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Travelduck Adventure Magazine: introducing Hubspot's Content Management System to a travel marketplace

How we developed a fully functional blog platform with the power of Hubspot CMS and created synergy between sales and marketing teams


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  • Project scope and technology

    Hubspot Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing Experts, Hubspot CMS, API integration


    Travel, Marketplace

  • Team Composition

    1 Head of Design, 3 Web Developers

    Work duration

    2 months

Travelduck is the biggest Polish marketplace that connects individual adventure trip organisers with their customers. They offer a wide range of activities, from trekking, biking and sailing in Poland to exploring Chernobyl or diving in Sri Lanka.


Travelduck is a marketplace for adventure trips that we helped build in 2019. Since then the product has been further developed and the company successfully validated their business model.

In order to bring more traffic and more clients to the platform, Travelduck decided to implement their new SEO & content strategy and launch Travelduck Adventure Magazine - a blog with travel tips, inspirations, and guides for potential customers.

Travelduck was looking for a content management solution to be easily managed by their non-technical marketing team, that could be implemented quickly, be cost-effective, and would perform well on various devices.


After the initial meeting and briefing, our team proposed three different solutions:

  • Custom-made CMS built as an addition to the Travelduck.pl system (the most expensive option, but giving the highest flexibility)
  • Wordpress + Gatsby.js blog implementation (great performance, but could be difficult for non-technical team members)
  • Hubspot CMS implementation (great performance as well, but with user-friendly management system)


We recommended implementing the Hubspot CMS system.

Although this was not the cheapest solution on the table, we managed to provide Travelduck with an 80% discount for startups on Hubspot CMS, which cut the costs down significantly.

After getting the license, the implementation of Hubspot CMS was swift and straightforward. In three weeks we managed to set the whole system running.

We've chosen Hubspot because it's a platform dedicated to marketing, especially content marketing. It's easy for developers to build feature-rich blogs based on Hubspot CMS and marketers have all the battle-tested tools platform provides on the palm of their hands.


Dawid Karczewski

CTO at Ideamotive


Thanks to choosing Hubspot CMS the implementation was fast and smooth and soon Travelduck team could benefit from all Hubspot CMS advantages, such as:

  • Great SEM and SEO optimization features,
  • Superfast sites rendering,
  • Easiness of use for non-technical members of Travelduck team (no further help from dev team was needed)
  • Huge potential for further development (multiple add-ons and integrations with other systems)


Additionally, after switching to Hubspot CMS Travelduck marketing and sales teams started leveraging the power of other Hubspot’s tools, such as Hubspot Sales or Hubspot CRM. This resulted in unexpected synergies and helped Travelduck in creating a cross-team all-in-one management system.

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