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Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager,


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How To Pick a Ruby on Rails Development Company?

Ruby on Rails is used by many companies across virtually all industries. It works well for various purposes and as the demand for Ruby on Rails specialists grows, more and more Ruby on Rails development companies appear on the market.

Ruby on Rails software development company, agency, or a freelancer?

When you look for a Ruby on Rails outsourcing opportunity, you’ll encounter development companies, agencies, and freelancers. If you want to hire a RoR freelancer, we have a guide for you here. In this article, we focus on software houses and agencies.

Software houses usually have their team or teams consisting of full-time employees. Whereas agencies build on a wide network of subcontractors. Both of them can provide you with dedicated teams, individual workers, or comprehensive Ruby on Rails software development services.

What different Ruby on Rails development companies are there?

You’ll encounter various names on the market: software development companies, software agencies, development shops, or software houses. It’s hard to predict what’s behind the name chosen for a particular company, and various names are more popular in certain locations However, there’s another important distinction. You’re now looking for a Ruby on Rails development company and there are companies focused only on this technology. Which is good, as long as you don’t need to mix RoR with other solutions. And that may occur in more complex systems or applications. Fortunately, you can also find software development companies that provide complex services across multiple tech stacks. You just need to be aware of your technological needs.

Why do you need a Ruby on Rails software company?

Before you choose your partner in Ruby on Rails development, you need to know what you want to create. 

How is this project supposed to improve your business? What value should it give to your clients? Ruby on Rails is great for Minimum Viable Products, all kinds of web applications, e-Commerce projects, as well as internal company software. The more information you have, and the better your analysis, the easier it’ll be to find the perfect match.

However, it’s also important whether you need a completely new thing, or you’re improving your existing application and need some help from external Ruby on Rails experts? 

Furthermore, do you have an internal RoR development team and need to support them with the additional workforce, or do you want someone to do everything from scratch and provide you with the final product?

All these might change the way you look at your subcontractor and affect the cooperation. Apart from that, there are a number of issues to consider with any RoR development company you choose. Let’s take a look at factors crucial for choosing a Ruby on Rails development company for your business.

What to look for in a perfect Ruby on Rails development company

Your perfect partner needs to match exact requirements. Some of them may seem obvious while others will be new to you. Anyway, let’s find out what's crucial when choosing your Ruby on Rails development company.

  1. experience - how long have they been on the market? What types of projects have they done? Maybe they’ve worked with projects similar to yours? Have they ever done something as complex?
  2. industry fit - have they worked for companies from your industry? Do they understand the challenges and restrictions? Choosing a company experienced in your industry or branch will save you lots of time on introduction into specific issues.
  3. portfolio - let them show how they’ve done it. This step is so important because often only by looking at the outcomes or case studies, you can see if you’re dealing with a reliable partner.
  4. comprehensive team - what specialists do they offer? Can you count on a full team with not only junior and senior Ruby on Rails developers, but also managers, designers, or testers?
  5. management - do you need to hire a Project Manager or Product Owner on your side, or maybe this company will provide all the managerial staff you need? How do they work with clients like you?
  6. additional technologies - do they have specialists in other technologies apart from RoR on board? Can they work with a more complex tech stack?
  7. business approach - more about corporate culture and problem-solving approach. Are you on the same wavelength with each other?
  8. ratings, reviews, recommendations, references - as usual, it’s always useful to look at opinions from previous clients. Also, you may check how they worked with companies from your industry.
  9. location - for good communication, it’s easier to work with companies that can share at least a couple of working hours with your team. Often it’s even more important that the company you choose is experienced in remote projects and serving offshore partners. Still, it gives you quite a lot of places to look for your perfect business partner. 
  10. pricing - after all, nobody likes to overpay. 

Asking so many questions won’t be easy or quick, but that’s the process if you want to find a reliable RoR partner on your own. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut.

Where to look for an ideal Ruby on Rails development company?

Well, you’ve already found one. 

In Ideamotive we provide our clients with industry-matched Ruby on Rails developers and teams. We will analyse your business challenges, your project requirements and company culture and provide you with the Ruby on Rails development team of experts perfect for your needs.

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