmers with the following soft skills.

  1. Ability to cooperate with other teams

    Python web developers work mostly on the back-end of the sites or apps. This means they have to closely cooperate with front-end developers as well as other teams in the company.

  2. Expert time management

    Back-end developers are often approached by multiple teams within the company, each of them wanting to prioritize different features of the software. Because of this, your new Python developer must be able to manage their time well, set clear deadlines, and be able to explain why something cannot be done right away, but rather have to wait — sometimes even a few months — to be accomplished.

  3. Multitasking

    Juggling Jira tickets, attending meetings, consulting with others in the company — and all this done with clean coding itself still being the top priority. There is a lot on the plate of a Python developer, and beginners in the industry might not be yet aware of it. Hire, then, only true experts in the field, with a good portfolio and a proof of being great team players.

  4. Researcher and community supporter attitude

    Python community is huge and helpful, so you can be almost sure that someone somewhere had already am issue similar to the one that your developers are facing. The thing is that your Python developer needs to be able to reach those people and get the info needed. So make sure that your new hire knows where the discussions are happening and where to look for specific solutions.

    Running a professional Python blog or contributing to open source projects on GitHub is a good indicator that your potential Python developer supports the community and knows how to use their connections well.

How to hire Python developers with product/industry fit?

Because Python is a technology that can be used for so many different projects, it’s important to make sure that the Python developer you plan to hire has a good understanding of both your industry and the type of product you plan to launch. For example, a developer who knows how to use Python for web development, and can even be called an expert in this niche, won’t necessarily be the best choice when developing Python machine learning software.

This means you have to carefully review both the resume as well as the portfolio of your new potential Python developer. Hire Python programmers who worked on products similar to yours, be it apps, web software back-end, AI/machine learning, or Internet of Things. At the same time, however, you should also remember about the industry fit.

To give you some examples:

  1. Engineers from banks, investment firms, and other financial institutions will be a great choice when running a fintech startup.

  2. People with knowledge of e-commerce solutions, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, will fit a new online marketplace or booking site project.

  3. Python programmers coming from scientific institutions and with a machine learning background would be a perfect fit to develop your new AI.

How to make sure you hire Python developers that fit your company?

Company culture fit is sometimes overlooked in the hiring process but it surely shouldn’t be. The global mindset of today’s businesses, the size of your company, style of management — all these things are actually really important to consider when you want to hire Python developers.

Why these matters?

  1. Multiculturalism and diversity

    Most tech companies nowadays are full of people coming from different backgrounds, including different countries. Therefore, to make your product successful, you have to hire devs with a global mindset, unafraid of and unbiased towards different cultures, genders, and other similar features.

  2. Company size

    If you are running an early-stage startup, you probably need a highly experienced developer to make sure everything is handled properly from the beginning. It might cost you a bit, but it will surely be more cost-effective than fixing all the issues caused by an inexperienced developer.

    On the other hand, many medium-sized companies and enterprises can often allow themselves to hire someone younger and less experienced to be later trained by their in-house team and stay with them for years to come.

  3. Style of management

    Always hire Python developers who have experience working in an agile way. Even if your company is not yet run this way, you might want to change it soon, as all the great software teams these days are making use of agile and its supporting methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, DevOps). Hiring an agile-experienced Python developer will allow you to introduce the necessary changes faster and easier.

Our top Python developer interview questions

If you or your HR people decide that the resume and portfolio of a Python developer look good, the real treat, the interview process, starts. It’s up to you how many interview stages you plan for your candidates, but one of the most typical scenarios include a quick HR call/e-mail exchange, introductory face-to-face interview, technical interview, and a task to be accomplished at home.

During the last two stages, you will need, of course, the help of an experienced developer. To give you an idea of what to expect, the experts we know recommend the following top 10 Python developer interview questions.

  1. What is PEP8? How can you make it easier to follow it?
  2. Why is it not recommended to use import in Python?
  3. What’s the difference between range() and xrange()?
  4. What are the key differences between Python 2.x and Python 3.x?
  5. What are the cons of using Python? What other technology would you consider using?
  6. What’s your opinion on monkey patching?
  7. What’s the with statement in Python?
  8. What’s MRO in Python?
  9. What’s GIL and why is it important?
  10. Tabs or spaces? Why?

Building an award-winning product

Python developers can provide the technological base for your product, but there is so much more than has to be done to get the product on the market and actually make it successful. From UX and UI designers and IT project managers to data engineers and business analysts — each of these can have a significant impact on your project’s final outcome.

To assemble a perfectly-fitted team of experts in the most efficient way, contact us at Ideamotive. Thanks to the years of experience in the startup industry, we’ve established a unique network of top industry professionals who are always ready for new challenges. Reach out to us today and get a list of the exact IT experts your product needs.


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