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GoAPP: Building a ready-to-use mobile app prototype for target testing in five working days

How we helped a young startup test their ideas and approaches after three product workshops and provided UX design support.


  • Client


  • Project scope and technology

    Web Development, Mobile App Development, Business Consultancy, UX/UI Design


    Marketplace, Media and Entertainment, Event

  • Work duration

    5 days

GoAPP is the winner of the third edition of ReaktorX - a pre-acceleration program for startups at the earliest stage. Their goal is to empower teenagers to pursue their passions. The creator noticed that there is no tool that allows them to choose their own activities in a safe way. GoAPP created a beta version of a platform for booking activities, lessons and various classes where teenagers could learn the hobbies of their choosing.


GoAPP came to us with a well-defined problem. They already had a beta version running but had a complicated onboarding and booking processes for their event providers - teachers, instructors, culture houses, museums and theaters.

  • Every type of providers has different needs for booking their events, activities, classes and camps
  • Some of them provide many types of activities
  • Some of the events required booking, while some of them were open entry


GoAPP provided us with information like personas, event types, flows for onboarding and a working beta platform. We had all the information needed to perform a design sprint, which we introduced to their team. We conducted three workshops followed by the work of our UX/UI Designer to visualize the outcome.

The first workshop was to learn the context. We discussed the problem, talked about target users and their needs, reviewed the competition and formulated a strategy.

During the second workshop, we came up with ideas for a potential solution to make the onboarding process easier, but still adjustable for the different types of providers.

During the third workshop, we chose the most promising idea and created a userflow for it. The last phase was designing and prototyping the idea.


Within five days, we provided GoAPP with designs and a prototype that they could check with their target groups.

We made one, universal flow that fulfilled the needs of the various provider types.

We created hi-fi mockups for the most problematic onboarding parts.

We showed GoAPP’s team how they could experiment to find potential solutions to make their product better with the design sprint methodology.

  • 5 days of work from brief to delivery
  • 3 workshops

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