Lula: Designing an innovative app prototype for a vending machines marketplace

How we speedlighted an MVP design and development that raised a tech startup's confidence to pitch investors.

Lula (dark mode) - Case study hero desktop


  • Country

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


    Figma, Photoshop

  • Client


    Work duration

    2 weeks

  • Industry



    Software Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Head of Design

Lula is an online marketplace for vending machines in the United States. The project is owned by Peddy Corporation of Disruption and Innovation, LLC, and was developed for a startup competition.This project is an app prototype. With Lula, owners can list their vending machines on the app for a small commission. Customers can then buy clothes, food, phones, etc., from the machines.


The Client needed a platform that delivers an easy vending machine shopping experience plus interactive features. When working on this project, only one competitor offered this combination. The market is untapped and so uncommon that it would require innovative solutions to deliver the Client's requirements.

The Client came to us with the concept, preliminary wireframes, an old logotype, and a selection of brand colors. However, these ideas did not fit in with what the Lula platform would provide.

Another challenge was the region the app would cover. While the MVP would start with users in Philadelphia, Lula is not limited to this area. It would need to support a diverse range of products to serve other regions. Ideamotive's task was to put together a team and processes that would deliver these requirements accurately.

It wasn't easy to find a team that could execute my wishes. Ideamotive not only executed but also improved my ideas.

Noah Peddy LUMA

Noah Peddy

Founder of Lula


Ideamotive set up a team of 3 professionals — a Software Project Manager, a UI/UX Designer, and a Lead Designer. 

The initial workflow was in 3 stages completed in 8 days. We delivered ideation and branding in a day. Our designers wrapped up wireframing and information architecture for screens the Client requested within 6 days. The mockups and presentation took only a day.

The team designed the information architecture in a way an ordinary user would experience seamless shopping. For the interactive features requested by the Client, our team created an extensive list of functionalities that includes:

  • GPS navigation: Users find vending machines and view nearest routes
  • Chatbots for fast response to queries, complaints, etc.
  • Profile creation: Users can create their names, choose an avatar, and leave comments, opinions, or photos. 
  • Dark and light modes
  • Standard user mode 
  • Business account: Private investors can add their vending machines.


Usually, clients communicate the design guidelines and branding to us. However, because the ideas submitted by the Client did not fit, our UI/UX Designer created new ones. He came up with ideas for the logotype, typography, colors, and brand feeling.

We communicated with the Client on Slack and Jira. For the design process, we used Figma for the logo and graphics. Here, the Client could assess the progress of the project and comment on issues that we typically resolve by the next day.

Ideamotive helps with website development, which was a more difficult process than I thought it would be. This has been a good experience. Unlike previous experiences, I’ve gotten what I’ve paid for.

Noah Peddy LUMA

Noah Peddy

Founder of Lula


Ideamotive successfully met the Client’s requirements within a tight deadline. The outstanding branding and designs our team delivered matched the Client's vision of a prototype that facilitates valuable conversations with potential investors.  

The overall style of the app is unique. It has a neon design, dark mode feature at night, and light mode during the day. Customers can buy from all the listed vending machines and enjoy a fast service using the interactive features. They can also switch accounts to an ordinary user (a shopper) or a business user (a vending machine owner). 

Although Lula did not win the competition, the MVP received strong, positive feedback. Thanks to Ideamotive, the Client now feels confident pitching to investors using a prototype that visualizes his goals.

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