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How to hire a Python Freelancer?

Python remains one of the 5 most popular languages as of 2020. It is not a big surprise, considering how many tasks Python developers can fulfill. They can enrich any project with their skills: AI, data science, web development, or machine learning. Python also works as a “glue” for other languages. 

However, finding a skilled and passionate professional still remains an uneasy task. Python is the most wanted technology and the number of talented developers is quite limited across all industries. That is why we created this guide that will help you to discover the why, who, and where of Python developers. 

When Do You Need a Python Developer?

So what do Python developers actually do? 

Python is mostly represented in data science and back-end development. Developers who use the language are involved in the development of applications, websites, games, and with AI, machine learning, and data projects as well. 

Web Development

Python developers work well with both front- (client-side) and back-end (server-side) which makes them very desired in web development. Basically, they may fill both positions and you do not have to worry about the communication between the front- and back-end parties. 

Application Development

In application creation, Python developers work on the back-end mostly, making sure that the application is up and running smoothly. They have numerous libraries and frameworks that help developers to work with enormous codes and optimize the debugging process. 

Data Science

Python has become a top choice among data scientists, overshadowing R. Python developers can process huge amounts of data, have well-developed frameworks and libraries for data science, and also nicely visualize the results with the help of tools provided by the language. 

Machine Learning

Combining data science and artificial intelligence, Python developers are thriving in machine learning. AI and data are complex and the simplicity of Python spares them the task of dealing with a badly readable language. The language has libraries for this purpose specifically and offers platform freedom. 

Skills to Look for When You Want to Hire Freelance Python Developers

So you do need a Python programmer, right? Then let’s discover what skills and knowledge define a good Python developer. 

Core Python Knowledge

It is the solid foundation of the language, you can not really do anything else without the knowledge of Core Python. It also includes such basic aspects as generators, file handling, data types, and variables, etc. 

Web Frameworks Knowledge

Web frameworks help developers to work faster since they take care of low-level facts (thread management, sockets, multiple threads). It is a way to concentrate more on application rather than routines. The two most popular frameworks are Flask and Django but there are many others. 

Knowledge Of Industry

Depending on what project you are recruiting for, you will need either developer with data science, AI, machine learning, or Deep Learning. Basic knowledge like SQL, data clean-up, data analysis, and visualization are needed for data science projects. Understanding machine learning algorithms and Neural networks are essential for AI and machine learning. Audio, video, and natural language processing understanding are required for Deep Learning projects. 

Other skills required from all developers are good debugging, communication, analytics, integration, and design skills. 

How to Find Freelance Python Developers?

Our guide would be incomplete without telling you where talented and passionate Python developers are hiding. 

Luckily, the Internet exists and you have plenty of ways:

Freelance Platforms 

You can find many freelance Python developers with various experience and pricing on platforms as Upwork, Guru, or Fiverr. Regardless of the good selection, the main problem with such an approach is that talents are not vetted there and you may choose someone who wouldn’t be able to deliver the desired result. 

Active Outreach

This option is about searching for Python developers on LinkedIn, in Github communities, through your network, or social media even. This option requires more effort but brings outstanding results. 

Tech Events

It is obviously easier to recruit during offline events but it is also possible to do it online. You can ask speakers for a referral or choose people from the audience who eagerly ask questions or contribute to the topic. 

Tech Talent Marketplaces

This option is the easiest one. You just contact a tech talent marketplace like Ideamotive, explain what kind of project you have, deadlines, and budget and they provide you with professionals who meet all criteria. Such companies already have a wide pool of developers who’ve gone through a thorough testing process and proven their experience. Consequently, you will always know what skills and language level your future employees will have. 

Finding Python developers on the tech talent marketplace is also a great option for projects with tight budgets. Hiring costs here are often lower compared to typical pay rates in the EU or the US, especially if the marketplace is sourcing its talent from regions like the CEE.

Hiring Python Developers on Tech Talent Marketplace - Pros and Cons

Some companies who’ve never hired Python devs through the tech talent marketplace may be hesitant about this option. So, let’s take a look at the list of pros and cons to help you make an unbiased decision based on what you are comfortable with. 


  • wide pool of vetted Python developers 
  • a short recruitment process (1-21 days)
  • developers who have already worked with many projects and will be able to find a solution in no time
  • perfect for lower costs of development
  • a project manager who will help with the workflow and let you concentrate on your business rather than technology


  • different time zones so edits might take longer
  • cultural misunderstandings
  • security threats 
  • you may lose some control

However, keep in mind that cons can be resolved by hiring through an actually good tech talent marketplace. A trusted company with great PMs like Ideamotive would help you quickly scale your tech team and will take care of any challenges that may arise along the way. 

Reach out to us, so we would select the best-fitting freelance Python devs that would set your project up for success! 

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