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Record-Breaking Delivery: The Fastest Project Execution in Corporate History for a National Contest System

How Ideamotive Swiftly Rescued a Promotional Campaign for Beverage Industry Leader



  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Audit and development of contest system



  • Tech Stack

    .NET, React, Azure, AWS

    Work duration

    3 weeks!

In May 2023, a leading figure in the European beverage industry approached Ideamotive to conduct an audit of the ongoing project. Their objective was to deploy a contest system for a national promotional campaign, but they ran into considerable challenges. The project, intended to be completed within a few months by their in-house team in India, was significantly behind schedule.

Following our comprehensive audit, we unveiled extensive issues, confirming the client's concerns about the dire state of the project. Recognizing the challenges, the client questioned whether their initial setup could deliver the project successfully. We were confident it couldn't meet the expectations and proposed a bold counteroffer: to take over and complete the project within just two weeks.

The application was designed to manage a nationwide promotional contest, involving the development of a web application with advanced backend technology. It included a database of codes from bottle caps and featured quizzes with various rewards.

SPOILER: The project was released in June 2023.

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Audit, Plan, and Execution:

Shifting our focus, we identified key areas in need of enhancement within the existing .NET framework of the system. Among these, a critical vulnerability was the discovery of an SQL injection error. SQL injection is a type of security flaw that allows an attacker to interfere with the queries that an application makes to its database.

In practice, this vulnerability was severe enough that a skilled DevOps developer could potentially hack into the system and gain access to all the codes. This could allow them to manipulate or steal sensitive information, posing a significant threat to both the integrity and confidentiality of the system.

With a detailed and robust action plan in place, Ideamotive faced the daunting challenge head-on. Empowered by the client's trust and given free rein, our dedicated team embarked on a swift overhaul of the system.

During the rapid redevelopment phase, the collective efforts of our project manager, two backend specialists, a frontend expert, a QA analyst, and a BI developer were crucial. Each team member leveraged their specialized expertise in the .NET tech stack, collaboratively working to secure and improve the project's success within the demanding timeframe.

Outcome: Swift Success and Ongoing Partnership

The company experienced a remarkable turnaround. The project, deemed as one of the fastest-ever executed technical project in their history, was completed with exceptional efficiency and precision. The contest, lasting four months, ran flawlessly.


Ideamotive not only showcased an initiative during the audit process but also throughout the planning phase, identifying and rectifying system weaknesses. Our approach went beyond mere problem-solving: We acted as a strategic advisor, ensuring the contest system was foolproof and aligned with client’s goals. Contest released July 2023, which is extremely fast for international corporation.


Ideamotive emerged as more than a service provider.

Upon delivery, the client commissioned an external audit of the newly implemented contest system. This audit yielded highly favorable feedback for Ideamotive, with minor suggestions for improvement.

The evaluation revealed Ideamotive's remarkable expertise and their ability to deliver a project that adheres to high standards of security and functionality.

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External Auditor

We became a trusted technical partner for Europe's leading player in the beverage industry, having successfully demonstrated expertise and reliability through the successful completion of this project. 

Our ability to swiftly audit, plan, and execute complex technical projects, while ensuring security and efficiency, sets us apart as a premier choice for corporations seeking reliable technical expertise.

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