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SnowShow: building a booking system for one of the biggest European winter tours operator

How we created the new architecture and introduced Machine Learning based solutions to the system and increased the digital sales of over 70%.


  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Web Development, UX/UI Design, Business Consultancy, React Development, Ruby on Rails Development


    Travel, Event, Media & Entertainment

  • Work duration

    2 years

SnowShow is the most prominent Polish winter tour provider, and also one of the biggest in Europe. They target Alps in terms of destination and students and grads as their audience. Their uniqueness lies in the combination of sport (skiing and snowboarding) with music. SnowShow organizes over 60 trips yearly. The biggest one, called "Music Fest", attracts over 2000 adventurous people and the biggest music stars.


We started our journey with SnowShow in the fall of 2015. Their system already existed and was developed by a freelancer. SnowSnow needed a more robust solution with a trustworthy and scalable team. The booking system we took over was complex and included multiple implicit business logic. Making it simple, readable and self-descriptive was the main business and technical challenge for us at the beginning of the project.

These are the main challenges encountered during our partnership:

  • old UI/UX design
  • outdated, insecure versions of libraries
  • complex dependencies in code
  • changing demand for developers, due to seasonality of the business


We started by identifying business needs of SnowShow. By learning their processes, we were able to develop a better architecture which was easier to maintain and upgrade. What's more, our PM and devs proactively worked on polishing off the whole system. We implemented a machine learning-driven recommendation system for new and returning users, to personalize the experience of each visitor.

On the course of our work we introduced various solutions, such as:

  • redesigned the UX/UI of the booking system and webpage
  • implemented machine learning-driven recommendation engine
  • created a CMS for the website
  • reduced code complexity
  • upgraded to the newest Ruby on Rails version
  • introduced React as the technology for crucial business processes
  • implemented Continuous Integration


After releasing the new version of SnowShow's website, sales increased by over 70%. SnowShow also reduced their infoline staff because of much lower number of calls. Now the system and website work smoother and faster than ever before.

We improved the performance of the system on various levels:

  • increase in sales by 70%+
  • conversion increased by 20%
  • decreased time of key algorithms by 98%
  • easier maintenance and increased speed of development
  • 5228 code commits
  • 70% profit increase after new website launch
  • 98% time decrease in key algorithms

The communication with Ideamotive is very good. They listen a lot, and they provide their own feedback. They also have a lot of insight and offered some improvements to what we originally proposed. They are always open to offer advice on doing something better or more efficiently. Since I've been working with them, I know that we are implementing the best solutions. They are not only doing what we ask them to do, but they also propose improvements and functionalities that are better suited to us.

Peter Grabo

Product Manager, SnowShow

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