PROUD: HubSpot development case study

PROUD: putting up a website for a training zone equipment provider with HubSpot CMS

How we created a HubSpot CMS integrated website for a Polish B2B sporting goods manufacturer and helped unlock their full business potential.


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    Training zone equipment

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    Work duration

    6 months

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    1 Front-end designer, 1 Web developer


    HubSpot Development, Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HubL

PROUD is one of the largest Polish sporting goods manufacturers operating all over Europe. The company boasts ten years of presence on the market and a product portfolio comprising training machines, weightlifting appliances, fitness accessories and more. The firm provides equipment for commercial sports facilities (such as Olympic preparation centers, sports associations, first-league volleyball, football and handball clubs), public sector (schools, police), and home gyms. Weight stack machines, benches, stands, barbells, you name it, all with world-class design. The PROUD team provides comprehensive solutions for quality-conscious sports enthusiasts: consultation, design, installation and support at every investment stage (advice on the equipment choice, setup, what is worth paying extra for, all within the project budget).


The client asked us to tune up his six-year-old website to fully integrate HubSpot and get it to perform at maximum efficiency. The project scope covered two crucial areas for the B2B brand: soliciting investment and presenting a portfolio. And so, desired HubSpot capabilities included company presentation, lead generation, blog, sales & marketing activities and traffic measurement. Thus, the challenge consisted of taking over an old website that wasn’t reflecting the products and services in all their glory and turning it into a full-fledged website that will bring value to PROUD by allowing for better handling of services and leads.


The whole process was divided into two stages: preparation and implementation. The PROUD team prepared the website structure, branding and design materials - new catalog and fruits of the photographic session.

We conducted preliminary discussions and prepared mock-ups at the beginning of the year. The client prepared a vision of the service from a graphical point of view. We established what materials they should provide, the content layout for developers and talked through the HubSpot-WordPress differences. We bet on the former because of our experience with this industry-proven solution. HubSpot allows for crafting 100 percent customizable websites, offers lots of easy-to-implement integrations and in-depth marketing analysis. Our CMO has strongly recommended it too, as we built our whole website on HubSpot, and it works quite well.

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The next part revolved around the client’s on portfolio and photoshoots. Then, from August to October, our developer devoted himself entirely to implementation.

We relied on Slack and ClickUp when cooperating to ensure seamless communication. The client lauded our web developer who led the project for being highly responsive and communicative. The weekly sprints were preceded by quick, 5-minute calls, during which every weekly plan had to be further clarified, and thanks to that, the project went smoothly.

In the course of implementation, it was necessary to adjust functionality, so we came up with lots of tweaking for how users would browse the website. We redesigned the product section and provided usability changes, such as popup module customization involving the ability to upload a different photo on mobile and PC. Another customization concerned cold and warm lead generation modules: cold ones are attracted by a pop-up and get a product portfolio after leaving their data. On the other hand, warm leads come in through forms, a novelty in the sports industry.

Despite all the adversity encountered, we completed the whole project in a quick turnaround.


After a smooth launch, PROUD enjoys all the HubSpot perks. The website performs quickly, and the client implemented lead generation processes. One of the critical HubSpot capabilities for PROUD is warming up marketing leads that now come in at the speed of light. PROUD’s team keeps up with an endless stream of traffic and targeted business leads coming mainly from Google and Facebook.

Having all the HubSpot features and a suite of tools for proactive, inbound digital marketing at his fingertips, the client gradually builds blog content to get even more organic traffic. The sales team seamlessly adjusted themselves to using HubSpot in their daily activities and processes organized in one integrated environment where website users get tracked and converted into leads. The following steps include leads input into the system and warming them up via content marketing assets. The reporting module allows sales and marketing teams to collect all essential metrics on one virtual dashboard and optimize their strategies with the business goals. Ultimately, the client gained customers from all over Europe - the website is in English, German and Polish.

Our team delivered the project on budget and on schedule, turning the six-year-old website into a customized, fully-fledged masterpiece.

The business gain: 

  • marked increase in the number and quality of the generated leads
  • established content marketing strategies generating lots of buzz
  • hundreds of catalog downloads monthly
  • streamlined lead development process
  • robust website traffic growth
  • diversification of leads sources


All of the above resulted in a steady stream of projects and PROUD’s buoyant upswing across the Old Continent. Moreover, sports enthusiasts can now browse the fast and transparent website, easily access the constantly updated portfolio and profit from a new education section (with eBooks on most the common mistakes in organizing sports studios). The new website has become a real cash cow for the sports equipment manufacturer.

The HubSpot CMS development turned out to be the best bet for PROUD. Will it be yours too?

  • 3 Website Languages Introduced
  • 1000 New Website Users Monthly
  • Hundreds Of Catalog Downloads Monthly

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