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Node.js Development Business Guide

Everything You Need To Know As A Product Owner and CxO

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Node.js Development Business Guide is a comprehensive resource for business owners looking to leverage the power of Node JS development for their business. This guidebook provides an in-depth overview of Node.js development, its benefits, and use cases, as well as real-world business applications of the technology. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up and running a successful Node.js development project, from planning and budgeting to team management and troubleshooting.

What will you find inside?

  • An overview of the types of products and fields where Node.js can be used

  • A comparison of Node.js to te most commonly used alternatives

  • Node.js development best practices: process, testing, and hosting

  • Pros and cons of Node.js development

  • The most prominent Node.js examples 

  • The State of Node.js in 2022