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How to hire an Angular Freelancer?

Among the many solutions for developing applications, Angular confidently takes the leading position due to its flexibility and ease of use. A Google product with a solid and positive reputation, this programming framework is appealing to all types of businesses due to its advanced scalability, ease of testing, and fast learning curve.

With such a significant demand for such specialists, this article covers a complete step-by-step guide on how to hire an Angular freelance developer.

How to effectively hire Angular developers?


Keep in mind that finding the right talent is not easy. So, you may need to follow a few steps to find the best fit for your project with the proper qualifications:

1. Prepare a project description

Once you face the need to hire web developers for your project, finding the most suitable one for the industry is impossible without a clear description of the project. By outlining all the critical points of a project, you will get a better idea of ​​the developer experience you need.

At the same time, job candidates also receive a checklist to see if they have the necessary experience to participate in your project and where they are interested in the project.

2. Determine the hiring model

There are different ways to choose from, depending on the number of developers you need, your project budget, duration, and whether you want to hire full or part-time employees.

You can choose from outsourcing, outstaffing, independent hiring, or hiring with a vendor. To choose the right hiring model, first, analyze the requirements of your project and make an estimate of the time it takes to develop.

3. Analyze the need for staff for developers

Estimating the workload required for your project can shed light on the number of software engineers you need to hire to complete the project.

For example, your project might take six months if you hired 1-2 developers, but the product could be launched in 3 months if you have 3-4 people on the team. Also, it would help if you considered that the Angular front-end encoder would not be able to do the internals of your project.

As such, it is best to either plan for recruiting external and internal programmers or seek out full-stack developers to handle all aspects of the development plan.

4. Make a list of requirements for candidates

It is impossible to hire the dedicated Angularjs developer of your dreams if you have no idea what competencies they should have. To have a clear idea of ​​the candidate required for your project, you should make a complete list of core and secondary competencies you are looking for in a hired Angular coder.

This list will assist you in weeding out the wrong candidates right away without wasting time interviewing people who are simply not suitable.

5. Determine your approach to hiring

At this step, you have to decide how you will conduct the hiring process - on your own or with the assistance and guidance of the outsourcing provider. Self-service hiring is suitable for companies that are in no rush, and hiring from a supplier saves the time and effort you would normally spend searching through resume databases, scanning suitable options, contacting candidates to schedule interviews, and selecting the most suitable developers.

If you do decide to continue hiring yourself, first look for job search sites. Be careful at this stage. There are some platforms marked as "dead," with non-existent candidates or outdated resumes downloaded from other websites many years ago. Some websites are paid, and others are free, so research the market first to select a reliable platform with relevant resumes.

If you decide to outsource the hiring process, choose an IT staff provider. After thorough market research, make your choice based on your location, time zone, vendor English proficiency, and company pricing.

Why Ideamotive?


Once you think about outsourcing your Angular project, it is vital to explore all outsourcing markets with vibrant Angular communities. One of them is the CEE region. Our tech talent marketplace is also an outsourcing platform with a large talent pool of programmers, attractive economic and legal conditions for outsourcing, and many other advantages.

1. Large pool of Angular programmers

Our tech talent marketplace has a wide range of experienced coders. This fact indicates that you will have a broad choice of candidates, fast filling of vacancies, and the ability to scale your team at any time.

2. Optimal price/quality ratio

Our programmers charge from $ 9,000 (for junior level jobs) to $ 42,000 (for high-level projects), which is considerably more affordable than in the western labor market.

3. Convenient time zone

In the CEE region, the time zone is GMT+2/GMT+3, which is convenient for most European countries. Crossing working hours are also regulated for North American companies.

4. Availability of an office for outsourcing

Poland is a country with proven programming experience, qualified management, and a developed market for IT outsourcing services.

5. Culture and way of thinking in the Western style

Cultural similarities can make it easier to work together.

6. Great level of English proficiency

English is one of the prime educational priorities among our programmers, so you will always find a fluent English speaker among applicants.

Since Angular is one of the most popular programming frameworks, you may be interested in hiring freelance Angular software engineers at some point in your business. The wisest step would be turning to Ideamotive. We have a great range of outsourced specialists from PMs to skilled devs and designers. So if you need a skilled Angular programmer quickly, reach out to professionals.

If you know exactly what your project requires, or are still in doubt about choosing a hiring model, reach out to us and get a free consultation from our outsourcing consultants.

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