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The Business Side of Java Development

Guide for startups and digital entrepreneurs

Java Pillar 3

Are you new to Java or need a refresher? Do you want to understand how Java fits into web, mobile, or desktop development? Then you’re in the right place - we’ve created this guide exactly for readers like yourself.

This guide covers all business-critical aspects of Java software development. It takes you through all the essential Java-related topics like top Java industries and applications, hiring Java talent, Java pricing, comparison with other prominent programming languages, and many more.

What will you find inside?

  • Top Java industries and applications

  • Java technology landscape (frameworks, libraries)

  • Comparison with other prominent programming languages

  • Pros and cons of Java development

  • Hiring Java developers and product teams

  • Java product development process

  • Inspiring examples of Java uses in the wild
  • The future of Java

  • ...and much more. Read on!