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JRPass: Marrying web development and business processes support

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Our project manager had things taken care of and their backend developers had great technical abilities. They’ve been the best we’ve had so far!

Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager,


TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

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Håkon Årøen, Co-founder & CTO, Memcare


Nielsen: supporting corporate communication with a mobile app

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How to pick an Angular Development Company

Based on current statistics, JavaІcript usage is high, which is why AngularJS is also enjoying success in its newer versions. Hence, hiring an Angular development company is in high demand.

You can check out the following features on the AngularJS dev team before hiring them! What you should pay attention to:

Guide on how to choose an Angular agency


1. Define your needs

There is no doubt that different global industries such as IT and software, science, education, finance, medicine, manufacturing, banking, media, energy, retail, and more, need the services of an Angular agency.

The first step to hiring an Angular programming corporation is to classify your needs. What are you hiring for?

You need to do some analysis and have a proper understanding of what your company plans to develop so that you are well acquainted with the terminology, procedures, techniques, technologies, etc., that are related to the product you plan to develop. This knowledge will also help you easily share your needs with third-party developers.

Correct product knowledge will also help you determine the category of development that your product requires, be it software development, internet, application, game, artificial intelligence, or just scripting, etc. It is also necessary to see the differences among different programming languages.

There are companies that can create most or all of these product categories using Angular because they have a diverse development team that individually specializes in creating one or more of these products.

2. Prices

Pricing is an inevitable aspect of finding the right development company. Based on your company's income and profits, your product development budget ultimately determines the type of companies you consider hiring. If you are a startup, you must set aside a percentage of equity for the product.

Some Angular development companies are very expensive mainly due to their financial backing, experience in the industry, rich client base, team versatility, and work done.

Some of the portfolios are still short and young. Hence, even if they can do quality work, they must be affordable. Some of them are affordable due to the huge customer base that makes them profitable, so they remain available to keep attracting more customers.

The point is, for any budget, there are various Angular companies that can meet the needs of your business. Feel free to ask for a quote.

For example, suppose you have a project - X (with a given list of features). Typically a freelancer will ask for a relatively lower rate - say, under $1,000.

Small and medium businesses will ask for more and supply them for around $5,000. On the other hand, a big company may not even take on such a project because it is small or charges at least $30,000.

As stated earlier, these different price quotes depend on various factors related to the portfolios of Angular development companies, which include their financial support/investment volume, experience in the industry, geography, quality and quantity of their client base, versatility of their team, and their work performed.

3. Portfolio

After you must have identified a few Angular development companies that might suit your specific needs and narrowed your search down to those whose pricing structure fits your budget, the next, or sometimes concurrent step, is to browse through their portfolios. This estimate basically goes hand in hand with figuring out the pricing structure of the Angular project company because some portfolios contain pricing information.

Focus on the previous or current Angular development projects. You have to diligently go through these projects, identify areas of interest, identify gaps, and even reach out to their clients to learn more about their satisfaction level. Also, check out public ratings and online reviews about the developer company.

A company's portfolio is almost a mirror image of what they will develop for you, so take it very seriously. As opposed to the "define your needs" period, where you can just take a quick look at the "about us" or "list of services" of a company to find out about the Angular applications they offer. The portfolio review period requires in-depth research, which should include the company's previous and current Angular development projects.

Additional tips


Tip 1: Conduct an analysis

It would help if you looked into the previous project that the developers were doing. Check the tools, methods, and scope of the project. The first step before hiring a company - to test its communication strategy. Because the developers have to inform you about the task. After your session, you will learn whether the developers will meet the following four requirements.

Tip 2: Ability to upgrade skills in technology

It would be best if you analyzed the training opportunities of the AngularJS development company. Google releases versions of AngularJS sequentially so developers can update themselves. At the same time, JavaScript is the most used language in AngularJS, so that you can hire a team with knowledge of both AngularJS and JavaScript versions.

Tip 3: Get you interested in MVVM architecture

The developer should be familiar with MVC, MVVM architecture, and data binding. Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) is a software architecture pattern for using data binding functionality. As a developer, they must follow the MVVM architecture to achieve reliable results in a project.

Typically, encoders provide a two-way data binding capability (which combines supplier and consumer data together) in a task. Because data binding is the most prominent feature in AngularJS used to reflect data changes in the process. In addition, MVC (Model-View-Controller) is also a design pattern for enhancing user interfaces.

Tip 4: Tools to use in Angular

AngularJS developers should be proficient in using AngularJS development tools. There are many tools available on the web for developing AngularJS applications. The few current tools are Angular IDE, WebStorm, etc.

Choose an all-star team


Here are five reasons why you should trust Ideamotive with your AngularJS app:

  • You can get all-in-1: an A-star team of developers, PMs, designers, AI devs, etc.
  • The dedicated team will back up your project with new technologies that will help you stay two steps ahead of the competition.
  • Ideamotive talent will deliver the product, be industry and technology matched.
  • Through our cooperation, you get access to a huge network of talent because we are collaborating with various software development companies.
  • Our outsourced talents have completed over 100 successful projects for clients around the world.
  • Ideamotive programmers know how to bring your ideas to life and put them into pleasant form as quickly as possible.
  • Your word is the law! Hired tech talents respond flexibly to your changing needs and are ready to adapt the product in accordance with your suggestions.
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