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Veriori: Marrying HubSpot development with UX design fixes

How we optimized 2 HubSpot websites for a Polish provider of product securing and authenticity verifying solutions


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    4 months (ongoing)

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Veriori is one of the few in the market to have developed data security technologies that combine digital security with unique physical marking. Their specialty is a cryptographic technology to secure and verify products through a wide range of crypto QR codes that are impossible to counterfeit and customizable to the industry. Veriori’s team provides services across various sectors and departments, covering legal processes, brand protection, sales & marketing, and customer service. Their solutions support businesses in such areas as fraud prevention and supply chain control. Thanks to that, companies across the globe can maintain their reputation and profit.


Veriori is a startup that approached us through a software house recommendation that was unfamiliar with HubSpot. Very few companies on the market offer HubSpot development; therefore, the software house approached by Veriori recommended us as HubSpot professionals. There are some HubSpot freelancers out there; however, the client wanted to quickly put up a whole site with subpages - desktop, mobile, and tablet friendly. 

Veriori came to us with a website programmed in HubSpot. The external UX designers created the whole website from scratch, but they messed up the mobile version, so some of the graphic assets required cutting. Thus the first challenge was improving the mobile responsivity.

In the meantime, Veriori needed HubSpot developers who would do it efficiently, according to the best possible principles, covering such areas as marketing automation. And that was yet another challenge: to build two full-fledged sites for them on HubSpot.

Veriori’s team needed an extended workshop on how to work on predefined modules so that the non-technical teams could work independently and, e.g., create new subpages. The complexity of the challenge was therefore not only to finish the project but also to guide the client.


That’s where we stepped in, smoothly entered the client's external systems, carried out weekly sprints in Jira and daily meetings, and right away, our senior HubSpot developer noticed inaccuracies. After dissecting the backlog in Jira, he noted various issues, so he didn’t just take over the process but also improved it. 

We took over the project made in Figma, alongside its style guide elements, and our senior developer was passing questions regarding breakpoints and scaling directly to the UX company. He configured the environment, style guide, and typography, bought some new icons, and prepared for the kickoff. In no time, we already had homepage navigation done.

Then the culmination of work came with the ambitious aim to get the website published in time for the Warsaw Pack trade fair (the international fair of packaging technology).

Finally, Veriori exhibited for the first time with a new branding, new logo, new footers, and more. Our devoted developer spent 2 hours on the phone with Veriori’s team to carry out the final corrections. Thanks to all the people engaged in the project, the site was published on time for the fair, proving our talents are always ready to work under pressure.

After the intense preparation for the fair, our team focused on sprints for fixes; for instance, they introduced the newsletter feature (in UX projects, no one included a newsletter, which is very important from the marketing perspective), the various languages versions of the website, blog redesign, changing the type of content on the blog, and so on.

Our team was taking care of the project comprehensively, and even now, they improve stuff like illogical overlinking, buttons that led to nowhere because there were no such subpages, and inconsistencies between header and footer. The whole team showed great patience in explaining to Veriori’s team what went wrong, why, and how they planned to fix it, which was highly appreciated.

Our programmer did basic training for the client’s non-technical team on predefined modules and remains the client’s support whenever help with HubSpot functionalities is needed.

All in all, we coded 2 HubSpot-based websites for Veriori at once: their main one designed to protect against counterfeiting, and Verified Shop, created for e-commerce certification - giving products’ a seal of authenticity and thereby contributing to winning the customers’ loyalty. Veriori’s team was so satisfied with the quality of our work and smooth cooperation for the first website that they decided they wanted to pursue a second one also with us. 

Meanwhile, our COO and CMO discussed expanding the offer to marketing automation.

We made it all remotely, regularly gathering on scrum meetings and discussing the finished tasks and next steps. To this day, we quickly solve problems whenever Veriori needs us.


Now Veriori enjoys its powerful website that is up and running in 5 languages, with the redesigned main menu, adjusted dropdown menus, and combined subpages. 

We also initiated a new stage of our cooperation, as Veriori is interested in submerging deeper into the subject of marketing automation and other CMS and CRM features and exploring unlimited possibilities of HubSpot.

New traffic waves hit the website, the company has undergone a complete rebranding, and the site has a professional vibe and new sales functions, so the performance has skyrocketed.

Moreover, the website designed on HubSpot gives excellent opportunities as the whole business can be branched into different directions.

Now, customers from all over the world can arrange meetings via new schedulers.

We all agreed that we have advanced Veriori's digital product by light years.

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