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How to Hire a Freelance AI Engineer Perfect for Your Needs?

It often happens that when looking for a particular product, we come across a lot of related things, or we interact with the content of a specific genre and all subsequent proposals refer to the same genre. That is not a miracle, but the merit of AI developers who work hard to give the user unique content. Today, the field of artificial intelligence is the fastest growing and most popular technology. Over the past four years, the number of companies using artificial intelligence has increased by 270%.

AI developers are people involved in problem-solving or artificial intelligence technologies. They create, test, implement and maintain artificial intelligence solutions. It is these professionals who can switch between traditional software development and machine learning implementation.

But, finding a freelance AI developer to hire is a rather challenging task, especially if no one in your company has encountered such a thing before. This article will show you how to select candidates properly.

Types of AI Developers


There are many types of AI developers, each with specific functions and tasks.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer is one of the core positions in artificial intelligence projects. This work is suitable for those who already have experience in applied research and data science. In addition, you also need to be a professional AI programmer and demonstrate deep knowledge in several programming languages.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting huge and heavy datasets, using both machine learning and predictive analytics. This type of worker is also responsible for developing algorithms that collect and clean data for analysis.

Business Intelligence Developer

Another type of AI developer is a business intelligence (BI) developer. The central role of this position is to analyze large amounts of data to determine business and market trends. The business intelligence developer is responsible for designing, modeling, and serving data on highly available cloud-based data platforms. The people in this position have strong analytical and technical skills, as well as strong problem-solving skills.

Research Scientist

One of the leading professions in artificial intelligence is research scientist. Typically, these people are experts in several areas: applied mathematics, machine learning, deep learning, and computational statistics. A person working in this position, like a data scientist, must have a master's diploma, backed up by years of practice.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers and architects play a critical role in companies. After all, these people are the ones who develop ecosystems that allow business systems to interact with each other and also correlate data. These staff very often work with data analysts and data scientists, because to create a system, you first need to do an analysis of information.

Skills to Look for in Freelance AI Developer


Before hiring a specific type of AI developer, you need to analyze the project for which you are engaging them and decide which profession is most suitable for this position. Most large companies hire a business intelligence developer on their staff because they can help predict trends in the market.

Any AI developer must have specific technical and non-technical skills in the field of artificial intelligence. Let's talk about them in more detail so that you understand what to focus on when choosing employees and creating AI interview questions.

Programming Skills

Any AI developer must be proficient in several programming languages. There are many programming languages ​​out there, but languages ​​like Python, Java, C ++, and Lisp are best suited for working with artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is better to hire employees with knowledge of these programming languages.

Statistical Skills

The basis of any algorithm is statistics. The entire AI program will depend on what type of algorithm the AI ​​developer uses. To work effectively with algorithms, a person must have a deep knowledge of statistics, computation, and algebra. All of these skills will come in handy to improve your artificial intelligence program.

Knowledge of Algorithms

An artificial intelligence developer should be well versed in algorithms because without these skills he will not be able to build a model or use an existing model. Apart from this, there must also be knowledge of the concepts of algorithms and applied mathematics.

Communication Skills

The employee you are hiring should be able to easily find common ground with your team. He also needs to understand what is required of him and have the skills to solve the problem before it can cause harm to the company. Also, when creating an AI developer job description, you should indicate the language in which you are working to avoid a language barrier.

Analytical Skills

A person aspiring to work as an AI developer must have an analytical mind to be able to quickly check numbers and data.

Business Sense

No matter what industry an AI engineer is in, he needs to know the market, the customers, and how his company is doing. An AI developer must have a business vision, which can translate technical ideas into a successful business model. Otherwise, such plans will not be of much use.

Reasons to Hire Freelance AI Developers through Ideamotive


Wide Talent Pool

Ideamotive has gathered top freelance AI engineers on our tech talent marketplace, so you no longer need to spend hours looking for them. Before adding a developer to our database, we thoroughly check their experience, test their technical and soft skills in order to make sure that you would get the service of the highest quality while choosing them for your project.

Various Cooperation Models

Our company works on various hiring employee models, ranging from outsourcing specific parts of your project to building a custom team of specialists You can also choose between fixed and project-based pricing options.

Business Consultation

Before selecting AI developers for you, we profoundly analyze your business goals and challenges you need to overcome and choose people who’ve already tackled similar problems before.

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