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PerkTeam: business support and development for an employee benefit marketplace

How we helped the client to clarify the business model, build the database and user flow, provided holistic business support, and developed a multilingual marketplace from scratch.


  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Ruby on Rails Development, UX/UI Design, Business Processes Optimising, Web Development


    Employee Benefits

  • Team Composition

    1 Front-end developer, 1 back-end developer, 1 Web Designer, 1 Project Manager, 1 Business Consultant

    Work duration

    5 months

PerkTeam is an employee happiness platform dedicated to the African market. The marketplace provides perks and badges to improve job satisfaction.


The task was demanding: the client came to us with an idea for a platform offering benefits to employees and needed help to turn this idea into a real solution.

In other words: the Client expected us to provide overall business support so that the product could be developed at all.

The first challenge was to define a business and financial strategy: how the portal would earn money? Should we introduce a system of commissions and how much they would be? How to determine the prices etc.

After the business part, we could start working on the functional part: define user flow, think about integration with external suppliers, think about backend functionality, and frontend design.

The challenge that emerged with the frontend was to prepare the design. We did not plan this at the beginning, but together with the client, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to prepare it on our side.


We started our work from the pre-development phase: in a series of workshops with the client, we developed the business side of the project, which we already mentioned in the challenges.

The next step was development: backend and database preparation. During the work, it turned out that there is a lack of perks suppliers in Africa and we had to add the option of calculating commissions for purchases in the marketplace (part of the amount for purchases of employees goes to employees). The client did not foresee that the offers from API suppliers have different formats and we had to write different interfaces to handle them.

The next step is the design. Although the initial plan was different, we offered the client to create the designs from scratch and he liked the idea very much.

Based on the designs provided in-house, we created a frontend.

The last phase was testing.

The imprecise financial model was a challenge: we had to add the monitoring of expenditure and profits for certain perks, taking into account different currencies. We did it by ourselves by monitoring spent and regained money and assigning it to the specific perk (different currencies), the client didn't provide any formulas or indicators.

Fortunately, the agile approach has shown its advantages here: we were able to switch easily between topics and deliver a solution quickly.

We have also created and implemented new roles and processes: acquiring new clients, data management - administrator, permissions model - offers editing and finance model management.

The backend was developed to support multiple languages so that users can change them from the app level. We also introduced an automatic translation of offers.

The technologies used allowed us to complete the project faster. Ruby on Rails for quick development and the possibility to use ready-made solutions. Cloud for easy scaling and Capybara because it allows testing complex interfaces.

The platform also includes personalization for employers using their own branding.

After a rapid design, development, and release phase of the MVP, we were faced with a wave of growing requirements and complex business logic emerging. The agile approach and flexible architecture we took at the beginning paid off, as we were able to move forward smoothly without losing points on software quality and maintenance costs.


Marek Zieliński

Full-stack Developer at Ideamotive


The result of our work has significantly exceeded the initial arrangements. 

We have not only created a working and refined product, but we have also improved processes and provided overall business support.

Although the initial plan was different, we added a frontend, which the client liked very much. We also created integrations, a translation system, a system of authorizations, a management model, and a finance model (formulas for calculating commissions).

Thanks to our work, the client's idea was translated into a working platform.

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