Free Back-End Job Description and Ad Template

The demand for back-end developers has grown several times over the past few years, so companies need to dedicate more effort in order to attract the best talents. Your main tool during the hiring process is a correctly written back-end software engineer job description. If you can handle this successfully, the chances that you will be able to hire a professional in your field are very high.

But how do you write a good job description? There are several rules to follow here. First, you need to decide the developer you need: junior, middle or senior. You must also clearly state the skills and the responsibilities that the developer will be performing.

To help you with this daunting task, we have created templates that contain all the basic requirements for you as a back-end developer. You can use these templates, adapt them to your needs and place them on different recruiting platforms.

Back-end Developer Job Description Templates

  • Junior Back-end Developer
  • Mid Back-end Developer
  • Senior Back-end Developer
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This is a great opportunity for the junior back-end developer at [Organization Name] to become part of our dynamic and professional IT department. We are looking for motivated people who will be ready to lead individual web development throughout the entire life cycle of the project. You will have the freedom to create new web applications and support existing web applications, as well as optimize them for better performance, using your own programming and leadership skills.

Requirements and skills:

  • Knowledge in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS,, and C # .net
  • Experience in .Net Framework 4.6
  • Programming skills using Visual Studio 2015
  • Experience in SQL 2014 and T-SQL
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Knowledge in website and web application development
  • Experience in MVC Development
  • Knowledge in UI and cross-browser compatibility
  • Great decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • [Other Requirements]


  • Collaborate with development teams and leaders of web strategy and software development
  • Develop websites and web applications, as well as innovative tools to improve efficiency
  • Help maintain websites and web applications
  • Fix bugs and optimize web applications
  • Keep up with the latest technology innovations
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We believe in the importance of creating a comfortable working environment and good working conditions, so we offer:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Various perks including [Perks Offered]

Our company is looking for a professional and result-oriented back-end developer who can become part of our development team and work side-by-side with teammates to troubleshoot and optimize current server software and processes. The back-end developer must have a deep knowledge of several programming languages, because with their help he will analyze current codes and industry developments, as well as solve customer problems, creating efficient processes and better user experience.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer programming, computer science, or equivalent
  • 3+ years of experience in Java/PHP/Python and SQL
  • Deep understanding of the web development cycle and the methods and tools that are used in programming
  • Excellent project and lead time management skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently or in a team
  • Excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • [Other Requirements]


  • Analyze and compile data, codes, and processes to identify areas for optimization and troubleshoot problems
  • Work closely with the front-end developers team to define goals and develop more functionally related code that will improve user experience.
  • Brain-storming ideas for new programs and products, as well as tracking market trends
  • Record data and transmit it to management or client
  • Take over the leadership of the development team if necessary
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We want our employees to be satisfied with the working environment, so we are always working on its improvement and offer:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • A social package that includes [Perks Offered]

We are looking for a talented, highly motivated, and self-driven senior back-end developer who will be able to manage complex projects and use innovative development tools. As a senior back-end web developer, you will have to play one of the key roles at every stage of the software development lifecycle and collaborate with various departments of the company to develop innovative solutions from concept to product release. Your responsibilities will also include business development, project planning, and knowledge leadership.

Requirements and skills:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience (5+ years)
  • 5+ years of experience in AWS Lambda, Postgresql, JavaScript, NodeJs
  • Years of experience in REST and SOAP API integration
  • Understanding secure coding standards
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with Git repositories
  • Deep understanding of business requirements and needs
  • Experience with coding, testing, and technical analysis
  • [Other Requirements]


  • Create server-side performance rendering
  • Design and implement API for third-party developers
  • Brainstorm unique and creative ideas to meet the needs of our customers
  • Support others in problem-solving in order to generate ideas and solutions
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We understand that talented developers should be fairly compensated and provided with the best working conditions, so we offer:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • [Perks Offered]

Back-end Developer Job Ad Templates

  • Junior Back-end Developer
  • Mid Back-end Developer
  • Senior Back-end Developer
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Due to the increase in the number of projects and orders, we are expanding our team. Our company is looking for a dynamic junior back-end web developer who could be a great addition to our team. The back-end developer will focus on helping other developers build high-quality digital platforms based on Java technology. Our senior back-end developers will constantly monitor you and help you in all aspects of back-end development. If you have any difficulties or misunderstandings, do not hesitate to contact them for help.

Our ideal candidate should have an outstanding knowledge of software engineering principles. Also, a high-quality junior back-end developer must always follow all the goals and requirements of the project, as well as ensure that all customer desires are fully met.

We welcome you to our team presuming you possess the following skills:

(You can use the given qualification description or add frameworks, libraries, and technologies relevant to your business at will)


  • B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • Deep knowledge of Java (JEE, Servlets), HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Strong JEE and front-end technology experience in Angular, JQuery, SASS, CSS
  • Experience with RESTful Web Services
  • Experience of all testing levels: unit, integration, functional, and performance
  • Deep knowledge of SOA development, using NodeJS and related technologies
  • Great understanding of digital concepts
  • A proactive approach to everyday tasks
  • Strong capacity to identify requirements and define technical solutions
  • [Other Requirements]

If your candidacy is approved, we expect you will undertake these responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement modern web applications, following advanced technologies
  • Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of programs
  • Work closely with other team members to introduce new features
  • Maintain the integrity and organization of your code
  • Ability to work with development practices such as Scrum and Agile
  • Brainstorm new tech applications such as mobile technology and digital storage
  • Implement data protection and keep it secure
  • [Other Responsibilities]

You may add duties and responsibilities relevant to your company.

We offer the following benefits to the chosen talents:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • [Perks Offered] 
  • Ability to cooperate with experienced developers and learn from them
  • Access to advanced educational material

The digital landscape is evolving at a faster and faster pace every year and [Name of your company] remains at the forefront of innovative software designs and web applications. We strive to find a middle back-end developer who can join our development team, constantly raising the level of user experience.

Our ideal candidate, who will be constantly working behind the scenes, must have a unique combination of outstanding technical skills and a great desire to grow and learn new things. In addition, he must also have a methodological and analytical mindset. You should be comfortable working side by side with our team, no matter how difficult the project is. A huge plus and advantage that will help you quickly move up the career ladder in our company is knowledge of such programming languages ​​like JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, or MongoDB.

If you are interested in our offer and want to become part of a team of professionals, make sure that you meet all the requirements described below:

  • Computer science degree or equivalent experience
  • Deep knowledge of computer science, algorithms, and web design
  • Experience with core AWS web technologies
  • 3+ years working experience as a back-end web developer
  • Experience with SQL, MySQL, and Oracle database systems
  • Knowledge of SOAP and REST web services
  • Perfect verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Great critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working with SEO principles
  • Ability to find new solutions and out-of-the-box ideas
  • [Other Requirements]

(You can add more requirements relevant to your company's politics.)


  • Design and manage client-server test schedules that will apply to all browsers and devices to ensure that all devices are displaying the right content
  • Create quality codes, raising the level of quality and speed for the entire team
  • Analyze and select the right system solutions, comparing all the advantages and disadvantages of custom design and alternatives
  • Conduct regular negotiations with stakeholders, project managers, and other developers
  • Create and maintain workflows together with various development teams
  • Assessing the efficiency and speed of current applications
  • Troubleshooting and debugging
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We provide the chosen candidates with the following benefits so they could fully focus on the work:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • [Perks Offered] 
  • Ability to grow within the team
  • Access to advanced educational material

Contact us if you are ready to become a part of our developer's community!

[Organization Name], an organization that occupies one of the leading places in the market, is looking for a senior back-end developer to expand our back-end development team. This is an opportunity to join a tight-knit early-stage team and develop in the field of back-end development with us. We are looking for a developer who can provide our clients with unique and creative solutions to their problems, via development, testing, or support activities for our clients.

You must not only have a wealth of experience and outstanding technical skills but also possess perfect verbal and written communication skills to be able to offer the best solutions for our projects. Our ideal candidate should also always be aware of all the latest trends in the world of technology to constantly make recommendations to the team.

We require our potential candidate to have:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent extensive experience with .NET, C #
  • At least 5+ years of back-end Java development experience with modern frameworks
  • Years of experience in creating successful APIs through collaboration with other developers
  • Experience developing microservices with REST APIs using Spring Boot
  • Experience with Google Cloud / AWS
  • Experience in developing in JavaScript with ES6 and frameworks such as React, Vue.js, Angular, or Ember
  • Deep knowledge of Jira, GitHub
  • Great skills in working with REST API and ASP.NET Core (Web API, WCF)
  • Experience working with Agile / Scrum environment
  • English proficiency: Upper-Intermediate or higher
  • [Other Requirements]

(You can add frameworks, libraries, and technologies relevant to your business.)


  • Provide senior-level systems programming, development, support, and consultation for applications based on C # and .NET Core 2.2 - 3.1.x, relational databases, and distributed n-tier application platforms
  • Be a technical expert in assessing and testing the capabilities, requirements, and characteristics of existing and new information systems technologies
  • Advise on the advisability of introducing a modified or new technology
  • Apply a variety of methods and business practices for the timely and efficient execution of projects and their responsibilities
  • Participate in the design and development of new codes, as well as maintaining legacy systems
  • Develop and implement unit and scenario testing for existing code base and new functionality under development
  • Participate in the Agile / Scrum development process
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We understand that top talents should be provided with the best working conditions, so we offer the following benefits:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • [Perks Offered] 
  • Ability to influence the development of innovative products
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