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Voicer: preparing and running a product design sprint for a startup from New York

How did we help to define the business requirements of the product and its business model, created initial wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for MVP creation?


  • Client



    United States

  • Project scope and technology

    UX/UI Design, Business Consultancy


    Media & Entertainment

  • Team Composition

    1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Business Analyst

    Work duration

    4 weeks

Voicer is an audio recording mobile app from New York powered by algorithms for sharing the content easily.


Voicer came to Ideamotive with the idea of building an app for audio and voice recording, with an advanced algorithm for sharing personal content. The Voicer team has never worked with an agency before. The target group and business model were also to be developed during our meetings.

Key challenges that we faced:

  • the initial idea wasn't marketable
  • there were no designs or low-fidelity wireframes
  • the client did not have a clear vision statement
  • no customer segmentation or geosegmentation


Before the first workshop, we sent to Voicer a series of questions regarding business, technology, and design. After receiving an extensive set of answers and analyzing it, we decided to organize a product design sprint. During the first workshop, we decided on the target audience, business model, and functional overview. Then we created mock-ups, prototypes, and, finally, high-fidelity clickable design.


The Voicer team defined their product including target audience, business model, overall design, and tech skills needed to create an MVP. They also received estimations on how long it would take to build the app and how much it would cost. They are ready to sell their prototype to investors, show it to a potential customer, and make deeper market research without writing one line of code.

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