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Our Front-end Development Success Stories

JRPass: building a ticket distribution system for the Japanese railway network

Read the story of how combined our business expertise with outstanding web development, increased conversion rates, and boosted sales.

Daniel JRPass

Our project manager had things taken care of and their backend developers had great technical abilities. They’ve been the best we’ve had so far!

Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager,


TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

How we created a fully functional digital marketplace from scratch and helped the Client validate the business model for scaling up.

Peter Grabo

They took a very progressive approach to our needs!

Peter Grabo, Founder of TravelDuck


CustomEase: cloud-based application for day-to-day operations automation

How we created a cloud-based application to automate operations of an interior design company with custom CRM, CMS, ERP, and team communication features.

AMLD: Building an event app for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

"Applied Machine Learning Days" is one of the largest ML & AI events in Europe, Learn, how we helped to make it happen.


They are very flexible, providing a team of developers on short notice and scaling the size as needed. Their team meets tight deadlines, including some that only give them a few hours to do the work.

Sylvain Bernard, event manager at EPFL


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How to Pick a Perfect Front-End Development Company?

At the end of 2020, there were over 150,000 front-end developer jobs posted, so the demand for such services is high. Building an in-house front-end development team may require lots of time and resources. So if you need to build a visual part for your software or improve the existing solution in a cost-effective and timely manner, you can hire a development company focusing specifically on front-end development. 

Things to Define Before Choosing a Front-End Development Company


Requirements for the Project

Before you start sourcing and hiring a front-end development company that can meet all your needs, you need to clearly define the type, goals, and objectives of the project, so that it is clear which company will be able to cope with this task, and which is not.

Usually, most companies offer their range of services and benefits, as well as the approximate duration of the project and its price. You must choose the company that will be able to complete the tasks at the time you need and at the most affordable price.

Project Boundaries

To protect yourself from delays and additional costs, the best solution is to establish a project completion framework. A professional front-end development company must complete tasks on time and without the need for additional funds. To avoid any controversy, you need to discuss these points before starting work on a project. You can also google how much time and resources it takes to do this amount of work.

Budget Size

You should be guided by choosing a development company based on your budget. If you have a sufficient amount of funds, then you should focus on well-known companies that have received worldwide recognition and have a huge list of positive reviews and satisfied customers. If, on the contrary, you are a small company that does not have a lot of resources, you should target lesser-known companies that do their job well. Offshore outsourcing companies offer their front-end services at a much lower cost than others.

A very good solution is to define a pricing system. Consider which will be more profitable for you - a fixed price per project, or a price based on the number of hours worked.

Negotiation Stage

It is impossible to choose the right company without having a meeting with them. Therefore, after you have found several suitable candidates, invite them to a meeting, it does not matter online or offline, to discuss all the details of the project. Prepare in advance a list of questions that interest you to make sure whether the company you have chosen meets your needs or not. At this stage, you should also discuss all the details of the project, such as deadline, wishes, roadmap, and others.

Contractual Binding

After holding several meetings with potential companies, and determining the company with which you want to cooperate, it is imperative to sign a contract. Such agreements need to be signed only in the presence of a lawyer to avoid any misunderstandings. The agreement must clearly state the date of the project, the type of payment, and the clause on intellectual property. This point is probably the most important because it is he who protects your confidential data from strangers.

Features of a Professional Front-End Development Company


Work Experience

A professional front-end development company must have extensive work experience. This demonstrates their competence and the fact that no major problems should arise during the implementation of the project. If the company has many years of experience, you can relax and not worry about low-quality tasks.


Professional developers must have excellent skills in their field. This means that first, the company must develop all products using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery. A good company should also sort out various development tools to offer you the one that best suits your project.

Make sure to check if the company has good expertise in back-end development as well, so they would be able to build a fully functioning product for you.

Data Security

You must make sure that the company you use provides high security and data protection. It possesses tools and systems that can protect sensitive data. This is a vital thing, will help protect your intellectual property, and will not lead to data leakage.


If a company has a lot of experience, it should also have a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. You should look at customer feedback online paying attention to such credible B2B review sites as Clutch. By checking the company’s case studies you can see what challenges they have already successfully overcome and what approaches to work they utilize.


If a company is a professional in its field, good communication skills are an integral part of it. Communication is always important, at all stages of work on a project. Through proper communication, you can avoid disagreements on the project, quickly solve problems that arise, and exchange ideas on the project.

Choose Ideamotive as a Front-End Development Company


Clients choose Ideamotive as their front-end development company because we provide numerous benefits:

  • Wide Pool of Vetter Professionals: Over the years of our experience, we’ve aggregated a vast base of top front-end developers. While creating teams for each project, we select developers with niche-relevant expertise, so you can benefit from their deep industry knowledge. 
  • Profound Analysis of Your Needs: Before starting working on the project, we thoroughly analyze the current state of your business, your competitors, the situation on the market as well as your long-term goal. Such immersion into each case helps us provide our clients with the best-fitting solutions. 
  • Personalized Approach to Pricing: Based on your project’s complexity, duration, and goals you can choose between fixed or time-based pricing options.
  • Effective Communication: We always keep you updated on the progress and are open to your feedback on how to improve the development process.

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