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Lambda: conducting market research and creating UX/UI designs for a VOD platform

How we supported the client in competitive research, defined the final product's functionality and designed multiple ready-to-develop wireframes on a tight deadline.


  • Client

    Lambda Inc.


    United States

  • Project scope and technology

    UX/UI Design, Business Consultancy


    Media & Entertainment

  • Team Composition

    1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Product Owner

    Work duration

    3 months

Lambda Inc. is a software development studio from the United States delivering digital web and mobile products and building cloud services.


The client approached us to design a new VOD web app. Our goal was to create a universal design to fit all screen sizes and all sorts of devices (desktop, mobile, TV screens).

Key challenges we identified:

  1. Creating a flexible design for all screen sizes, browsers and device types (including TV screens)
  2. Navigation that would be universal for interacting with keyboard & mouse, TV remote and various types of touch screens
  3. The content selection path had to be simple, but also allow advanced filtering


The client had a very good understanding of the product requirements and a short deadline for the design delivery. We were able to meet them thanks to a handcrafted design process.

Ideamotive's business analysts conducted thorough competitive research and analysis on the competition with the biggest market share and apps for various devices, including Smart TV, PC, smartphones and consoles.

After we concluded the research and discussed design inspiration, our UX/UI designers started designing interactive wireframes for various screen sizes so the client's team could get quick user feedback.

With the initial feedback from the wireframe test, we were able to make high fidelity, responsive UIs.

The last part was to create a very detailed design system with animations so the client's internal development team could implement the whole design quickly and easily.


The designs were delivered within the budget and on time without sacrificing the quality of the work.

  1. Our designers helped the client define the app's final functions
  2. The client's development team got a great, detailed, easy to implement design
  3. The design was ready to implement on every device available for streaming video.

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