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TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

How we created a fully functional digital marketplace from scratch and helped the Client validate the business model for scaling up.

Travelduck is the biggest Polish marketplace that connects individual adventure trip organisers with their customers. They offer a wide range of activities, from trekking, biking and sailing in Poland to exploring Chernobyl or diving in Sri Lanka.


We took the project over from the previous team. The process of transferring the work was challenging in itself. The system had to be continuously developed, while the developers and process were changing. During the development, we also encountered several challenges connected to performance and business optimization.

The main ones where:

  • integrating the project into our development framework
  • lack of Regional Passes offers
  • lack of website translations to various popular languages
  • old versions of the framework


We started by slowly taking over the development jobs and responsibilities from the previous team. The whole process of transferring the project took about two months. Finally, when we established ourselves as the new development team, we organized a workshop with the client to define milestones. We introduced them to our Ideamotive working process (weekly sprints, daily stand-up reports and more). At the same time, we began with development and code refactoring.

Here is the choice of the solutions we used:

  • roadmap planning meeting
  • SEO audit 
  • performance audit
  • framework upgrades
  • security check-up and updates
  • site translation into multiple languages

The tight budget made us think twice about every planned feature. We've decided that the client-facing side of the platform has to be pitch-perfect. To build the back-office panel we've used open-source ActiveAdmin module, which helped us to spend less time on coding at the expense of crude UI.


Dawid Karczewski

CTO at Ideamotive


JRPass implemented innovative regional passes with lower prices, which allowed higher and better targeted sales. Thanks to an SEO audit and A/B testing, the website traffic and conversion rates increased. The business processes within payment module were optimized to decrease transactional costs. Overall, the business noted a significant increase in sales.

  • increase in website traffic
  • optimized transactional costs
  • increased sales

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