2N: Providing a steady stream of projects for a team of veteran developers [partner case study]

Learn how we partnered with an expert Ruby on Rails development agency and stepped in as their source work, so they can focus on coding instead of new business development.

2N and Ideamotive collaboration case study


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    Ruby on Rails

2N is a software house that specializes in developing Ruby on Rails enterprise solutions. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, the company delivers the most advanced solutions for its Clients. They also run a programming school for junior developers in the region they operate in.


2N is a team of veteran Ruby on Rails developers, founded and led by technical people. They are excellent in what they do - RoR-based product development, building architecture and scaling web products. 

Unfortunately, they were struggling with bringing new business to the company. From time to time they would find themselves “between the projects” when no new leads (and in consequence: revenue) was brought to the company.

Simultaneously, they had to keep their tech talent on payroll, as sourcing, recruitment, and training new people would generate even higher expenses in a long run. 

The situation was suboptimal from a business standpoint, where the time of devs was not utilized in 100%. 

And that’s where we stepped in.




Our collaboration with 2N centers on talent sourcing. 

As a well-established company, we often are being reached out to by hot leads from key markets (US, Western UE, UK). In some cases, we are not able to provide the right set of talent for them right away. 2N, having a set of amazing Ruby on Rails developers available, fits here perfectly. 

When in need, we reach out to 2N with a specific brief from the client. Because the whole sales journey is taken care of by our team, 2N’s developers are joining at the very end of the purchase process - when the estimation is needed or, in many instances, right for the project’s kick-off.

We made sure that all the processes are streamlined and the effort from the partner’s side is minimalized - we take care of lead nurturing, negotiation, legal, and admin side of the deals.

Over the course of two years of collaboration, we have also tested various models: from a classic project-based body-leasing, through outsourcing a whole team for the bigger projects to facilitating buy-outs. In every instance, we are making sure that the model is beneficial for all the sides (client, partner, and us).

What’s also worth noticing is that 2N also runs a programming school for junior developers. Thanks to our long-term collaboration they can also focus on education and training while being sure that these fresh developers will have a place to work from the very beginning.




As an outcome of our collaboration, 2N has a steady stream of new projects. They can decrease their spending on marketing, sales, and new business development and focus on their core competency - coding. 

The projects are always properly led by experienced Project Managers and 2N’s development team is always 100% engaged, which translates to higher profits and the constant growth of their expertise.

Thanks to our long-term collaboration, no time is spent on talent sourcing and the project onboarding is streamlined. The high level of trust between us results in decreased red tape and improved processes. At this point, we take care of all the client negotiations and administrative side of the deal, taking this burden off the 2N’s shoulders.

Finally, through us, 2N got access to the new markets and industries they were not present before, which helps them strengthen their market presence.



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