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Leverage The Full Power of TypeScript

Launch instantly

Release your MVP and further updates swiftly. TypeScript simplifies JavaScript code, helping your developers code and debug your web product faster.

Scale rapidly

Never again have issues with scaling your web app. TypeScript is perfect for rapid scaling and its readability allows you to onboard new developers smoothly.

Work with top frameworks

Boost your web product’s performance with one of the top web development solutions. TypeScript is supported by all the major frameworks, including Angular and React.

Avoid costly issues

Keep your web app performing issue-free 24/7. With TypeScript, it’s easier for developers to write code free of bugs that could cause a downturn.

How To Hire Typescript Developers Perfect For Your Project?

Unlike some other technologies, TypeScript shouldn’t be necessarily called a completely new programming language — it’s actually “just” a superset of JavaScript. Of course, we put “just” in quotation marks for a reason. This is because TypeScript makes such significant changes to JavaScript that it revolutionizes the whole area of web (and mobile) development.

Investing in TypeScript web development and TypeScript mobile development can give a significant boost to your company in several areas…

  1. Faster and more efficient development.
  2. Improved detection of bugs in the pre-launch stage.
  3. Improved code transparency, making it easier to onboard new TypeScript developers you hire.
  4. Easier rewrites of malfunctioning code.
  5. The ability to use classic JavaScript alongside TypeScript makes it easier if you want to develop upon your existing JavaScript app.

To take advantage of all these business opportunities you will, of course, have to hire TypeScript developers. Although the technology is sometimes considered a bit more difficult to learn than classic JavaScript, more and more developers keep transitioning to TS. According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, nearly 30% of professional developers use TypeScript in their work. TypeScript is also the second most loved language among developers, winning with technologies like Python, Kotlin, and JavaScript itself.

This means that when you want to hire TypeScript developers, you need to be careful to avoid inexperienced devs who’ve just jumped into the world of TypeScript. How to accomplish this and only hire TypeScript developers who will truly deliver? We answer this question in our guide below.

Hire TypeScript developers with the right hard skills

Like any other tech job, the role of a TypeScript developer requires a specific set of technical skills to thrive in it. The most important ones are…

  1. Extensive experience with TypeScript

    TypeScript introduces a few new ideas that may be troubling to people previously working with JavaScript. These include static typing, native module support, and optional parameters. To leverage the power of all these features, you should only hire TypeScript developers who already have business experience in working specifically with this language.

  2. Knowledge of other web languages

    Virtually every TypeScript developer already knows JavaScript. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is, of course, also crucial for effective front-end development. If you are looking to hire TypeScript developer as a full-stack dev, prioritize candidates with experience in using other languages in the back-end (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby).

  3. Experience with relevant frameworks and libraries

    The Angular framework is what truly brought attention towards TypeScript in recent years. It’s one of the most popular tools used for web development and it uniquely utilizes TypeScript and all of its great features. However, since the success of Angular, other renowned frameworks and libraries, including React, also started implementing TypeScript in their stack. This gives you a vast choice when it comes to picking the right tools for your business.

  4. Experience with mobile frameworks and libraries

    If you wish to invest in TypeScript mobile development, there are also ways to do so. TypeScript is supported by React Native, the most popular framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps, as well as other similar tools, such as NativeScript.

The essential set of soft skills for TypeScript developers

Don’t let yourself overlook your candidate’s soft skills during the hiring process! In many cases, soft skills might be as important as the technical stack of a developer, as they can boost the efficiency of the whole team and innovation across the company. What specific soft skills should you consider the most important for a TypeScript developer?

  1. Solid time management

    No matter what specific role you are planning to hire TypeScript developers for, they will be swarmed with various types of tasks. From introducing new features to fixing newly found bugs — there is always a lot to be taken care of, so great time management is definitely an essential skill.

  2. Understanding of the customer’s POV

    This one is especially crucial for those involved in front-end TypeScript web development. Your devs need to be able to put themselves in the shoes of your customers to create a smooth and user-friendly experience.

  3. Eye for detail

    It’s much easier — and safer for your company — to solve an issue before it ends up in the launched version of a product. Hire developers who triple-check their code to maintain issue-free experience for your users.

The best job interview questions to ask when you hire TypeScript developers

To make sure you hire truly professional and experience TypeScript developers, running a proper technical job interview is a must. If you do not have enough expertise in TypeScript yourself, you should consider involving another professional in the process. It’s best if you would be assisted during the interview by another TypeScript developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

Wondering what questions could be asked during such an interview? We list our favorite ones below.

  1. Why are type definitions needed?
  2. What are getters and setters?
  3. When are property decorators used?
  4. How is function overloading different in TypeScript compared to other object-oriented languages?
  5. When would you use ambients in TypeScript?
  6. What are discriminated unions in TypeScript?
  7. What are Mixins?
  8. What is an anonymous function?
  9. What is declaration merging used for?
  10. What kind of challenges have you encountered while introducing TypeScript to older projects?

How to hire TypeScript developers who truly fit your business?

As TypeScript got increasingly popular in the last few years, you might end up with a few different candidates who all meet your hard and soft skills requirements. How to make the best decision for your company in such a situation? We recommend assessing the following three areas of company fit…

  1. Product fit

    Do you want to build an online storefront or a robust online marketplace? Hire TypeScript developers with previous experience in developing e-commerce apps.

    Is a cloud-based business web app your project? Look for people with experience in similar products and knowledge of AWS, Azure, or other cloud software.

    Are you developing a mobile app? Then you want to hire TypeScript developers who have already developed such a product using the language.

    In every case, review your candidate’s portfolio and look for projects that are in some way similar to the one you have planned. Thanks to such experience, your new TypeScript developers will be able to deliver results faster.

  2. Industry fit

    Want to guarantee yourself even better results? Hire TypeScript developers who have previously worked with other companies within your business vertical. The closer the match, the better their experience with the type of customer you are targeting.

  3. Company culture match

    Improve cooperation between your new hire and the rest of your team from day one. When hiring TypeScript developers, always choose people who share the same values as your business. This includes the preferred style of management, attitude towards diverse teams, approach to remote work, and any other issues important to you.

Who else do you need to leverage your TypeScript web development?

With professional TypeScript developers on your side, you can guarantee a great performance of both the front-end and the back-end of your web or mobile project. However, this might not be enough to bring your product to its true top. Your project might still require other experts to be included in the development process, such as web designers, UX/UI designers, an IT project manager, or a Product Owner.

Whatever role you are currently hiring for, we can help you fill it quickly. At Ideamotive, we run the industry-leading network of top IT professionals looking to take the next step in their career. Whether you want to hire TypeScript developers or other tech experts, we can match you with the ones fitting your project fast, just after we finish reviewing your unique requirements.

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