Więcej niż LEK: EdTech mobile app design and development for prospective doctors and dentists

How we build an educational mobile app for Android and iOS to meet the needs of thousands of their students



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    React Native

  • Client

    Więcej niż LEK

    Work duration

    7 months

  • Industry

    EdTech, Medical


    1 Project Manager, 2 React Native developers, 2 UX/UI designers, Product Owner, 3 Product testers (on the client-side)

Bethink is a Polish company that develops interactive learning management systems and educational materials such as online courses. They primarily focus on medical students or graduates preparing for university and state exams. Their major project, Więcej niż LEK (WNL), is an educational platform that allows doctors and dentists to learn as a community and prepare for their exams and work. The widely used platform has prepared over 10,000 medical graduates for the state exams over the past 4 years of market presence.



Więcej niż LEK already had a fully functional web application. Due to market changes and users’ needs, the client sought to add a mobile app to the stack, both for Android and iOS platforms.

As current users were familiar with the web app, the major challenge of the project was to deliver the same features and experience on the mobile version. The proposed app should be fast, scalable, and efficiently integrate with the API provided by the client.


For this project, Ideamotive set up a team of 5; a project manager, 2 React Native developers, and 2 UX/UI designers. Our designers set to work preparing the wireframes and final designs of key screens. At the same time, the developers were working on the proof of concept for essential features while considering the API the client provided. This stage took about 2 months.

Our team progressed to complete the design and develop the MVP. To move the process quickly and efficiently, we used the scrum development framework in one-week sprints. We implemented weekly review meetings on Google Hangouts to discuss the progress of the project and plans for the upcoming week. Our developers updated the progress live on Jira, where the client can review tickets seamlessly. Daily communication with the client was on Slack. 

When it comes to the tech stack, we choose React Native. It offers a reliable and fast experience. Our developers refactored the code to optimize performance. The development took 4-5 months, all done remotely. 

The final testing phase with the selected group of WNL employees lasted for a month. We completed the initial release and adjustments within two months. However, subsequent releases and maintenance are still ongoing to provide the best possible experience to users.


Ideamotive achieved all the objectives of the project. WNL now has an Android and IOS app thousands of medical graduates use in studying for LEK and LDEK examinations. Just like the web app, end-users can find questions and view detailed solutions. They can also create a personal study plan to prepare for exams in the most efficient way. 

Additionally, we introduced unique features to the mobile app, such as the dark mode (knowing that many medical students learn during the night time)  and global search. 

The app is easy to use and delivers a fast, smooth experience across mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to our work, WNL users can search for resources they need, filter results, and solve questions quickly on the app.

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