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Our project manager had things taken care of and their backend developers had great technical abilities. They’ve been the best we’ve had so far!

Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager, JRPass.com


TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

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They took a very progressive approach to our needs!

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Håkon Årøen, Co-founder & CTO, Memcare


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Leverage The Full Power of Vue

Build a best-performing web app

Invest in technology that guarantees great performance. Vue is one of the most lightweight web frameworks on the market and utilizes virtual DOM for even better results.

Choose the technology of the future

Pick the framework supported by the world’s most renowned IT giants. Vue has been the web technology of choice for multiple businesses, including Xiaomi and Nintendo.

Deliver issue-free performance

Maintain perfect user experience. Thanks to the extensive documentation and enormous community, any bugs with your Vue app can be solved quickly.

Take your business to mobile

Be with your clients 24/7 with a tailored mobile app. Tools like NativeScript Vue and Vue Native allow you to utilize the framework to develop iOS and Android apps.

How To Hire Vue.JS Developers Perfect For Your Needs?

Vue.JS is one of the three leading JavaScript front-end web frameworks — alongside React and Angular. Thanks to its small size (providing amazing performance) and a number of features simplifying the development process, Vue is, in fact, by many considered the best of the three. 

According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Vue.JS is currently used by nearly 18% of professional developers — an amazing result for a tool developed without the financial support of a huge company (like Facebook’s React or Google’s Angular). In fact, Vue.JS is the most popular web framework on GitHub, with over 171k stars as of early September 2020, making it also the top 3 most popular GitHub repo.

Vue is most often used to power the front-end of websites and web apps. However, the framework is also the base for tools dedicated to cross-platform mobile app development, such as Vue Native. 

Whatever you are looking to utilize the framework for, you will need to hire Vue.JS developers to make the best use of it. How to choose the right expert from dozens or even hundreds of candidates? Follow our guide below to ensure your project is taken care of by true professionals!

The crucial technical skills for a Vue developer

To truly thrive in the role, a Vue developer should possess a specific set of development-focused skills. We list the most important ones below.

  1. Vast knowledge of JavaScript

    Playing with any JavaScript frameworks requires extensive experience with the language. A newcomer will find themselves simply confused by such a robust tool as Vue.

  2. Knowledge of TypeScript

    TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, simplifying the classic language and adding a few great features to it. As TypeScript is supported by Vue and can provide amazing results for your project, hiring a developer who has previous experience with it is a thing worth considering.

  3. Knowledge of HTML and CSS

    Alongside JavaScript, these two languages are the base of every web developer‘s knowledge. Of course, experience with any other web languages is highly beneficial for a dev — especially if you want to hire Vue.JS developer as a full-stack dev. In such a case, you should look for people experienced with back-end technologies like Java, PHP, or Ruby.

  4. Previous professional experience with Vue

    When you hire Vue.JS developers, avoid JavaScript devs who never had professional experience with this specific framework — that’s the only way to avoid downturns and have results delivered fast. Once again, knowledge of other JavaScript frameworks or libraries is highly beneficial. The other two most popular JS frameworks are Angular and React.

  5. Understanding of the best design principles

    If you want to hire Vue.JS developers, you’re most likely looking for front-end experts. As they will be responsible for everything your clients see, it’s crucial for them to know all the ins and outs of great design — even if your website’s or web app’s design will be initially taken care of by a professional web designer.

  6. Experience with version control tools

    The most commonly used one is Git. It allows developers to track changes in their app’s code, making sure these changes can always be reverted and issues swiftly investigated.

  7. Experience with additional mobile development tools

    If you wish to utilize Vue for mobile app development, your candidate should also be knowledgeable in at least one relevant Vue-based mobile framework. The most popular solutions include Vue Native and NativeScript Vue.

  8. Experience with back-end tools

    Even if you plan to hire Vue.JS developers strictly for front-end, some experience with back-end is also useful. The most popular solution is Node.JS with Express but do consider your company’s existing tech stack first.

Leverage the power of soft skills

A specific technical stack is a must — but so is a set of soft skills relevant to the role. When you plan to hire Vue.JS developers, look especially for the following soft skills in your candidates…

  1. Desire to learn

    To always strive to explore new solutions which, in the end, make your product more innovative and performing better.

  2. Accountability

    To be ready to admit one’s mistakes — but also to be able to learn from them.

  3. Customer empathy

    To leave the technical perspective of a developer aside and look at the product from the perspective of a potential customer.

  4. Expert time management

    To plan one’s day in a way it can be always easily modified should any sudden issues arise.

  5. Eye for detail

    To spot bugs and other issues before they cause a downturn.

The questions to ask when you hire Vue.JS developers

To make sure you hire the best of the best, you should run technical interviews for your most promising candidates. If you aren’t a Vue expert yourself, we recommend asking someone more experienced to join you during the sessions. This can be either another Vue.JS developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

To give you an idea of what questions can be asked during this kind of interview, we listed some of our favorite ones below. They check both the general JavaScript as well as Vue-focused knowledge.

  1. What is the difference between data fetching before and after navigation?
  2. What are mixins?
  3. What is scoped CSS?
  4. What are lazy loading translations?
  5. How does the v-model work? 
  6. When would you use watchers?
  7. When would you use a JavaScript closure?
  8. What is the JavaScript same-origin policy?
  9. How does event bubbling work?
  10. How does prototypal inheritance work?

Finding Vue.JS developer that truly fits your business

When hiring Vue.JS developers, don’t forget about reviewing how well they fit your company. The more similarities you will find between your needs and the candidate’s profile, the more efficiently the developer will work, providing you results faster. Consider the three main areas of the company fit…

  1. Product fit

    When you review the resume and portfolio of your candidate, look for projects that are somehow similar to yours. This kind of match doesn’t have to end on the general web or mobile Vue app development. For example, if you are looking to establish an online store or marketplace, hire Vue.JS developers with previous experience in e-commerce projects. Similarly, if you are building a booking app, look for devs who have developed a product with such functionality in the past.

    Such a match will allow your new developers to deliver results faster as they most likely already have some experience with solutions you want to implement in your product.

  2. Industry fit

    Boost up the efficiency of your Vue app development team even further. Hire Vue.JS developers who have previously worked with companies in your industry. Such experience gives them an understanding of your target customer group and the unique solutions your market requires.
  3. Company culture fit

    What makes an app great is, however, cooperation between all the members of your Vue app development team. Only by brainstorming and sharing successes and losses innovation can be brought into life. To create the best possible environment for your product development, hire Vue.JS developers (and other experts) that share the values of your business. Consider areas like the preferred style of management, approach to diverse teams, attitude toward remote work, and any other value you think of as important for your company.

Who else does your Vue app development team need?

Whether you are building a web or a mobile app, your team responsible for the project will require a few more experts than just Vue.JS developers. These include web designers and/or mobile designers, UX/UI designers, a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, data scientists, and more — depending on your unique needs.

Whatever experts your company is looking for, Ideamotive can supply you with them fast. We run the industry-leading network of top IT talents ready for new career opportunities. Our team carefully reviews your requirements and company profile, and always matches you only with the experts that truly fit your business.

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