Paulina Wojtan

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With her experience in the IT market and familiarity with technologies, Paulina knows how to screen technical people, find candidates that fit the company culture and project needs. Plus, she is a traveler and yoga enthusiast.

Magnifying Creativity: Strategies for Scaling Design and Product Teams

image Paulina Wojtan Business
Mar 15, 2024 4 min read
In the dynamic world of tech startups and digital enterprises, the capability to scale one's design and product teams effectively stands as a critical pivot around which the wheel of success rotates. As a product m...
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Scaling Software and Engineering Teams in 2024

image Paulina Wojtan Business & Startups
Jan 19, 2024 7 min read
The landscape of software development and engineering teams is undergoing a rapid transformation in 2024. This shift is driven by several key trends and technological advancements that are reshaping how teams are s...
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Navigating the Art of Team Scaling in Tech Companies

image Paulina Wojtan scaling
Dec 1, 2023 3 min read
The evolving nature of tech companies and their team needs have brought the concept of "team scaling" to the forefront. In this fast-paced industry, understanding the nuances of team scaling is not just a choice; i...
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