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Our open positions:

Inbound Sales Manager

Warsaw or 100% Remote

6000 - 12000 PLN + VAT (B2B)

Content Writer Freelancer

Warsaw or 100% Remote

UI/UX Designer

Warsaw or 100% Remote

45 - 80 PLN/h + VAT (B2B)

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We are much more than just a software company.

We are a true team with a unique working culture.

Our perks:


9-5 every day? Not here! Adapt your workflow to your day mode and work when you are the most productive.

Remote working

Work from home or from a beach in Thailand - it’s up to you. And if you prefer to come to the office, we’ll set you up.

Private healthcare

Your wellbeing is important to us. Join our team and get the full medical cover in the best clinics around.


A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Gyms, fitness, martial arts classes and much more to choose from to stay in shape.

Knowledge sharing

Never stop learning. Boost your skills during internal webinars, workshops and get access to our abundant knowledge base.

Software & hardware

Only the best setup determines comfortable work. We will make sure that you are using only state-of-the-art working equipment and tools.

Networking & staying relevant

We are active members of the Warsaw startup and tech community. We attend meetups and conferences all over the globe. Want to tag along?

We all share a start-up approach, always listen and help each other.

We also genuinely like to spend time together!

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Learn about our values:

Thriving for excellence

We never deliver sloppy work! We care about the project from start to finish and we are always aiming for exceeding the expectations. In the meantime, we keep in mind that better done than perfect. Passion and excitement are what drives us. We like what we do and do it well. We grow 1% each day. We are naturally curious and aim for personal growth within and outside our fields.

Trust and responsibility

We put context over control, providing working freedom within set responsibilities. We don't care what path you want to take - it's achieving the goal that matters. We trust each other to deliver high-quality work, so there is no need for constant oversight.

Bullshit-free communication and feedback culture

We keep all our communication direct, clear, and straight, always cutting off the intermediaries and avoiding the corporate newspeak. We never assume that the other person has the same data and context as ourselves - communication is the key. Honest and open feedback is proof that we care - it creates an opportunity for improvement and growth, but also for rewarding and recognition.

Problem-solving approach

We are not afraid of problems. On the contrary - we love problems! We know that they will eventually arise and solving them help us grow, implement improvements, and increase efficiency. We always face problems together. We never look to pin the blame, always to find the best solution available. No matter the scale and complexity - we will take it on.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We keep it smart. We are able to identify out-of-the-box solutions and hidden paths and we are not afraid to follow them. We know how to calculate the risk and we have the courage to take it. We remember that all the resources have limits, so we always respect the company's, client's, and each other time and money. We challenge the status quo, never agreeing with the default state just because "it was like that already" and we proactively seek alternatives.

We are all unique human beings

We may work in software but we are people, not robots :) We build a comfortable, ergonomic, and friendly workplace for every human being to feel good in it. We cherish diversity and inclusion and always keep in mind that we are all one-of-a-kind individuals, with different personalities, needs, and inner-drives.

Join as a freelance talent or as a collaborator!

Not looking for a full-time job, but for some collaboration opportunity? We are constantly on a lookout for talented experts to join our subcontractors' database.