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Luma: building a cross-platform mobile app with React Native for visualizing blood test results.

How we created a mobile diagnostic app for scanning blood test results with QR codes from IoT medical devices and visualizing the results and data management.


  • Client



    London, UK

  • Project scope and technology

    React Native Development. Mobile App Development



  • Team Composition

    2 Mobile App Developers, 1 Project Managers

    Work duration

    8 months

Entia is a MedTech company that makes medical care easier and more accessible with smart devices and manufactures blood testing equipment.


Our task was to create an application for Android and iOS, which will enable users to read the QR code with the result of the test from the Entia blood test device. The application was to enable the management and visualization of blood test results.

The application is accompanied by a personal hemoglobin blood testing device. The user performs blood tests and scans the QR code generated from the device. The results of the test appear in the app in the form of a graph, and the user can add an appropriate comment to each test.

The challenge was the interactive form of the graph, which was to collect all data. Each of the results contained its own medical data: sickness, pains, general feel, etc.

Until now, no application had read the codes for Entia's own blood testing device through QR. 

The client came to us with the final design and functional requirements but did not have much experience in the software development process.

They’re really good. They’re super responsive, which I really love, especially because we’re working remotely and they live in another country. The communication was always great and it was super easy to understand them from a project perspective and to be able to share what we wanted.

Alexandra Ponomarenko

Product Manager, ENTIA


We had already worked with the client and had previously created another medical app, Aura.

This time, we received a ready-made design for the application from Entia’s team. We started with the analysis of the project scope and prepared a plan for development.

A dedicated team was appointed to the project, which took care of the implementation. Since the data read by the user is medical data and its management is connected with legal requirements, we had to store it in a proper form in a database to comply with the strict medical regulations. 

From a technological standpoint, chose React Native to create a cross-platform application. The main reasons were efficiency, short development time,and simplicity in implementation. 

We also put a lot of work into constant testing and corrections to ensure smooth transitions so that the graph does not break and the data from the QR code is displayed correctly on the graph. 

The process was as follows:

  1. Analysis of the project scope, preparation of a plan for development
  2. Determining the team members' responsibilities
  3. Change of product requirements (developing the QR code reader functionality)
  4. Extensive testing
  5. Database research - not subject to medical regulations
  6. Implementation of design
  7. Setting up analytics
  8. Multiplatform app launch

The whole process took us eight months.

We put a lot of work into constant testing and corrections to ensure smooth transitions so that the graph does not break and the data from the QR code is displayed correctly on the graph.


Jakub Wojtczak

Mobile Developer


Over the course of eight months, we created Luma - a cross-platform application that easily scans QR codes and visualizes the results. The user can view historical data and add a comment to each result.

Thanks to the application, controlling health and blood results have become more convenient and possible for Entia’s clients. As a result, the company gained an even better product for self-medical care.

I’ve worked with other companies where we would design the product, and just hand it off for them to develop, but Ideamotive was more involved. It felt more like a partnership, so whenever we suggested something, they came up with the best way to implement it.

Alexandra Ponomarenko

Product Manager, ENTIA

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