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Transforming Mobile Banking: A Proof of Concept Success Story

Operational Improvements and Technological Integration at a Major European Bank



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    Proof of Concept, Project Maintenance



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    Flutter, React Native, .NET, Java

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A major European Bank recognized the need to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of financial technology. In October 2021, the tech leader of this bank initiated a strategic engagement with Ideamotive to test and validate the potential of Flutter, Google's UI toolkit, through a Proof of Concept (PoC).

Vocabulary: PoC (Proof of Concept) – evidence, typically deriving from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc. is feasible.


The primary goal of the PoC was to evaluate Flutter’s ability to rapidly implement new features within a banking application. The objectives included:

  • Demonstrating the quick adaptation capabilities of Flutter for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Assessing performance enhancements and user interface improvements.
  • Measuring development speed and operational efficiency with Flutter’s unique features.

To accomplish these objectives, the bank faced the challenge of sourcing several Flutter specialists for a short-term, high-impact project. Given the potential costs of recruitment and the risks associated with the possibility that the PoC might not succeed, the bank's management was in search of a reliable solution.

Ideamotive seamlessly addressed this challenge by identifying and integrating the necessary Flutter expertise into the bank’s project team. Our approach not only provided the specialized talent needed but also ensured that these professionals were assimilated into the bank’s culture, maintaining team cohesion and mitigating financial risks.


To drive the development of the online banking application, Ideamotive utilized its unique matchmaking process to bring on board two senior Flutter specialists. Recruitment took a few steps including “Chemistry Check”.

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IM Proces

We ensure that every professional we onboard not only excels in Flutter but is also a perfect fit for building trust-based relationships, driving innovation, enhancing teamwork, and aspiring to achieve higher goals. This comprehensive alignment with the bank's values fosters a unified and effective team dynamic.


Paulina Wojtan

Ideamotive Matchmaking Specialist

The app was envisioned to integrate several advanced features that could transform user interactions and backend processing.


Flutter adventages

Results and Impact

The PoC concluded in February 2022, exceeding expectations by showcasing Flutter's adaptability and efficiency. Impressed by the results, the board decided to not only continue but also expand the Flutter-based initiatives, making Ideamotive a key IT partner for ongoing and future projects.

The project's success also facilitated a career advancement for the Tech Leader of the bank, responsible for championing the innovative use of Flutter. His proactive approach in navigating potential pitfalls and delivering on the project’s objectives helped him secure a promotion.

Ongoing Collaboration

Post-PoC, Ideamotive has provided the bank with a diverse team of over 20 professionals, including specialists in Flutter, QA, React Native, .NET, and Java. This collaboration underscores the sustained commitment to driving innovation and excellence in banking technology.

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