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What Can You Accomplish With The Power Of PostgreSQL?

Reliable forecasting

Gather all the data you need to plan your business’ future. Build robust databases that will store everything your business analysts need for forecasting.

In-depth customer analytics

Fully grasp the needs of your customers. With all the data stored in a PostgreSQL-based database, you can tailor your product better and satisfy your users.

Scale rapidly without a hussle

Grow without hiccups and downturns. PostgreSQL is the perfect solution for businesses looking to scale fast and handle hundreds of thousands of customers.

Fully-cloud operations

Store your data securely and optimize operational costs. PostgreSQL is supported by all major cloud platforms, including Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Hiring PostgreSQL Developers And Experts — What Do You Need To Keep In Mind?

PostgreSQL is one of the top tools used for effective database management. Although released first back in 1996, it is still praised by how it regularly innovates the market with new features and improvements. 

But why does your business actually need a database management system?

  1. To guarantee swift transfer of information between you (your server) and your customers.
  2. To collect and store all the data your business generates securely.
  3. To give quick access to data to your business analysts and data scientists.
  4. To provide simultaneous access to your database to both your customers (who can come in hundreds of thousands after you grow) and your employees.

In fact, database management should be always considered one of the first things to tick off on a checklist for any company that invests in any kind of digital product.

Why choose PostgreSQL and hire PostgreSQL developers?

You might, however, have a hard time deciding which database management tool to use. Besides PostgreSQL, there a few other ones, such as Oracle MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server — and all have a group of hardcore fans who claim their solution is the best. 

What are the main arguments used in favor of PostgreSQL?

  1. It’s completely open-source, meaning you can use it completely free of charge for years to come.
  2. There is a vibrant community of PostgreSQL developers that support the tool day and night. According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, PostgreSQL is used by approximately 38.5% of professional developers.
  3. It’s a tool built with rapid scaling in mind. If you plan to have a robust digital product and generate tons of data every day, PostgreSQL development should be of your interest.

To leverage these amazing opportunities given to you by PostgreSQL you will, of course, have to hire PostgreSQL developers ready to take on your project. What skills they should have and how to get them to join your team fast? We cover this and more in our guide below.

The necessary hard skills for a PostgreSQL developer

Don’t just hire any PostgreSQL developer — hire one with the skills that will allow them to take care of your database smoothly and deliver great results fast. We recommend including in your checklist the following skills…

  1. Expert knowledge of SQL

    SQL is part of a tech stack of developers across different specialties. In fact, according to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, it’s the third most popular programming language, used by even 57% of professional devs.

    However, you should be aware that most developers do not leverage the power of SQL to the fullest as database management is not their main objective. Make sure, therefore, to hire PostgreSQL developers who have a very deep understanding of SQL, including knowledge of performance optimization, schemas reconstructing, and other complex operations with the language.

  2. Proficiency in PL/pgSQL

    A powerful programming language based on the classic SQL. It has been made specifically for PostgreSQL development and, therefore, every PostgreSQL developer should have a good understanding of it to leverage the tool to the fullest.

    Just remember to not mistake PL/pgSQL and PL/SQL — the second one is a similar solution developed for the use with Oracle’s MySQL.

  3. Extensive experience with PostgreSQL

    Be aware of SQL developers who have only a basic understanding of PostgreSQL. To reach top results and have these results delivered fast, you need to hire true PostgreSQL developers — those who have documented previous business experience with the tool.

  4. Experience with other database management tools

    However, knowledge of other tools similar to PostgreSQL is also useful, especially if you are migrating from one platform to another. Plus, previous experience with Oracle’s MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or SQLite can also give the PostgreSQL developer an additional perspective on database management and help them in achieving more think-outside-of-the-box solutions.

  5. Experience with cloud computing

    Nowadays, businesses most often keep their databases in the cloud to better optimize their budgets. PostgreSQL is supported by all the leading cloud platforms (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS) — you should preferably hire PostgreSQL developers experienced in the platform that your business is already using.

  6. Proficiency in another programming language(s)

    PostgreSQL is a highly flexible tool and supports multiple different programming languages that can be used to fully leverage the power of the tool. You should especially consider the candidates proficient with Python, Java, Perl, and/or JavaScript.

The most important soft skills for PostgreSQL experts

Your new PostgreSQL developer’s work efficiency can reach new highs if — besides a set of all the crucial hard skills — they possess a set of important soft skills. These impact not only how fast they adjust to the new workplace but also how well they will cooperate with new colleagues, eagerly participating in brainstorming and pushing for new ideas.

What soft skills should your ideal PostgreSQL expert have?

  1. Top-notch time management

    To smoothly juggle between regular database maintenance, the introduction of new features, and unexpected issues that might pop up at any time.

  2. Eye for detail

    To eliminate the human error from the equation and deliver a smooth database experience for both your customers and employees.

  3. Business acumen

    To always understand the primary objectives of the business and deliver results that meet the current needs of the company.

PostgreSQL developer job interview — how does it look like?

The best way to assess the skills (especially the technical ones) of your candidate is to run a proper interview with them. Remember that if you are not a PostgreSQL expert yourself, you should ask someone with relevant experience to join you during the hiring process. This could be another PostgreSQL developer, a software consultant, or even an IT project manager.

Some of the technical questions that might be asked during such an interview include…

  1. What is WAL in PostgreSQL? What is it used for?
  2. What is GiST?
  3. UNION vs UNION ALL — what’s the difference between the two?
  4. How does a clustered index work in SQL?
  5. When would you use NULLIF in SQL?
  6. When is database normalization performed?
  7. What is ctid in PostgreSQL?
  8. What is parameter sniffing in SQL?
  9. Which PostgreSQL GUI tool is your favorite? Why this one?
  10. When is the SQL’s HAVING clause used?

Spotting the right company fit

Pure skills shouldn’t be the only thing you look at during the hiring process. Whether the PostgreSQL developer truly matches your company or not might have a critical influence on how well your cooperation will go.

For the best results, consider additionally the following two areas of company fit…

  1. Industry fit

    When possible, try to hire PostgreSQL developers with previous experience in your industry. Such a match will provide you with a PostgreSQL expert who already understands the common obstacles on your market and is aware of solutions that might be fitting to a business like yours.

  2. Company culture fit

    Guarantee fruitful collaboration between your new PostgreSQL expert and their new colleagues from day one. Look for candidates who share the same values as your company — this could include things like the preferred style of management, approach to remote work, experience with diverse teams, and any other value that you consider vital to your business.

Leverage data to the fullest

Investing in PostgreSQL development is a great first step to making your business more data-driven. Well managed and optimized database can power up your future projects, such as developing machine learning and AI algorithms. But for such initiatives to happen, you will also need other experts to join your team.

Whether you are looking for general data scientists, machine learning engineers, or AI experts, we can help you find the right talents fast. At Ideamotive, we run the industry-leading network of IT professionals looking to take the next step in their career. And we won’t connect you with just anyone — our expert consultants will make sure to thoroughly review your company profile and get you in touch with talented developers who truly match your business.

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