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Chilling: building a booking system for a tour operator in two months

How we defined and described business processes, translated them into UX/UI design and built a working booking system in Ruby on Rails.


  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Web Development, UX/UI Design, Ruby on Rails Development


    Travel, Marketplace

  • Team Composition

    1 UX/UI Designer, 2 Front-end developers, 1 Project Manager

    Work duration

    2 months

Chilling is a summer trip provider that organizes trips to Croatia and Montenegro, which includes activities such as yachting, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing or yoga. Every trip organized by Chilling is full of additional attractions, such as concerts, parties and various workshops.


Chilling is a sister brand of SnowShow, one of the biggest Polish winter tour operators. They provide tours to the hottest locations in Europe.

In order to scale their business, they decided to start organizing tours during the summer. 

To start their new branch, they needed a booking system for these trips.


We had already worked with this client and knew their business processes. To optimize the work, we started with wireframes to see how much Chilling's booking system would differ from SnowShow's.

After that, we knew we had to separate Chilling's CMS, but we were able to use SnowsShows's CRM and recommendation system with only a few adjustments to address Chilling's business requirements.

For technology, we decided to go with Ruby on Rails. This allowed us to build the product quickly and set it up to scale.


In just two months, our Ruby on Rails developers delivered a cutting-edge booking system that allowed Chilling to earn money on summer trips from day one.

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