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Luma: building a cross-platform mobile app with React Native for visualizing blood test results.

How Ideamotive’s unique talent matching transformed Entia’s vision into a cross-platform diagnostic app, revolutionizing blood test visualization and data management.


  • Client



    London, UK

  • Project scope and technology

    React Native Development. Mobile App Development



  • Team Composition

    2 Mobile App Developers, 1 Project Managers

    Work duration

    8 months

Entia, a pioneering UK MedTech company, is reshaping medical care with its smart devices and blood testing equipment. Faced with the challenge of creating a mobile application to enhance the utility of their devices, they turned to Ideamotive. We were tasked with not just filling positions but finding innovators who could seamlessly integrate with Entia’s vision and drive the project beyond conventional boundaries.


Our task was to create an application for Android and iOS, which will enable users to read the QR code with the result of the test from the Entia blood test device. The application was to enable the management and visualization of blood test results.

The application is accompanied by a personal hemoglobin blood testing device. The user performs blood tests and scans the QR code generated from the device. The results of the test appear in the app in the form of a graph, and the user can add an appropriate comment to each test.

The challenge was the interactive form of the graph, which was to collect all data. Each of the results contained its own medical data: sickness, pains, general feel, etc.

Until now, no application had read the codes for Entia's own blood testing device through QR. 

The client came to us with the final design and functional requirements but did not have much experience in the software development process.

They’re really good. They’re super responsive, which I really love, especially because we’re working remotely and they live in another country. The communication was always great and it was super easy to understand them from a project perspective and to be able to share what we wanted.

Alexandra Ponomarenko

Product Manager, ENTIA


We had already worked with the client and had previously created another medical app, Aura.

This time, we received a ready-made design for the application from Entia’s team. We started with the analysis of the project scope and prepared a plan for development.

A dedicated team was appointed to the project, which took care of the implementation. Since the data read by the user is medical data and its management is connected with legal requirements, we had to store it in a proper form in a database to comply with the strict medical regulations. 

From a technological standpoint, chose React Native to create a cross-platform application. The main reasons were efficiency, short development time, and simplicity in implementation. 

We also put a lot of work into constant testing and corrections to ensure smooth transitions so that the graph does not break and the data from the QR code is displayed correctly on the graph. 

The Ideamotive Approach:

Understanding Vision and Requirements:

Ideamotive began by deeply understanding Entia’s vision, the project's intricacies, and the specific challenges it presented, including strict medical regulations and the need for a highly intuitive user interface.

Talent Matching:

Leveraging its extensive network, Ideamotive identified and matched Entia with a dedicated team of experts in React Native development, UX/UI design, and medical software compliance. This team wasn’t just technically proficient; they were industry pioneers who shared Entia’s passion for innovation in healthcare.

Collaborative Development:

The team worked closely with Entia, adopting a flexible approach to meet evolving project needs. This included developing a custom QR code reader, ensuring the app’s compliance with medical regulations, and creating a user-friendly interface that could display complex medical data simply.

Ongoing Support and Iteration:

Ideamotive’s talent didn’t just execute; they collaborated, adapted, and innovated. Through continuous testing and feedback loops, they ensured the app not only met but exceeded expectations, resulting in a robust, scalable, and intuitive application.

We put a lot of work into constant testing and corrections to ensure smooth transitions so that the graph does not break and the data from the QR code is displayed correctly on the graph.


Jakub Wojtczak

Mobile Developer


The collaboration culminated in “Luma,” a cutting-edge app that revolutionized how Entia’s customers interact with their medical data. It offered a seamless experience across Android and iOS, making health monitoring more accessible and engaging. Ideamotive’s role was pivotal, providing not just talent but strategic partners who were instrumental in transforming Entia’s vision into reality.

Ideamotive’s unique approach to talent matching proved essential for Entia, emphasizing that the right team can propel a project from concept to groundbreaking innovation. By prioritizing relationships and aligning with Entia’s vision, Ideamotive not only delivered the necessary technical expertise but also cultivated a creative and adaptive development process that set new standards in MedTech applications.

I’ve worked with other companies where we would design the product, and just hand it off for them to develop, but Ideamotive was more involved. It felt more like a partnership, so whenever we suggested something, they came up with the best way to implement it.

Alexandra Ponomarenko

Product Manager, ENTIA

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