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GoGetty: Building and growing a social impact startup

How we leveraged our tech business expertise and web development skills and helped in launching the product on a tight deadilne


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  • Project scope and technology

    Web Development, UX/UI Design, Ruby on Rails Development, React Development, Business Consultancy,


    SaaS, Marketplace

  • Work duration

    4 months

GoGetty is a Danish start-up and the first employer branding, career and diversity platform that makes gender equality measurable and transparent. They bring innovative companies and diverse talents closer together. GoGetty's idea is based on a diversity score that represents a percentage of women in top management of organizations.


GoGetty's CEO, Eveline, came to us with a complete design. Our primary challenge was to bring it to life while sticking to tight deadlines. We had to define and describe their business processes, as well as validate existing ones. Additionally, after workshops, we discovered some severe gaps in the designs.

Below is the summary of our challenges:

  • first agile IT project for the client
  • lack of client's technical knowledge
  • undefined business processes
  • unanticipated problems of user retention
  • tight MVP release deadline
  • choosing the right payment gateway for recurring payments


The project caught our eye from the beginning. As always, we started with a workshop. This time we went through the business model, sources of revenue and marketing strategy. Together with GoGetty's CEO we identified existing business processes, validated and improved them and added new ones. Once we had the business logic, our UX/UI designer drew the remaining layouts and programmers set out to work.

Solutions we implemented:

  • extensive workshops on the business model and logic
  • agile approach for maximum flexibility and faster progress
  • intentional minimal admin panel for MVP
  • Stripe recurring payments as our payment gateway provider
  • Ruby on Rails as the technology of choice


We are proud that by helping to create the GoGetty platform, we are helping to reduce gender inequality. Social impact start-ups are very welcome at Ideamotive - especially when we can see their growth and progress. GoGetty was nominated for the series of prestigious awards and has been discussed widely in the press. They are already successful, and it seems that their growth is continuously accelerating.

  • diversity-driven employer branding platform
  • first job board emphasizing diversity
  • nomination to IVAEKSTprisen 2017 award
  • project described in Børsen - the most prominent Danish newspaper
  • easy to develop and maintain
  • 675 code commits
  • 1 nomination to IVAEKSTprisen 2017 award
  • 200+ users in the first month

I've never felt I had to ask questions elsewhere on how the different elements should be designed in the backend because they can always recommend me. They give me options and recommendations for the best routes. It was very helpful!

Ewelina Reszke-Hansen

Founder & CEO, GoGetty

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