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How to pick a Python Development Company?

Picking a Python development company will define your success. The company defines the ease of workflows, quality of a product, security of sensitive company information, and budget. 

Consequently, it is better to actually do the research and spend some time choosing the right fit for your business. Here are some tips for finding a professional development company. 

How to Choose a Python Development Company?

Define Your Needs

There are thousands of Python development companies around the world and they have different specialization, budgets, workflows, and communication. If you want to narrow down the search significantly, define the needs of your company and project. 

Some of the needs include:

  • specialization (data analysis, web development, app development, software development, AI, etc.)
  • industry understanding 
  • knowledge of specific libraries/technology
  • price
  • workflow and culture

If you know your needs and product, you are more likely to find the right fit and better explain your project to the Python developers later.

Compare the Prices

The price depends on many factors, such as country, size of the company, its experience, and portfolio. If you outsource and have a very tight budget, find a country with average pricing that corresponds to your requirements. 

However, it is better to avoid Python development companies with the cheapest pricing in the country. It usually means badly written code, lack of testing and documentation, and troublesome communication.  

Look for Companies of Similar Size

If you are a small business, it is not the best idea to go for big enterprises. They are likely to list you as less important and will be unable to give you undivided attention due to busyness with other big projects. You are also unlikely to find partners for decades there. 

If you are a big business, the small development company may simply not have enough resources to carry your intensive project. They may lack developers or take too long to deliver the product. 

Take a Look at Portfolio

After you have filtered the companies worldwide, dive deeper into the dozen of those who are left. Looking at the portfolio is a great way to learn about the experience of the company in Python projects and your industry specifically, pricing, and timelines. You may check out the projects that are available for everyone (for example websites or games) to see the quality of design, level of user-friendliness, and whether it works flawlessly. You may check the reviews on the apps to get deeper insights into the quality of the end product.

Pro-tip: Check out the website of the company as well. If the interface is pleasantly-looking and functional, navigation is easy, and the speed is on point, it is a sign that the company is capable of delivering good solutions. 

In the portfolio, you will also find who the clients were and contact them to find out about their experience of working with the team. You can ask about the quality of the end result, additional costs, communication, deadlines, and potential culture misunderstanding. 

Check Technology Stack

A technology stack is a list of languages, frameworks, libraries, interfaces, and systems that developers work with. You need to find a company that knows Python and technology that helps in certain projects. For example, they need to know Flask/Django and HTTP for web development, Scikit-learn, and SQL for data science, Keras for deep learning, etc. 

It is also important to note how big the tech stack of a company is. If it is a small company and it offers knowledge in dozens of languages and hundreds of frameworks, there may be something wrong. You can not have deep knowledge about five programming languages at once. 

Meet the Team

Interviews with the team help you to define whether the staff is as knowledgeable as they claim and whether you can actually work with them. 

If you decide to hire a small company with two projects, it is essential to check their tech stack. If you are not tech-savvy, ask someone from the IT team or your friends from the field to assist you. 

Relationships also matter in all projects, even if you are going to meet once a week and summarize the work done. You will probably be more comfortable with enthusiastic and creative developers and efficient and responsible project managers. If you do not like the team from the beginning, you are likely to end up hating the project in the middle, argue a lot, and meet resistance in everything you do. 

Be ready to answer some questions too though. Eager developers will want to know everything about your project. So prepare some answers too! By the way, it is a great way to understand whether the company is actually interested in your project. If they never ask questions, it might be a red flag. 

Meet Your Development Team at Ideamotive

At Ideamotive we partner with numerous companies and individual contractors who provide Python development services. Here are the main reasons to work with us:

  • Access vast base of vetted Python developers: Before adding talents to our database we thoroughly check their experience and test their technical skills. Thus, by working with us you get access only to vetted talents that are able to provide services of the highest quality
  • Benefit from our business consultancy services: Another benefit of choosing Ideamotive is that we profoundly analyze your business needs and market conditions in order to offer you the solution that would help you stand out among the competitors.
  • Stay in full control over your project: We provide our clients with weekly reports about the project's progress and the budget spent. By having information on how many hours each professional has worked, you can stay in control and reallocate the budget if needed. 

If you want to benefit from all the things mentioned above, feel free to contact us and get all your Python development needs satisfied in one place.

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